Too Much Muscle is “Cheesy” Looking

What is up with the fitness industry these days? Everywhere you go trainers talk about how to Gain More Muscle.

How To Eat Correctly…to Gain More Muscle
How To Lift Properly…to Gain More Muscle
How To Rest Enough…to Gain More Muscle
How To _________…to Gain More Muscle

Too Much Muscle Mass

I am here to tell you, too much muscle is not attractive!

It’s true! When polled, the majority of women say they prefer men with average sized muscles, but with exceptional tone in those muscles

Let’s not even talk about “Muscular Women, there is probably less than 1/10th of 1% of men that find muscular women attractive!

Part of the problem with being too muscular is that is is hard to look “hip” or “GQ”. For women, you will have a tough time wearing all the “hip” funky clothes.

Have you ever seen a bulky guy in a suit?When I see football players or big guys in suits, I have to laugh…something doesn’t look right. Even worse is those guys in the gym that have to wear sweats all the time or those crazy Everlast “Clown Pants”. Trust me, women hate both of these looks.

Here is an example of a nice “Lean Physique”.

Attractive Lean Muscle

Summary: So if you want to impress guys in your gym, then gain as much muscle as possible. If you want to impress women, then focus on getting toned with a normal amount of muscle tone.

Hope that makes sense!


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2 thoughts on “Too Much Muscle is “Cheesy” Looking”

  1. Hi i bought your book visual impact for women. and i hhad a few questions i didnt know where to ask so i decided to just comment here. I am definately after a jessica alba loook but i have alittle too much muscle, but it has gone down since i quit cheerleading so there a little bit of fat too tht im not relle used to so i was wondering if i should do the 45 min run straight twice a week and the HiIt training 3 times aweek and what if i dont have the endurance to do the 45 min straight, i had to stop a few times and even walk especiallly if i was going uphilll. i was also wondering how long it would take to see results and if you have a better plan with the cardio to get results faster ill definately appreciate it! thankyou (:

  2. i almost agree!! =) i think a body builder look is a bad look, but i think i guy with allot of muscels still can pull off that “GQ” look as long it isnt overdone,
    eksampels, hugh jackman, will smith, ryan reynolds( blade trinity)

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