“Visual Impact for Women” – Jazzed to Introduce My New Women’s Course!

Visual Impact for Women – only took me about a year to launch after releasing my men’s course. I want to apologize for that. It wasn’t my plan for women to have to wait that long to get their hands on this. That being said, I am completely jazzed about how the product turned out. It is going to help a huge portion of women who want to be fit and healthy, while still looking “slim and feminine”. The number one complaint women give about working out is the fear of getting muscular and bulky. Nobody has addressed this head on…Until Today!

It is possible to get in phenomenal shape without getting the typical “gym body”…but you have to take a training approach that is quite different than what is being taught by the mainstream fitness magazines and books.

Many Women Avoid Training Since They Don’t Want to Bulk Up

Despite what many fitness experts claim, this is a legitimate concern. True that women won’t be able to add as much muscle as the typical male, but it is also true that they can add more muscle than what they want. In the past, these concerns have been brushed aside and women are suppose to get used to the idea of looking a little more muscular than what they would like. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Resistance Training Can Be Done in a Way to Decrease Muscle Mass While Increasing Muscle Tone

I have perfected the methods to lift in a way that will firm up an area of the body, while reducing the overall size of that same area. This does NOT involve high-rep training. Some quick pointers:

  • High-Reps are more likely to create a pump in the muscle which is perfect for building large Vascular muscles (but most likely you don’t want bigger “veiny” muscles).
  • Pushing your reps to failure breaks down the muscle, which contributes to muscle growth…and can actually weaken the muscle if done on a regular basis.
  • The most important variable in gaining muscle is how hard you push the final reps in a set. <—So if you don’t want to increase the size of a muscle, stop well short of failure.
  • Low-Reps short of failure is the best way to firm up a muscle without building size to that muscle. It is also less likely to create vascular muscles, since it will not create “a pump”.

Just Some Pointers If You Decide Not to Purchase My Course

I wanted to make sure that even if you don’t decide to pick up Visual Impact for Women, then at least you get a takeaway from this blog post. I don’t like to do 100% promotional posts. If you want to lift to increase and firm up your body without adding size, then these tips will help. My comprehensive course covers quite a bit more than that, but this is a start in the right direction.



[I love the way the graphics turned out for the cover. The website design is even cooler than the ebook graphics.]

What is Included in the Visual Impact for Women Course?

  • Main Manual (89 Pages): A full blown comprehensive course to getting slim without adding excess mass. It covers diet, cardio, home gym, and commercial gym workouts. All of the routines are 100% customizable and you are actually encouraged to use your favorite exercises for each of the routines. Also things like “dieting for an event” and “how to lose muscle mass on purpose”, etc.
  • Fat Torching Cardio Manual: This is a 12 week “progressive cardio” course, designed to help you drop as much fat as you desire for a special event. This covers some advanced cardio concepts: 4 levels of HIIT, VO2 Max Cardio, “Pyramid Intervals”, Aerobic Intervals, etc.
  • Exercise Demonstration Manual (229 pages): This is a massive manual of photo demonstrations and explanations covering a ton of exercises. The cool thing is that it has clickable navigation, so you can zip around and find the exact exercise descriptions you are after without having to scroll through hundreds of pages.
  • Printable Workout Charts: Each workout routine is contained on its own separate page, so you can easily print it out and take it with you to the gym. The idea is to eventually memorize the workouts, but this will help the first few weeks.

[I also did my best to create an informative and entertaining video as soon as you land on the site. I am certainly not a polished speaker, but I did my best to explain how this course is unique compared to other Women’s courses released to this point.]

So Head on Over to the Website For a Full-Blown Description.

This short blog post is simply a thumb-nail of what this course is all about. To get a full overview head on over to the site now by clicking this link —> Visual Impact for Women.

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  1. Would like to know answers about questions above as well and I too would prefer this book in book format to carry around!

  2. I have the same questions as most of the above. What is the appropriate rest period and all sets in a row or a circuit? I am really excited to get into this. It makes so much sense to me. Thank you.

  3. I just bought the Visual Impact for Women course as well. I also am a little confused about how to do the weight lifting part of the routine (I am doing a 2-day home split). Are we supposed to perform it in a circuit style or are we supposed to do one exercise, rest, and keep doing that exercise until we have finished all the sets … then move onto the next exercise? If we are supposed to rest, how long is the right amount of time?

    Please help as I am rather clueless! Thanks!

  4. Hi Rusty ! Love your stuff !
    I was told that females lose their breast size when burning fat, is this true ? Most of us wouldn’t want to lose it but would still want to lose stomach and other fat, do you have a way of achieving this ?
    Thanks !

  5. Hi Rusty!

    This is a great read and I bought your book a few weeks ago. But I’m curious about one thing (You probably mentioned it somewhere in the book, but I can’t really remember if you did!There’s a lot in it lol). I personally don’t really like the size of my calf muscles. I think they’re to big and I want to reduce their size. Now I know that you have a way of decreasing muscle mass while increasing muscle tone.

    But would that method really work on my calf muscles? I’ve heard that the way to decrease them is just to do steady-state Cardio and to do no sprinting. I’m sorry if you’ve mentioned this before, but I’m really getting confused with everything I hear.

    Thanks for reading this and I hope you respond 🙂

  6. Continued…… I am finally free of organizing my life around eating every three hours and am looking better than ever. Thanks rusty. I do have one question though…… I have a natural ‘bubble butt’ that I don’t want to lose, I have stopped doing lower body weight training to reduce the size of my overtrained bulky muscular legs; my legs have slimmed down heaps 🙂 but my butt seems to be less perky and firm, any suggestions?………

  7. Hey there Rusty,
    I purchased visual impact for women over a month ago. I have had fantastic results, it works! I have been following the program and I have lost 5 kilos. Before Visual Imapct, I had been weight training (heavy weights 8-10 reps to failure) and eating every 3 hours for 17 years (since I was 16). Although I looked fit and slim, I felt that I was too muscular, especially around my legs and arms, and that my muscles kinda looked puffy 🙁 Visual Impact for Women has given me the knowledge and tools to help me achieve the slim, lean, toned feminine look I have always craved. I am finally free of organising

  8. Rusty, I was wondering if I can go about Visual Impact backwards. That is, I have a bit of muscle built up but it’s soft because of fat. I want to lose the fat first and am now doing your men’s version of Phase III, 2-4 reps and the diet you prescribe. Would this be OK and get to my target weight, then start the building diet with the cumulative fatigue Phase I program? –Thanks.

  9. hi all,
    has anyone seen any testimonials or blogs or before and after pics that confirm the efficacy of this program? i would love to buy this program but want to make sure that it works. thanks!

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