The Winner’s Mindset of Hitting Your Weight Loss Goals.

Yes, I caved in and decided to write a Lose-Weight-This-Year-New-Year’s-Resolution type of article. I was hesitant to do this, because this is what every fitness site does in January. I will attempt to keep it real, by avoiding the typical Positive Mental Attitude stuff. Here is how I look at actually making these things you want (AKA goals) a reality. This is my unique spin on the idea of achieving goals. This isn’t just about your weight loss goals, it applies to every goal.

[In my opinion, happiness is largely a result of achieving things in life that you find worth-while…through hard work.]

What If You Could Achieve Anything With a Simple Wish

I honestly believe that if you are given something without work, you cannot appreciate it. Think about it. What if an NFL team was awarded the Superbowl victory without having to play a game? What if a mountain climber was flown to the top of Mt. Everest instead of having to climb it? What if you could make someone love you, just by wishing? All of these achievements would leave you with an “empty feeling” without work.

Without Hard Work, Reaching a Goal is Meaningless

If something takes a lot of hard work and discipline, then it feels amazing when you reach that goal. In some ways, the harder you work towards achieving something…the more you will enjoy it once you achieve it. Instead of being intimidated if a goal looks like it is going to take a lot of work, you should be excited.

Getting Lean Feels Great, Because is Takes Hard Work

There is satisfying feeling when you get in great shape. It isn’t just about looking better and feeling healthier, etc.  There is a silent confidence that builds because you know that you are willing to do what most people will not…work hard towards something and achieve it. The goal of “getting lean” is just one of many goals that people have, but it is definitely a common goal. Getting lean is like any other goal…the playing field quickly clears because there is work and discipline involved.

Will You Still Be On The Playing Field When It Becomes Work?

I don’t count the first 3-4 weeks of any endeavor as “work”. When something is new, you are largely getting by on novelty and adrenaline. Something only becomes work when the novelty wears off a bit. Work should be slightly inconvenient at times. Work should be tough to start at times. Work can be slightly repetitive at times. No matter what the goal…many players begin to leave the playing field when the true work begins. I like to envision the NBA All-Star who stays an hour after practice each day perfecting his jump shot. I love hearing about hard working achievers!

Become a “Sicko” Like Me and Enjoy The Tough Work!

I know I’m not the only one who likes to torture myself with tough HIIT and circuits and things of that nature. I really do enjoy the discomfort, because my brain has been re-wired over the years to associate this with the positive end result.  I don’t dread these tough workouts anymore, I look forward to them. Same thing with staying up late after a 12 hour work day and spending 2-3 hours on my website. I am now enjoying the actual hard work, because I know the result will be positive.

What About the Typical “PMA” Advice

I should do a bit more when it comes to writing down my goals and creating a “vision board”, because those activities have been proven to help. That being said…you can reach your goals with strategic hard work even if you don’t have a vision board. All that typical PMA is fine and will most likely help as long as you get the work part down. Don’t become an “information junkie” that just reads and researches and never puts in the action. Jump right in and become a “hard working achiever”.

So…Who is going to work their butt off in 2009 and change their life for the better? I’d love to hear from you!

Note: I don’t believe in hard work year-round. In fact, one of my 5 year goals is to create a life where I work hard 8 months out of the year and then travel for 4 months out of the year. I fully believe in celebrating achievements and I take that VERY seriously as well!

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