What Hollywood’s Sexiest Actors Can Teach You About Being Attractive to Women

In my opinion, Hollywood actors and celebrities can teach us a bunch about what women find attractive in men. Make no mistake about it, most of these guys are extremely good looking…but we can learn some tips from these guys if we observe them. So let the observations begin!

[Here is a Matt Damon Impersonating Matthew Mcconaughey]

Time to take a break from “sets and reps”. If I do nothing but talk about technical stuff, I am going to bore you senseless. I make posts all the time about being physically attractive, let’s talk about other pieces of the attraction puzzle.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon playing football

Matt Damon Shows Us It’s Okay to Be A “Guy’s Guy”

You know what is cool about Matt Damon? He reminds us of our college buddy. He is a beer drinking, sports watching, and just plain fun guy. All of us have friends like this. He is your friend that clowns on you for going to be early on a Friday night. He is the same guy who will help you move furniture on his day off. I think women really find him attractive, because he is really comfortable being himself. He doesn’t seem like he is trying to impress anyone. Very few people have the capability to really show strangers their true personality. Matt seems to have this down.

Will Smith
Will Smith smiling
Will Shows Us That Smiling Makes Everyone More Attractive

Guys don’t smile enough! I need to work on this one. When you are with your friends you probably smile a lot more than when you are amongst strangers. Smiling makes you a more desirable human being. If you want to come off as the “bad boy”, that is fine…you still need to smile, but smile in a mischievous way instead. I think it is funny when people try to look tough by not smiling, or look “sophisticated” by not smiling. Will is always smiling which makes him even more attractive to women than he already is. Can you imagine him looking serious all the time? I guarantee you that women wouldn’t find him as desirable!

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp in sunglasses
Johnny Depp Shows Us That Being Mysterious Is An Attractive Trait

Johnny Depp does an incredible job of being a bit of mystery. When you meet a new woman, you don’t want to tell her your life story right off the bat. It pays to hold back at times. Johnny Depp has a great “bad boy” vibe. Even his smile is kind of a smirk (in a good way). His way of dressing and funky style adds even more to the mystery. Don’t make the mistake of “blending in” and looking like everyone else at a social event. Stand out in a good, yet “mysterious” way.

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom pretty boy
Orlando Shows Us That Tons of Women Dig Pretty Boys

There aren’t too many guys who are naturally as good looking as Orlando. If you have this type of male model looks, then don’t try to downplay them by getting bulky and wearing baseball hats, etc. Dress like a model, spend money and get a great haircut, wear the latest fashions, etc. Other guys poke fun at pretty boys, but mainly because they wish they were naturally as good looking. Guys like Orlando date massive amounts of beautiful women. He would look stupid if he tried to bulk up, get a goatee, etc. Other famous pretty boys include Leonardo DiCaprio, Freddie Prinze Jr, and Ashton Kutcher.

George Clooney
George Clooney in suit in ocean's 11
George Shows us to Get Better With Age, Like Fine Wine

Age is no excuse to let yourself go. If you dress well and stay in great shape you can look good your entire life. The great thing is that the older you get, the less attractive people there are at your age. If you commit to staying fit your entire life, you will look better than 99% of the people around you who are in your age bracket. Heck…if you get really fit and really take care of yourself, you will look better than people 15-20 years younger than you. If you stay slim, your face won’t sag as you get older. This is a HUGE key to looking good as you age.

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew Mcconaughey no shirt at beach
Matthew McConaughey Shows Us to Never Wear a Shirt!

Obviously I’m messing with ya (see the Matt Damon video above…it will make sense). What is great about Matthew is that he does what he wants. He seems like a guy who follows his own path in life and doesn’t care about what people think. Women like guys who aren’t just trying to say and do what they think women want to hear. Matthew has an attitude of “take me or leave me, I could care less”. The ironic thing about “not caring” is that this is the point where women will begin to “care for” (be attracted to) you.

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36 thoughts on “What Hollywood’s Sexiest Actors Can Teach You About Being Attractive to Women”

  1. Like George Clooney, Denzel Washington is another man who has aged well and got better with age. He’s what i want to look like when i’m 54. Youthful face, Hopefully still a full head of hair, and in decent shape.

  2. You couldn’t have said it better men do look attractive and they do turn women on no matter how they are turned out, as women have different tastes of what they want from men and vise versa!! I was really impressed by the actors in Hollywood who really are sexy and can give you a few tips of how attractive they can be to women!! I will pass on this one to a few friends who will definitely find it amusing!!

  3. haha guys and their admiration for ryan renolds. my boyfriend envy’s him as well… but i think the biggest points in being sexy for guys is definately being yourself, knowing how to respect women, and to be funny. my add ons are adventurous and manly looking. and guys with styleeee.

  4. Hey I’m new to your site and just wanted to first of all let you know that I agree with your exercise philosophies and actually have started integrating them into my life style.secondly, I’m trying to figure out where you have actually posted the most effective hiit cardio workout. Can you re direct me? Thanks!

  5. Jason,

    You bet…I write this stuff to help you guys. I’m lucky to have a group of readers that comment. It takes a while to get back to people sometimes, but I do my best to reply to the majority of comments.


  6. And I appreciate that you try to reply back to comments. Just so you know, it makes the readers feel like you really do care about them, which is a good thing because it keeps us coming back.
    And wow, you beat me to it. Thanks for letting me know about the that post!
    – Jason

  7. Jason,

    I was told by someone, not to pursue making a “fitness site” because nobody would ever find my site in the “sea of fitness sites”. I’m glad I didn’t listen to them!

    Great minds think alike…I already featured a picture of Rafael on this post: Rafael Nadal

    Thanks for reading. I will work hard to keep delivering great content. I appreciate the comments!


  8. Your site was an amazing find, and I have already perused a number of your entries. Personally, I love Matt Damon (The Bourne movies are a a personal favorite), and I agree with your comments on how he comes across as being a “guy’s guy”. I just wanted to make a suggestion. As a tennis player myself, abd even though he is not a “hollywood celebrity”, I think Rafael Nadal, the current number 2 player in the world, would be a great addition to either this list or the “fitness studs” list. As an aspiring tennis player, I find his physique well suited to tennis (strength with mobility and flexibility), and it obviously looks great too.
    – Jason

  9. Anne,

    I know that being thin isn’t everything it is just the focus of this blog. If it was an investment blog, we would talk about nothing but money. I talk about being thin and attractive in a light-hearted way for the most part. I know there is a lot more to life.

    Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful 🙂
    (kidding of course)


  10. Hi! I’m plump and although I would really like to be thinner, would it not be boring if we were all tall, thin and toned like models. While I appreciate the fact that you want to help people look better so they feel better about themselves I think you are a little to much into the superficial aspect of things. The body fat percentage for men seems on the low side. Just thought I could give you something to think about, it’s positive criticism , would’nt you agree. I’ve been attracted to the pudgy intellectual, short yoga guy, the regular good looking guy etc… I have to say that everyone has seen me at my worst, and I can look somewhat attractive if I try. I just don’t like the fact that people are going to talk to you because of your clothes and looks… Not my crowd . The ugly plump chick Ha ha ha

  11. Hi Rusty,

    I watched Gladiator again recently and I must admit that Russell Crowe was in okay shape but not anywhere nere as good as i thought when i first saw it. I mean he had good muscle size but lacked good definition. Still a greta movie!

    I think Will and Brad are the role models for me as far as fitness/body look to strive for.


  12. Good Point Rusty,

    In fact in the 9 days since the above post i’ve lost another couple of punds and more bf! so i’m starting to think i need to set my sights nice and high!

    I also loved beautiful mind! I’m a sucker for those thoughtful type flicks!

    p.s. I saw I am Legend for the 2nd time last night and love it again. Will is the man!


  13. Hulbs,

    Russell Crowe isn’t a bad role model at all, but I bet you will be able to get in better shape them him at some point. Once you believe you are in better shape, then you will have to choose someone else as a role model.

    My favorite movie of his? A Beautiful Mind…I love that movie!


  14. Hi Rusty,

    As a mentioned early i’m using Will Smith as a hollywood fitness mentor/icon. FYI i’ve been watching some of his older DVDs in the last few days (Bad Boys 2, Ali and Enemy of the State) and finding it not just enjoyable bad very motivational.

    p.s. just wondering what you think of Russell Crowe as a potential hollywood fitness mentor. (i thought he looked fanatasic in Gladiator and Cinderella Man) I love his acting and his bad boy attitude and he hasn’t lost his aussie larakin way.

  15. ladylonglegz,

    My sister didn’t tell me any of this stuff. I’m extremely observant and I have a bunch of female friends…girls talk like crazy, you just have to listen a bit…and learn to read “girl code”…I’m not fluent, but pretty close 🙂


    Great tip on saying hi. I think all of us need to say “hi” more to strangers…even if you have no motive to date them. It would be nice if the world was a friendlier place. It isn’t bad, but I know all of us could be friendlier…myself included.


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