Yvonne Craig (Batgirl and Green Lady from Star Trek) – Looks Better than Present Day Female Fitness Models

Yvonne Craig is my idea of a woman who stayed in great shape her entire career without losing her femininity. In fact, I think women had it right in the 60’s. For the most part they remained slim while keeping their soft curves. When men get too big and ripped it looks “forced”. The same goes for women. When women overdo their workouts and do too much volume of lifting they can put on too much muscle. I think light muscle tone while being slim is the ideal route. I know that I risk upsetting some people by posting my opinion here, but I guarantee you that I’m not in the minority here.

green lady from star trek

[This is a picture of Yvonne Craig from Star Trek in 1969. What many people don’t know is that she was 32 when she played the green woman (or green lady). Staying lean and fit is easy when someone is in their early to mid 20’s. Unfortunately, a lot of people let themselves go when they enter their 30’s.]

A One Paragraph Biography of Yvonne Craig

Yvonne began studying ballet at the age of 10. By the age of 16 she caught the attention of Fergei J. Denham of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. She joined the Ballet Russe at that time and became one of the youngest members. A few years later she left the Ballet Russe and moved to Los Angeles. Within a year she landed her first movie role. From the late 50’s and into the 60’s she made several guest appearances on TV, but was most recognized as Batgirl on the Batman TV series.

I Grew Up Watching Batman and Remember Beautiful Women

Batman used to be my favorite TV show growing up. All the boys who grew up back in the late 60’s and early to mid 70’s wanted to be Batman or Evil Knievel. I remember watching hours upon hours of Batman. I can recall that all the women on the show were amazing looking. Up until recently I wasn’t sure if that was just the way I remembered it, or if they really were as beautiful as I remember them. With the magic of Youtube, I can definitely say that Batgirl has got it goin’ on!

[This video has a high entertainment value…the fight scenes in Batman were the best! The song sounds like some sort of late 80’s French euro-disco track. I used to DJ a bit during that time period. This song would mix perfectly with Two of Hearts by Stacey Q. I feel kind of embarrassed that I thought of that just now!]

Getting In Great Shape While Retaining a Natural Look

There is something to be said for being slim and toned while keeping a natural look. One of the reasons I like James Bond movies is that they feature women who aren’t plastic looking. Most of these women are slim and you can tell they workout, but they don’t look like they live in the gym. I think the ideal look for a man or a woman is to have a sexy look, not a “gym look”. If the first thing a person thinks of when they look at you is that you must workout a lot, then you might be overdoing it. I like it when people ask me if I am a swimmer or volleyball player…I don’t like it as much if they ask how many times per week I lift.

Modern Female Fitness Competitors Overdo it In My Opinion

Female fitness competitors get in great shape and what they do is very impressive. I don’t want to slam their sport, but they are not great role models for most women. Large shoulders and a big v-taper throw off a woman’s physique. I also like to be able to tell the difference between a man’s and woman’s torso…a slight tone is the abs is okay…but a full on 6 pack could be a bit much. Call me crazy, but I appreciate the way women look naturally!

[Again…not trying to slam these women…I just think this looks unnatural. The good news is that these women aren’t even close to as scary as female bodybuilders. I couldn’t force myself to put up a video of female bodybuilding. The extremes those women go to is completely over the top.]

Am I Out of Touch With What People Find Appealing?

Maybe I’m just an old fashion guy who is hard wired to find the 60’s physique more appealing. I’m turning 40 at the end of this year and perhaps I’m set in my ways. I would love to find out what other people think on this matter. Do you think a Yvonne Craig type physique looks best or the look of a female fitness competitor?

fitness model
[On the left is Monica Brant, considered by many as the one of the best female fitness models of all time. On the right is Jessica Alba, who stay fit while retaining a softer look. In your opinion, what is the better physique to shoot for?]

Don’t Get Me Wrong – Women Still Need Resistance Training

The last thing I want to do is make women feel like they should avoid resistance training…nothing could be further from the truth. The quickest route to getting slim is good diet mixed with resistance training, some interval work, and a dose of cardio. Getting strong with weights or body weight training while keeping the volume of lifting low will help women retain muscle while losing fat. It is actually hard to get too muscular, but it can happen. This article is to warn against overdoing it. Gaining too much muscle can create a bad look for guys as well.

Note: As Always…please tell me what you think!

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  1. i dont think jessica alba’s body is a good example of 60’s physique. because jessica alba is much slimmer than those girls back in the day. a good example of girls from back when would be a bit thicker and curvier such as scarlett johanson.

  2. I would have to argue with Kara, over the health issue. I don’t think it’s healthy for women to sport the kind of unnatural leanness and muscle-pack that female bodybuilders and “fitness” models do. Usually that low of a bodyfat percentage interferes with normal female hormonal functioning, if they can even come by it without the use of steroids.

    Another argument in favor of this man’s point of view, which you convict as being in favor of looks over health, is that generally speaking, what is desireable, sexually, in a woman to a man, and vice versa, is a physical indication of health. Women with too low a bodyfat percentage, and unnaturally high androgen levels, do not usually appear as attractive to men, because attraction is a response to health and reproductive fitness.

    I personally am somewhat androgenized, and have always had prodigeous strength and the ability to pack on muscle with little effort, so feel I can speak on this. I also have thinning hair, elevated androgen levels, and difficulty conceiving. I won’t say that women who exist on the more androgenous end of the hormonal spectrum can’t be attractive, but it is a deviation from optimal health for a female, just as feminization and either elevated estrogens and/or lowered androgens is a deviation from normal optimal health and mainstream attractiveness for males.

    From the aspect of personal opinion, I would agree that men looking like men, and women looking like women, and the two not looking like each other, is the healthiest and most attractive arrangement. To each her own though.

  3. i had to leave a comment on this, female bodybuilders are un-natural!!!!! women are supposed to have a little fattiness about them a softer rounder look, you can be toned but not ripped! then you look like a man with makeup, who cares how hard you worked to look that way… even men look wiered when they are realy big and veins poppin out like they are about to bust, i think arnold was a good example of how a man should look as a body builder but anyway as a girl i can’t understand why another girl would want to do that to herself it’s not about being real skinny or pudgy or overly muscular it’s about being in shape and ugh..normal! 😀

  4. Hold on …

    I found a supermodel that works out!

    Doutzen Kroes.

    “It’s not really a secret it’s working out, getting sleep and eating healthy, it’s a combination of those three things.”….”The workout I love, jump rope!”

    Secret of the Supermodels:

    Jump rope.

  5. Here’s another supermodel:

    Flavia Olivera.

    She’s a little thin for my liking, but still a remarkable beauty. How does she work out?

    Flavia Olivera answered, “Actually, I can eat anything. If you go to the beach, take in sun and drink coconut water you don’t need to workout”…..”I don’t want to say these things, I feel like a snob.”

  6. This is ridiculous.

    You can’t compare natural beauties with the rest of humanity. This pretty much goes for much of your site. I know we’d all like to be young and beautiful, but posting a few pics of Hollywood stars doesn’t further any argument.

    Guess what?

    I personally lean towards Allesandra Ambrosio. Google her, she’s amazing. So let’s all follow her workout:

    “I don’t have time to workout but I like surfing, rollerblading and I’m trying to get into yoga to take care of my body. I do yoga like twice a week maybe……”I love chocolate, I love steak, I love all that good brazilian food, so I try to moderate.”

    I’m sure if you’ll follow her recommendations, you’ll look just like her.

    Good luck.

  7. @Kara- What are you talking about?! light muscle tone does exist! I’m a kinesiology major currently, and honestly I think you are overdue in your thinking. I actually find it insulting that you think “thin” (and by thin I don’t consider Jessica Alba as seen above to be “scary skinny, and in your obvious opinion as “not healthy) – I think you need some education, other than in grammar- which by the way is really annoying, we aren’t writing research papers here, my god.

    Speaking for myself, I am 5’6” and I weigh 115 lbs. I speedwalk 4-5 times a week averaging 5 miles a day, averaging about 20 miles-25 miles a week. I would say I resemble Jessica Alba’s physique, and I am damn proud of it. To be honest- you think I’m unhealthy just because I want find exercise to be more relaxed something I enjoy, rather than forcing myself in lifing weights and forming enormous muscles that don’t even look good. Yes, I said “look”, because in my opinion they do not look good. Obviously super skinny isn’t attractive either, and I also do not support that. But I do find it offensive that you believe “health” in a woman is all about the bulk of her muscles- because you are extremely wrong there, kara.

  8. Genetics really does have a lot to do with it. No woman in my family has ever managed to get the “60’s” slender look. A dozen of us have tried and hurt ourselves in the process. My daughter is right on the same track. But we build muscle *much* faster and easier than the average female. The average female who is 5’1-5’4 (like the women in my family) has 95-105 pounds of lean mass. (muscle, bone, organs, etc) The women in our family have 115-130 pounds of lean mass. If we keep a healthy body fat percentage of, say, around 22 percent, that makes us 150#. At that weight, we have all the right curves in all the right places and are “soft” without the jiggle, but we’re NOT thin.

    Only once has a woman in my family been thin. My mother came down with Grave’s disease and nearly died. She went down to 128# and was emaciated. Her body fat dropped down to less than 5% and she was skin and bone.

    So you guys need to think before you judge. Decide what you’re attracted to and be happy with it. But you have to realize that there’s only so much we can do to make y’all happy! 🙂

  9. Well, I’m all for you. I love the all the pre-90’s look. Being lating I’ll tell you that we prefer the more curve look, beefy legs, hips, narrow waist. That Batgirl was a bomb when i saw her first time (about 6 yo), as also was Catwoman. To give you an idea of “latin body” just look at Shakira (obviously),Britney Spears (when not fat), Beyonce, Dennisse Austin (yeahhh!!!) and most gymnast and ballet dancers girls. But we must be fair with fitness models. Monica Brant has been a bombshell for almost 20 years. We must take into account that that is her “competition look”, when they are in “off season” they come to the more soft look.Even women bodybuilders from the past looked great, check Rachel Mclish, Anja Langer, Gladys Portugues, Sharon Bruneau etc.

  10. Since Rusty wanted to hear from women I thought I’d weigh in. I agree with most people desiring the Alba Body over the weight lifter look. My goal is the Alba body. I think I’m definitely acheiving that and I’m glad you brought up this topic. My hubby keeps asking if I want a 6 pack in which I say NO I don’t want a 6 pack just a flat smooth Victoria Secret abdominal look. There is a VERY interesting article about this and I’m going to try and post it when I find it. It talks about how most women want the bod you are talking about and most gym trainers are screwing up their clients with workouts that won’t acheive that look. He sites Britney Spears as an example. Her stomach when she first came on the scene was flat and tiny. Then she hit the gym with a trainer and had this 6 pack going on which in realtiy made her waist look thicker. This is why I will continue to do Pilates (and others yoga) it (for me) helps give that slim sexy femenine looks vs the hard one.

  11. Why should women only care about their looks? No matter who people find more attractive there is no doubt that Monica Brant is way more fit than Jessica Alba. I highly doubt Alba has any athletic abilities at all, even though she used to be an aerobic instructor (aka most useless fitness activity ever).

    My experience is that women who wants to get somewhere with their training, other than just looking hot, ends up looking much more attractive. Recently I changed from a commercial gym (where the girls wants to look hot like Jessica Alba) to an athletic gym (where the girls want to run faster, lift more, jump higher and so on) and the athletic girls are way hotter than all the lazy Jessica Alba-wannabes doing aerobics and high rep work with 0,1lbs dumbbells.

    Oh, and by the way I would definitly pick Monica Brant. I admire and appreciate all the hard work she did to look great.

  12. Wishotherwise,

    A woman should have about 20% body fat to have soft feminine curves. In addition this will assist with your veins showing. I would also suggest to add MSM to your daily diet to relax the vascular walls.

    Try to get your BMI to 21 or 22 which means 130. Start there and see if you like what you see.

    The size of your veins is two things. The load you are putting on your forearms and genetics. By relaxing the vascular wall you will allow the veins to return to their normal preload size after a workout. You might want to take a Tablespoon or two of organic apple cider vinegar with sparkling water as well to assist with this.

  13. In my opinion women look beautiful at all levels of fitness that don’t approach masculinity or obesity.

    In the example above, I would love to have fun with Monica, whereas I would rather be serious with Jessica. It also has a lot to do with genetics. All men like a built Brazilian woman. Big, small or in between, they are all fine.

    It also depends I think on where the man is in his life and what he does for a living. My basic rule is not to be with a woman that is stronger then I am. I believe it does something to the dynamic of the male/female relationship. It is also similar to dating a lady who is a 5th degree Blackbelt. I am not so sure this is a situation that most men would want for any prolonged period of time.

    There is another issue of Testosterone . Women cannot approach the physique of Monica Brant without boosting Testosterone levels. Once this is done, I think it is hard for these women to think and act like a woman given the hormone imbalance. The best example I can give is Serena’s overall aggresive behavior on the Tennis Court. I love to watch her play, but that level of intensity is best watched on television.

  14. Yvonne Craig had an insane figure: 37-23-35, if the magazine article I read about her is to be believed. There has been a lot written about the demise of the hourglass figure, but these proportions were a lot more common in Yvonne Craig’s time than ours.

    …With that said, /this/ is my ideal look, although I have no idea how to get it without training in ballet for ten years. I worry that doing all those releves and plies would give me tree trunks for legs.

  15. Personally, i prefer the 60’s brand of soft curves without being fat. i can’t understand why men and women today prefer these women who look like they need to eat a sandwich.

    Good post!


  16. I don’t think you could have picked a sexier example than Yvonne Craig, Rusty.

    I haven’t seen the Batman TV show now for about 15 years but can still hear her sexy voice as she tries to sneak away from Comm. Gordon…OH DADDY!
    I think I’ll have to watch it again asap, it’s long overdo!! Oops, I mean overdue.:)


  17. wishotherwise,
    if you wanted to take the cosmetic surgery route – have you seen the surgery where they pump up the hands with something to make them look a lot younger – gets rid of the veins etc. Wonder if it would work with the forearms??

  18. Rusty,

    Great post for the ladies.

    I’m a male, and I’ve always been very lean & will always be on the lean side. I just always find myself wanting to pick up some more muscle. I have a good amount, I’m 6’1 weighing 170 with 5.6% body fat. I have a very intense workout regiment (lifting & cardio) that works for me. I guess I always just find myself asking, “will this extra 3,4, or 5lbs of muscle really be worth it.”

  19. Jason:

    Thank you kindly. I am doing exactly what you said not to do (slow workouts with the back so I can really feel the negative).

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. The reason all the 35+ celebrities (Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Rene Zell… et al) have protruding veins in their arms is because the subcutaneous fat tends to decrease when you get older. It’s a lot tricker to workout when you’re 38 verses when you’re 28 … you have to be a lot more thoughtful, because thinner skin and protruding veins do become an issue.

    I’m perfect everywhere else except for my forearms. I just hope stop lifting will make the veins retreat.

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