Why Building Big Legs is a Waste of Time

I completely believe that building big legs is a waste of your time in the gym. I mean…why work so had at something that makes your body less attractive to the opposite sex?

Before I go on…I wanted to post a video of a bodybuilder with massive legs. I’m willing to bet that 90% of women find this amount of muscle repulsive.

I’m not putting this guy down. He obviously has a really impressive amount of muscle. If he is in the sport of bodybuilding, he probably does very well in competitions. I just don’t advise anyone to get this amount of muscle mass if they don’t have to.

The best look for a man or woman is to get natural athletic looking legs. This can be accomplished by most of the cardio exercises that are in the gym…or running outside, playing sports, etc.

Building leg mass isn’t too difficult, but really ask yourself why you want big legs. For the most part, you lose a bit of athletic ability if you build your legs up too much. Also…you can’t wear nice pants or hip jeans. One more thing…leg lifts make your butt bigger…which is something you do NOT want if you are a guy.

I haven’t done a leg lift in over 5 years and my legs are more toned then they have ever been. I believe that all that effort should be redirected into cardio, which will make your legs and butt look better as well as the rest of your body, by burning body fat.

So if you still want to build big legs, then make sure and buy some baggy sweat pants…as this will be your only clothing option going forward!

101 thoughts on “Why Building Big Legs is a Waste of Time”

  1. Big legs are attractive. I think society has tried to conceal what Science has revealed. If a man is going to build his body, he must start with his biggest muscles. These are his glutes and quads. His lower back, Chest and shoulders. You cannot do one without the other. A big chest comes from having big legs. The one is not possible without the other. Big quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes are the main attraction of a man as well as his pectoral or chest. I encourage ALL men to develop big legs and enjoy a truly beautiful and healthy body.

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