A Jump Rope Workout That Burns Belly Fat

July 31, 2007

Have You Ever Actually Tried to Workout by Jumping Rope?

Seriously…most people have just played around with a jump rope back in Elementary School. A lot of people think of jumping rope as more of a game or a kid’s toy…the ironic thing is that it is actually an extremely effective form of exercise.

Almost every person I know could easily walk at a brisk pace for 15 minutes, but I bet less than 1% of the population could jump rope for that long.

So What Muscle Groups Does Jumping Rope Target?

The answer is just about every muscle in the body. I think it works muscles that rarely get used. After my first time jumping rope, I was sore in many muscle groups…especially in the calf muscles and abs. In fact, if you are really trying to get ripped abs, jumping rope will help big-time. Your core really gets worked hard since your abs have to contract to stabilize your entire body as it propels through the air.

Jumping Rope Helps Release Your Fat Burning Hormone (HGH).

HGH is a hormone that your body releases naturally, which burns body fat like crazy. Increasing your natural level of HGH in your body is your quickest route to burning body fat. Unfortunately, low intensity cardio won’t assist your body in releasing HGH. The proven way to increase HGH is to alternate high intensity cardio for 30 seconds followed by 30-60 seconds of rest…this is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Tips On Purchasing a Jump Rope

For about $15, you can get a “Speed Rope” at most sporting good stores. They are basically plastic ropes without the beads…make sure it is “adjustable” as well. This is extremely important!

Jump Rope Workout Routine

How to Get The Correct Adjustment on Your Jump Rope

  • Place Your Jump Rope on the Ground
  • Stand on the Midpoint of the Rope (an equal distance between the handles)
  • Grasp the Handles and Pull them to Your Chest While Standing on the Rope
  • The Top of the Handles Should Reach About 6 Inches Below the Collar Bone (not as high as the collar bone or as low as the upper abs…If in doubt, go a bit too long and shorten the rope a bit as you get more experienced)

Learning the Skill of Jumping Rope, Your First Two Weeks of the Program

Most beginners “double bounce” in between rotations. This actually allows them to rest their core a bit as well as their calf muscles in between rotations and means that they have a low level of core fitness. You will want to jump cleanly in between each rotation and keep the abs and core tight.

Your arms should barely move when you jump rope. The rotation of the rope should come from wrist movement. If you want to increase the speed of the rotations, simply increase the tightness of the circles that your wrist is making (this will make more sense when you start jumping rope). The goal of your first two weeks of jumping rope is to eventually work up to a point where you can jump rope for 5 minutes solid without having to stop and start again. This means that if you have to stop because the rope hits your feet, you have to start again from zero. You also want to be able to jump rope alternating feet, so it looks like you are running while jumping rope.

Here is a Video With A Guy With Serious Jump Roping Skills

Note: The music he has chosen is super-corny! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn ya…LOL!

My Favorite 15 Minute Jump Rope Workout

  • Stand in front of a clock or timer of some sort
  • Jump Rope for 3 minutes to warm up
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Jump rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Jump Rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Repeat this alternating pattern for 15-20 minutes

Note: There are a bunch of things you can do to customize this…you can do the whole workout using the “running in place” method of jumping, you can learn how to spin the rope twice for every one jump, etc…as you get really advanced you will find that you will be able to spin that rope at blazing speed and that 60 minute sprint will be extremely intense.

Also, if you want to take advantage of the fast heart rate and burn even more body fat, hit a treadmill or exercise bike for 20-30 minutes after your jump rope workout.

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tayla November 13, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Hey thankyou for your tips
I always wanted to lose weight but when I lose it I put it back on. I eat while I’m bored and I just eat junk. Cant help my self lol
I’m getting a little up set about my weight I’m 18 soon an my weight is 74 is that over size…
My family is saying I’m getting fat :/ but alot of people tell to t eat chewy gum cause u have something in your mouth… but I got told that jumping rope is a good worj out so ill be be giving it ago 🙂 thankyou again for the tios

Andrew W November 29, 2012 at 4:55 pm

I’m a tennis player, but I jump rope on off/rainy days just to keep up a good fitness routine and to help build stamina and endurance on the courts. My workout routine is as follows:
1-90 times slow rope skipping
2-80 times moderate basic jump rope (two foot landing)
3-250 times high speed intense jump rope (about 2 rotations per second)
I do that without stopping, then I rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute

I repeat this routine 8 times, usually takes me about 40 minutes

I can feel it help me maintain my body weight and stamina and agility on the courts

Jane December 2, 2012 at 1:39 am

Am 35 and 76kg,,am Trying to lose atleast 20 pounds,what do i do? Thanks in advance.

Dani December 25, 2012 at 5:03 pm

I started this new diet where i have a metabolism booster and i have the energy to do stuff so I started out by walking at like 4 mph pace for an hour and i really like it because it just slims you down since its cardio. Im on my holiday now and I’m trying to find other exercise methods since i cant get access to a treadmill and its way too cold to walk. The thing is, I have a naturally thick contexture, but I do have to burn some of the fat around my otherwise muscular legs. I really want to know if jumping rope will make my calves to big… like i could do skipping or something, but im scared that if i start jumping rope, the fat will be replaced by muscle and i’ll end up with Rugby player legs. I’m a 16 year old girl, please please help… I’m trying to follow through with this but I’m just not sure if it’ll do more harm than good!

Haley January 29, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Hi, guys, I just found the worng word-almost the end of the article “60 minute”–> should be 60 seconds, right? hh

Fatima February 4, 2013 at 1:20 am

Hi my name is Fatima,age 43,I lost 27kg.iv gt 10kg to lose.n it’s really hard
For me to lose.bt I taught of skipping,I do brisk walk 7km everyday,so I won’t to know if it’s a good idea if add some skipping to my day wrk out.n I want when n hw to start of with workout
My goal for this yr to weigh 70kg,n to tone up,n I knw I can n will reach my goal for this yr! Plz help me………

Veena February 22, 2013 at 12:09 am

I love this exercise a lot . After having skipped for an hour with around 4000 skips , you feel so good . I do one set of 200 and then stop for 30 secs and continue with another 200skips . Its great fat burner and tones the whole body . I have been skiiping now for almost a year as i do not get time to go to the Gym so i did a research on how to exercise within the time I have . happy i found one 🙂

Sandra March 3, 2013 at 10:04 am

when jumping rope am i going to press my belly inside for me to have flat tummy?

When doing this exercise what food can i be taking?

Sandra March 3, 2013 at 10:09 am

when jumping rope am i going to press my belly inside for me to have flat tummy?

When doing this exercise what food can i be taking?

Please send me the jumping rope vedio

Neelam May 12, 2013 at 7:16 am

Hi, I have started jumping rope for nearly 20 days. I do 30 minutes now. I do 30 minutes cycling as well. Do these cardio excersice damage damage my hormone?

praise May 14, 2013 at 11:26 am

Wat kind of food must I eat while jumping, I realy need 2 loose weight on my belly and hips*thanx in advance

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