“The Vacation Body Blueprint” – My Free 56 Page Report is Ready for Download!

I am about a day late in releasing my free “vacation prep” report, but it wound up being 16 pages longer than expected. People have been asking me for something like this for about 2 years. I procrastinated quite a bit, but my hope is that you will find it is worth the wait. I apologize ahead of time for not answering many comments the past week. It was because I was focusing on this report and giving it my all. I will do my best to catch up on as many comments as possible next week.

vacation body blueprint

[Emily doesn’t know proper beach etiquette. You aren’t suppose to make “snow angels” in the sand…That is for winter vacations only!]

Craig and Matt – A Case Study That Helped form the Report

Craig is a guy who had been reading my site earlier this year and followed the tips on the site to get down from 172 to 155. Matt started reading around the same time and went from what he calls “slightly chubby” and dropped around 12 pounds. Both of these guys got lean, but they weren’t as lean as they were aiming for (both wanted to look cut like Cam Gigandet in “Never Back Down”).

I Knew I Could Help & Made a Deal With Them…

I would allow them access to my personal e-mail account where I would coach them for free. They could ask as many questions as necessary as long as they put my advice into action. The deal was this…once I helped them get ripped, they would give me a testimonial for a “future ebook”. They achieved the results they were aiming for and kept their word…here are their testimonials!

Craig’s Testimonial


My name is Craig and I’ve been following the principles taught on Fitness Black Book for about 3 months. As an athlete and one who strives to attain the best physique possible, I have achieved a much higher level of strength and fitness than ever before since I found Rusty’s site.

The mainstream bodybuilding methods simply weren’t bringing me the results I wanted, even though I was working out 5-6 days a week and thought I was eating right (I wasn’t!). Once I switched gears and started following Fitness Black Book’s methods of training and dieting, my body has never looked better!

I brought my bodyfat down from a decent 9% to an outstanding 5% in 3 months. Everyone knows those last few pounds are the toughest ones to lose, and that’s where I was struggling. Rusty did a great job helping me overcome that pleateau and taught me how to train smarter. Ever since I found his site, he has given me full access to his personal e-mail for free one-on-one diet and training advice… advice that helped me get to where I am today.

In return for his free coaching, I agreed to give a testimonial at some point. Well Rusty… Here is that testimonial!

Thanks for everything!

Craig Avera

Matt’s Testimonial


About six months ago I did a search on the internet trying to see if anyone had any valid information out there on how to achieve a physique like Cam Gigandet. At that time, I came across Rusty’s site and first thing I noticed was he had more detailed advice than any other site I had seen telling exactly how to get a lower body fat percentage like Cam. With the advice on Rusty’s site and the personal free coaching he gave me through email, I was able to reach my goals using a unique approach I hadn’t read anywhere else!

Basically, a few months ago Rusty contacted me through email and offered to help coach me for free with detailed answers to my questions and in return I would write a testimonial for his upcoming ebook on how to get “vacation ready” or his other way of putting it “event ready.”

This ebook is supposed to have all the same advice that we talked about through email a few months ago and Its incredible to know he is giving out such valid and motivating advice for free! This guy is really helpful and full of all the advice you need to reach that low body fat percentage and get “vacation ready!”

Thanks Rusty,

Matt R

This Course Isn’t Just for Guys!

I actually have a feeling it will be downloaded and used by more women. I have slightly more female readers than male, so obviously I wanted to create a report that would be of huge help to the girls as well. So much stuff is just aimed at guys…but these tips are just as useful for women. My philosophy isn’t about gaining a bunch of mass for men or women, so you know you aren’t going to turn into an Amazon woman following my advice!

Here is the Link for the Download Page

It is almost impossible to miss that big blue ebook cover in the right sidebar of my site (it kind of jumps out in 3D). I also have an “extra fancy” little banner at the bottom of each post…you can click that and get to download page as well. Just in case you didn’t see either of those options, here is the link to get the report: Vacation Body Blueprint

A Video of Santorini – How Cool Does This Place Look?

[The man and woman narrating this video are alright, but I wish it was Anthony Bourdain. That guy is as cool as hell…and I’m a big fan of his show. A couple of my friends spent three weeks traveling Europe and Santorini was one of their favorite spots.]

Can’t Wait to Hear More Testimonials!

I have a fun time running this site, mainly because it feels good to assist people in hitting their goals (they do the hard part). My guess is that this little ebook will give a bigger picture on the approach it takes to reach peak condition as well as some specific details. By seeing the “entire picture” vs just 2-3 tips, I think a lot of people are going to get better results that they have in the past. It is important to see how everything fits together and I believe this ebook accomplishes that.

Note: Thank god it is Friday! Am I the only one thinking that a beer in a frosty mug sounds good right about now? Maybe a Hoegaarden or Stella…or one of each?

116 thoughts on ““The Vacation Body Blueprint” – My Free 56 Page Report is Ready for Download!”

  1. First off, GREAT work Rusty, same goes for Craig and Matt. Last month I was on an extreme muscle building workout, thinking I needed to put on more weight to get the bulky gym look. Well, eventually I did increase my muscle mass but it came with two side effects. The skin on my biceps cracked open which does not look good at all (hope it’s gonna fade soon). In addition I lost my lean look, abs (esp upper ones) got big and all in all less toned. So this workout came to me at the perfect time.
    I’m gonna follow it and keep you guys posted on the results.
    Just one quick question (referring to page 24):
    Are you doing a HIIT after each day workout or is the HIIT meant to be the third week workout?
    If not so do u start over with Day #1 exercise as the third workout in a week?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. fmah
    thanks, yeah i figured for the fasting thing i’d just eat a little less, but thanks for the info, but how long of doing planks ( and the other ab routine I do) until i can see my abs without tightening? thanks though.

  3. hey rusty, i just read he whole book and i like how you done it, im applying this for the next 3 weeks while fasting as well because its ramadan, my aim is to workout everyday using strength training splits that you recommend and also bodyweight circuit 2X followed by 20 mjin exercise bike cardio, i do this all in a fasted state before i eat my meal, and as its ramadan im just doing it warrior diet style, i eat one meal which just consists of chicken and chick peas and kidney beans, what do you think of this? will it help me to cut down on some fat?

  4. james
    sure it is ok for general fitness, actually it is great because you save your plenty time by doing this type of workout! the six pack issue is because you still have some body fat to lose also, do planks to help your stomach contract at normal times, for arms do bicep curl and close grip bp just the way rusty recommended(3x5style, go see his detailed spring routine). hope it shed some light!

    ps i dont recommend 16 yr old to fast (ok a lil bit) because your body are still in growth and need more nutrient than old folks

    f**k my a** h*le

  5. Hi Rusty!

    I´ve just read your e-book and I must say that it is indeed a great manual: clear, concise, straight to the point and without all the BS that characterized this type of publications. Also, I liked a lot your pure altruism approach, where you do not sell yourself praising the benefits of the supplements, and giving notice of the sort of “unpolitically correctness” of your work.
    Dietwise, your system works perfectly well, and you also provide us with excellent additional resources to keep on investigating (Sisson, Pillon, etc.).
    Anyway, as I commented a couple of months ago, I´m a Spanish guy (hence the occasional typos in the paragraph) weithging 72,5 Kgs with a height of 190 cms. I got this following mainly your scheme and I´m grateful for that. I´m going to Argentina and to the South of Brazil in a couple of weeks and hope that all these will pay off!!
    Off topic, if you ever thought about going global and have a Spanish version of the site let me know and I´ll be pleased to translate your posts and articles.

    Congratulations and good luck!

    All the best,

    Juan Pablo

  6. lol sorry but one more question, you said that this is for the male with a 4 pack or close six pac, and I have that but only when i tighten my stomach, just like i only see any muscles in my arms when i flex, not even a bulge when i’m not, 1’m 16 and i was just wondering if theres any advice you could give, thanks if you can.

  7. Hey Rusty you say this is for when planning to go on a holiday or something like to the caribbean, but what if you live in the caribbean already, is this ok for a general workout fitness routine for just overall fitness and getting that good look

  8. i was wondering, i read the comment from you to Sam, but could you be more specific for the rest interval for the workout?(both size and set training??)

    mid-to heavy
    work to failure
    fatigue a bit
    Compressed rest time:?

    no work to failure
    no fatigue
    longer rest time?

    ps. i dont have a chin up bars, except for row what can i do for back?

  9. this book is a nice intro to your style of dieting and training, but it is all about cutting fat? but how about folks that want to become more muscular(just because they are thin??)

  10. I just read this book you wrote. It’s like a compilation of all your major posts and important ideas. I felt like I read everything already before I laid eyes on them. For someone who haven’t been following your site it’s an EXTREMELY educational book to read. When my friends ask me how I get so ripped/lean I should just show them this. Good job Rusty!! kudos to you!!

  11. Hey Rusty,

    I am pretty lean right now with decent 6 packs but my triceps are kind of oversized. Is there a way that I target loosing muscle only on my triceps area?

  12. Hi Rusty,

    I read the post that you did about women putting on too much muscle and looking manly. A lot of the replies said that ‘real’ women would have a tough time getting a physique like that. I’ve been working out everyday of the week (for the past two weeks), alternating weights and cardio – so it’s about 3.5 days of lifting a week. I do put on muscle quite easily, and I’ve noticed my arms and shoulders getting bigger….

    I was just wondering how much fitness models typically work out – so that I can gauge if I should cut down my schedule.

    I want to avoid ever looking like that – that’s just scary.

  13. Rusty, love the website and the new e-book, thanks for all of your hardwork. I have one question pertaining to both. You make numerous references to Body Fat % throughout the website and the e-book. Do you know of a fairly accurate method to determine BF%? Thanks again.

  14. Hi there Rusty! I have read your blueprint and it´s quite good! Since I´ve always liked a strong yet sexy and ripped body I get always frustrated searching in that bodybuilding forum.

    I get a copy of “Power to the people” of Pavel and it makes so much sense that I want to give it an honest try because I´ve become interested in these “feats of strengths”, crushing grips, bending nails and so on… .

    I want to incorporate your concept of strength training followed by an High Intensity Interval Training.

    Have you see these “Power ropes” as a form of cardio? It seems to be lots of fun yet very intense. Here you have some links to take a look:


    Also I´ve been searching a valid method of dumbell as a stand alone tool and the only thing that have convinced me is the “Superior Dumbbell Workout” by Eddie Lomax. It would be great if you could convince him to let you try and review his system for free 🙂 Here is his webpage:


    By the way sorry for my mistake since I´m not an english native speaker.

    Kind regards

  15. Hey Craig,

    wow man thanks so much for the detailed answer. I really wanted to ask you here, because I’m sure many people will have interest in it, and it saves some work and time for you too. 🙂 BTW you wouldn’t believe HOW MANY things we have in common. :-)) First of all, I’ve always been a hard gainer, I had always done a lot of cardio, SOCCER mainly, but no weightlifting, etc. I’m 5’10”, 23 years old, and moved to Cali (LA) about 1,5-2 years ago. :-)) The difference is, I’ve never had a ‘bodybuilder period’, so I don’t have the mass.. on the other hand right after I moved I had a ‘lonely period’ with lots of alcohol and junk food included, combined with zero activity (literally), that made me pick up some weight I never thought I’d ever be able to gain, but no muscle… 🙂 Anyway, I agree with everything you said, really. The reason why I was asking these ‘technicalities’ is simply because the idea of gaining a bunch of BF again, even though if it’s while I’m increasing muscle mass, just really not something I like right now… I’m happy that I just got rid of most of it recently… Because of this I’m trying to find a perspective, so I can set a goal, like “go up to 170lbs, around 10-12% BF”, and that should be about a good amount of mass, so I can start going for some crazy low BF levels like yours, which I can’t wait to get to. 🙂 Anyway, currently I’m trying to slightly eat above what I need, mostly healthy, I’m working out 3 times / week for mass and strength with bodyweight exercises, and other 3 times / week I train in Krav Maga (self defense), so if this won’t result in an athletic body then nothing will (practically I’m already quite athletic, just skinny athletic ). :-))

    As for your comments on Rusty and this site, I agree, he’s got great style, great advices, great articles, when I decided to to get over myself and start going back to exercising, I found this site after about 1,5 – 2 weeks, and never looked back, and I also know first hand how good his advice works, I’m just not done yet with my ‘transformation’. 🙂

    Anyway, you wrote so many things, I won’t comment on them one by one, I agree. 🙂 Thanks again man! 😉

  16. But to summarize,

    -Figure out a direction to go and focus on that route, don’t stray from the path. Don’t try and do everything at once or you’ll go crazy.
    -Diet truly is 80% of the equation for fat loss, but for muscle building, training is equally important.
    -Intensity of workouts is KEY to gaining muscle. Ever since I picked up the intensity, muscle gains have increased and muscle quality as well. I have some new workouts I’d love to share with you all!
    -Rusty’s style of eating is the way to go for fat loss, bar none. I eat Paleo (meat, eggs, nuts, veggies, fruit) with a little dairy, and do Eat Stop Eat once a week
    -Consistency is also a big role in both fat loss and muscle gaining.

    I also am a firm believer that if you train like an athlete, an athletic body will be a byproduct of that. If you eat healthy, you will be healthy and have a healthy body. Don’t get too caught up in the technicalities of it all, there’s too much bogus advice floating around. That’s why this site is great, there are basic principles to live by and follow, that produce amazing results. I’m only 22 so I’m still young, but I think I have a pretty good idea of fitness by going off these principles. Simpler is better 🙂

  17. Norbi-

    Hey man, thanks for the congrats, and I think you’re right, it’s good for all to see. I’ve been having trouble keeping up with the emails… I can only imagine what Rusty goes through on the daily!! The guy is a champ 🙂

    To answer your questions:
    I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying. I know firsthand how frustrating it is when you feel “skinny-fat” like you need muscle but have too much bodyfat. It’s like you don’t know which direction to go. Based on each individual’s situation, I think, partially determines which route to go..

    I’ll start off where I was in high school. I was about an inch shorter, so 5’8 1/2″, and graduated weighing about 142. I was an athlete but never focused on weights. My main sport was soccer so I ran a lot but was skinny and not muscular at all. I had definition but not much muscle to support it so it didn’t look great. I’m mostly an ectomorph body type (hardgainer) with a little mesomorph.

    After high school I went to college for a year and “bodybuilding” became an interest. I was in a fraternity and didn’t go to class much that first year because it was all basically review from high school lol so I was a bit of a slacker, but I’d work out 1-2 times a day 5 days a week and learned to love it. Also started eating cleaner, well it wasn’t that great a diet but better than Taco bell everyday in high school! I added protein shakes, cleaner foods, kinda following a bodybuilder routine because thats how i learned at first.

    I gained a little weight but still struggling. No cardio, just weights. But I wasn’t really lifting efficiently so my muscle gains were probably only happening at all because I was young and hadn’t put much muscle on to begin with. That initial muscle will add a lot easier than when you actually have some later on. I moved to California about 2 1/2 years ago, weighing 152 when I first got here. Thought I needed to weight 185 to look good! Lol, well I would eat over 5000 calories a day, force feeding the last 2500, hated to eat, always felt bloated, and still having a hard time gaining weight. It was slow but I kept lifting hard and smarter and eating like a horse! And got up to my peak weight of 178 about 8 months ago.

    I wish I had pictures from that point, I dont, but I was about 12-15% bodyfat, the most I’ve been, remember I’m a hardgainer, and muscular but not defined… kind of just “thick looking” Not good. Face was chubbier, still got girls thank God 🙂 but less attributed to looks then! Couldn’t see ab definition. Gym buddies thought I was on the right track, saying “Yeah! gain another 15 pounds and you’ll be badass!”

    That’s when I realized how wrong my direction was going. So I said screw it, I don’t care about being big, it feels horrible, I used to be the quickest guy at my high school, but at 178 definitely not so! So I decided to care less about numbers, pounds, and just start slimming down til I was happy.

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