What is the Most Obnoxious Thing You’ve Seen While Working Out?

I have to vent! About 1/2 the people who workout in most of the gyms I have belonged to are completely obnoxious!

If you are new to working out and are intimidated by the bodybuilding retards that live in the free-weight rooms…don’t be!

Seriously…many of these guys have serious personality disorders and don’t do very well in the “real world”. The one place where they feel like they have control is in the gym.

It is hilarious watching a free-weight room. They are a few personality types that are common in almost every gym I have worked out in. I’ll list a few…tell me if you can relate.

1) The Everlast “clown pants” wearing guy with the small cut tank top. He is big and strong…usually really tan, but not very toned. He does a lot of benching and takes 5-10 minutes in between sets so he can lift more. This guy NEVER does cardio and it shows. Often times the guy has a mullet…or other bad 80’s hair style.

2) The disturbing, spandex shorts wearing bodybuilder guy. This guy is usually big and ripped and does a lot of posing in the mirror between sets. He also screams during his lifts. He will do a set of dumbbell curls right in front of the rack, so nobody can access the weights until he is through. He will also leave all of his weights all over the place…I think he believes that his workout is much more important than any of the other members.

What Not to Wear!

3) The guy that gives advice to everyone…especially people that don’t ask for it! The ironic thing is that this guy is never in very good shape.

4) The guy that sings or raps loudly while listening to his I-pod. This one drives me nuts! We don’t want to hear you, we don’t think you are cool…everyone thinks you are an idiot!

5) The guy who is “super-setting” and using 3 different pieces of equipment when it is busy. When someone tries to use one of the three machines or benches…he screams “I’m using that!”. I actually got in a fight with one of these guys (good thing it was broken up…I would have got my butt kicked, LOL!)

6) The “Dumbbell Dropper”…these are the guys who drop the dumbbells to the floor no matter what exercise they are doing. Curls, Incline Dumbbell Press, Shrugs, etc…Watch your feet! These fools are going to drop the weights as soon as they are finished!

7) The “Lat Flexer’s” these are the guys that walk around with their lats flared out. They normally walk slow…you know…because “they are moving so much muscle mass”…LOL! I actually think this one might be contagious…it is reaching epidemic proportions!

8) The smelly guy that smells like sour milk. We had a guy in our gym like this and someone asked him if he ever showered. He said “sweat is a natural shower”…eeeeew!

9) The “I used to bench xxx pounds guy” or “back in highschool I squatted xxx pounds guy”. Nobody cares what you used to do…nobody believes you anyway…and now you are a slob, so get over it!

10) The really attractive 25 year old single girl that just moved here from Sweden and wants someone to show her the town…OH Wait…that isn’t obnoxious at all…my bad!


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  1. Randomly guilty of dumbbell dropping and advice giving. Sometimes claim, and was, leaner before going off the deep end with my diet. The weights I claim to lift are in the present tense tho, if someone asks. I remember a guy once at a gym I went to with the spandex and gear, he would do bicep curls set of 15 in 15 seconds. You could hear the plates Klink at the top before flying back down. So we ended up nicknaming him “turbo” like the American gladiators show

  2. That video is one of the funniest things i’ve seen!

    That bloke’s legs look absolutely ridiculous; he must get through a tub of anti-chafing cream a week.

  3. Awesome! I actually love this article! My favorite is “sweat is a natural shower”, lol was that dude kidding!? Gross! I’m writing a “100 ways to be F***ing awesome” article on http://www.fitnessofthegods.com, I’ll be posting it here in the next couple days. If you guys liked this check that article out, hopefully everyone likes it.

  4. Lmao!! yeah i workout at my YMCA and it’s nice and laid back so i can fully concentrate on my lifting. Hate those places like ballys and 24 hour fitness everyone seems to be in a competition with each other in those places it’s stupid and annoying. have to confess i am a dumbell dropper and screamer but what can you do on a 1-3 rep set lmao it’s either fight or die with the weight.

  5. Hate the guys who sit at a bench ,have set of half dozen dumb bells around them and does not even use them , and you can’t work out because of that , and usually rude when you ask them for one, to top it They chat without doing anything.
    Why don’t they go somewhere else and chat their heads off 🙂

  6. I actually saw a guy blowing “snot rockets” (pushing in one nostril and blowing snot out of the other one) on the gym floor…….called him out on it but all he wanted to do was walk around flexing every muscle he could

  7. Haha, this is great stuff!

    I like numer 3 “The guy that gives advice to everyone” most, because he exists in every studio and is really annoying. ^^

    I can add a few, too:

    – The “Kneebreaker”. Usually they are beginners who use massive amounts of weight when they do leg press exercises.
    It’s actually far too much weight for them, so they have to use momentum to move the weights and being beginners, they can’t stop the motion so they extend their legs all the way. You can sometimes actually hear their knees crackle. But even the sight alone makes your knees hurt. ^^

    – The “A-Noob-is”. This is a one time person. A beginner in the gym, who put on really good muscle tone. Not because of working out, but because of roids. His workout was ridiculous. He did almost nothing but talking to his girl.

    He was a greek guy and to be honest, his physique looked alright, but only clearly because of the roids. He did only few exercises and ALL of them wrong. So we used to call him “The Noob”. But then I said to my training mate “Hey he is a noob but has a physique like a greek god”.
    And my mate said “Well yeah, he is Anoobis!” Since then, this was his name. ^^
    We know that Anubis is actually an Egyptian god, but for the sake of the pun, it worked for us.

    – The “Unfairness- Incarnates”. People who workout very sloppily and without much effort and STILL gain good muscles and tone just because of their bodytype. Very frustrating. Though I usually am not a jealous person, it really bugs me to see someone train half as intensely as me and still have the same or even better results just because of his body type.

    – The “Gym-unites-us-all”- people. Actually they are not really annoying in the studio. They are people who wouldn’t talk to you if they met anywhere else. Maybe even start a fight with you or insult you.
    The kind of guys who like to get into a fight and make fun of weaker people.
    But in the gym they see a skinny beginner struggle with the last repetition of a bench press set and without being asked they help with the last repetition and pat him on the back for giving his best during exercise.
    So far so good. But if they had met him outside the gym in a bar before that, they would have probably made fun of him badly or even pushed him around.

  8. Not to spam, but I should also state that home gym equipment has greatly improved in recent years.

    The new urethane powerblocks that go up to 120lbs each are amazingly easy to use and come with liftime warranties. They also take up almost zero space in your home.

    Many of the higher end cages and half cages also now come with lifetime warranties and come fully equiped with chin-up bars, dip attachments, lat pulldowns, and dual adjustable high low pulleys for everything from cable crosses to seated cable rows. Add in your favorite cardio machine (most any which you can now buy used on the cheap), a jump rope, and you are there.

  9. This is awesome, Rusty! I laughed my a** off. Unfortunately, this is exactly why I left commercial gyms and built a home gym. Yeah it cost me over 6K to do so (I went for serious high quality equipment), but it has been sooo worth its weight it GOLD. (Though, if single, it is hard to pass up on the 25 year old chicks from Sweden.) However, if happliy married, there is just no better way to go than a home gym and ditch the ever-increasing level of dorks. (Yes, the lat flexing disease is totally contagious as are the frat boys who will invariably and obliviously stand in everyone’s way…right in front of the dumbell rack…to check out the extremely hot babe on the bench nearest them.)

    I agree above that I think the bench press or squat teams were the worst to deal with. For some reason they always come in groups of four or five guys. You forgot to add that they would do 10 sets of 1 “rep”…EACH! They also almost invariably take 2 or three minutes between their 1 rep sets. They litterally are on the bench or are in the squat rack doing one “rep” max sets with weight that is WAY too much for them for over an hour. It literally got to the point I could not get in a workout, so what is the point of paying for a gym pass?

    Again, very funny.

  10. You nailed a few heads to the ground there.I’m a long term natural body-builder and i have long maintained that the very worse thing about body-building are the sorts of people that it appeals to.When anyone criticises body-building by pointing out some of the frankly stupid,retarded and unpleasant people it appeals to, body-builders usually go into a defensive position and accuse the commentator of prejudice and stereotyping.Unfortunately these comments can be made because such people do exist and I meet them every other day or two when I am unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.If you have not been unlucky enough to meet such wonderful people yet just drop into a few body-building forums on the net and you will find them full of emotionally shallow,immature {either in years or attitude}obnoxious,opinionated experts on everything who have apparently the inability to utter a sentence without putting dude into it.These are some of the real reasons people have doubts about body-builders.Frankly they make me cringe with embarrassment.

  11. What gets me fired up is the guy who walks around the locker room, steam room, sauna, and showers, along with standing at the urinals with NO SLIPPERS! How gross is THAT??!!

  12. My obnoxious person…is the idiot who decides to wear sweaty gym clothes probably not washed for a week or so and stinks like toilet…
    This guy will also be farting with every set coz the weight is too heavy for him.. Its so repulsive (we all need gas masks to train in the same gym wit him..lool.

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