The Workout Routine of David Beckham

So…do I know David Beckham’s exact workout routine? No I don’t…but I’m convinced that he is very lean due to his sport. How many chubby football (soccer) players do you know? Well…every time I have watched the World Cup I have looked for someone out of shape, but I’ve never found anybody.

You can’t say the same for other sports. There are quite a few pudgy guys in professional baseball as well as American Football.

The sport of football (soccer) is basically an example of one really long interval workout. It has been proven that interval training is much more effective at burning body fat than “target heart rate” cardio. This is a big reason that football (soccer) players are absolutely ripped. If you want to read a detailed article about interval training workouts <---click here. David Beckham Workout Routine

Does David Beckham have a lot of muscle? Well, no he doesn’t. Do most women think he is ridiculously attractive? You bet they do! It really goes to show you that it pays to be lean vs. having a bunch of muscle. The nice thing about being lean is that it leans your face out as well. It gives you more of a square jawed angular look to your face which women find attractive.

Next time you go to the gym, ask yourself where you are spending your time. If you want to become more attractive to women, you probably want to devote more time in your workout routine to cardio. David Beckham is a great role model for guys in this regard.

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  1. I would like to now as to the kind of training that top athletes, it could be soccer players, tennis players, volleyball or any sport. Their training programes that they follow

  2. I do not know David Beckhams exact workout but having played soccer for 15+ years and played at the semi-professional level and in the same position as Beckham. As a mid-fielder you would want to run about an hour a day at different paces to not only simulate a game but to improve your endurance and improve speed. You would also want to do some explosive movements such as quick sprints, push up sprints, stairs, sprint ladders, etc. Some other things to do would be 40s (sprinting from on goal down and around the opposite goal in 40 seconds…to be done on full sized field), the “cooper test” (or timed miles), or the beep test (quick sprints done at increasing speeds. Another thing is that soccer players train for hours a day doing various exercises, so most have less than 10% body fat. When lifting weights you want to concentrate less on building muscle and more on toning it, so do less weight and more reps.

  3. can sme1 plz tell me wotz david beckham’z everyday lyfe routine cuz lyk i need an evidence 4 ma course work andi can’t find it can’z u gyz plz help me !!!!!!!

  4. pleaseeee i need David Beckham’s workout … chest workout , and for how long does he run and what does he eat daily. 🙂

  5. i think David is not much into weight training and all.
    he is fit beacuese of his game and his endurance training.

  6. Hi, maybe you can help me out on filling in Beckhams body measurments:

    I was wondering how he compares to Brad Pitt measurments?

  7. I’m 5’8″ and would like to know my ideal weight for that David Beckham look. I’m at 195 at the moment and just started doing lots of cardio work. Is the interval work better to lose fat? How often should I do these runs at the age of 42?

  8. Hi Rusty, thanks for the blog and keeping me ‘grounded’. I just saw an article on extra tv that said Beckham will be on cover of Mens Fitness and they have a link to his workout. Guess what? Looks like a bunch of intervals.

  9. Eric,

    Beckham is 6 feet tall and around 160. I manage a suit store for a living and he looks like he would fit into a size 40 suit coat, which would mean his actual chest measurement is closer to 38-39 inch range. When I see a man in person, I can guess his exact suit size 95% of the time. It is a little tougher judging by pictures.

    As far as body fat goes, he looks around 8% most of the time.


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