The Terribly Embarrassing Side Effects of the Alli Diet Pill.

You better prepare yourself for some seriously embarrassing side effects if you decide to purchase the Alli Diet Pill!

Alli Diet Pill Review

The Benefits of the Alli Diet Pill

This is an over the counter diet pill that blocks 30% of the fat calories eaten. It suppose to help you lose more than 50% of the weight you would lose with diet and exercise alone. This sounds great and this pill is being sold at a record rate! People are buying this drug quicker than stores can keep the shelves stocked.

How does the Alli Diet Pill Work?

Here is where things get sketchy! The unabsorbed fat gets removed through bowel movements. The problem is this…people who eat too much fat in their diets can expect messy side effects like gas, oily discharge (uuuugghh), and diarrhea!

Get This…the instructions that come along with Alli suggest that people wear dark pants and bring an extra change of clothes until they properly adjust their eating habits. So…people who experience this will probably eat less fat and thus lose weight.

I have a suggestion here…call me crazy!

  • Don’t Buy the Alli Diet Pill and save $50 a Month
  • Spend Less on Dark Clothes and Toilet Paper
  • Eat Less Fat and Calories in Your Diet
  • Lose Weight Without “Oily Discharge”

If you don’t mind nasty side effects, then by all means, enjoy the Alli Diet Pill and all the discomfort that comes with it!

8 thoughts on “The Terribly Embarrassing Side Effects of the Alli Diet Pill.”

  1. I love alli pills. I take them when I eat fatty foods, fully aware of the “leakage.” Seeing huge amounts of fat floating in the toilet water is very satisfying. I know it’s gross. It is true that if you eat low fat meals these side effects do not occur, however, if you are like me and take them especially when eating a high fat meal, my suggestions are. Wear a pad. Don’t take if you are currently in a sexual relationship, it could cause an embarrassing situation. Or at least don’t take with a meal the day before a date. Do not try to sneak a fart on your friends light colored sofa. Alli makes you gassy when taken with a fatty meal and the grease comes out in the farts. I personally left an orange grease spot on my own futon after sneaking a fart. again… Wear a pad. With wings. The grease does smell bad. not as bad as a poo and i dont think other people can smell it, but it does smell gross when close to it. The color of the grease is different with different fats, yellow for butter, orange for some meats, and brown for, I don’t know but I’ve had brown too. Anyway, it is meant to be taken with a low fat diet, if you don’t eat this way, be prepared to clean the grease off the toiler even after you pee (it sticks to the side of the bowl) (and it will escape when u pee) and be prepared for leaking farts.

  2. Alli is actually a good choice but depending if you are someone who loves working inside your house. I couldn’t bare with it’s side effects and I spend most of the time on the toilet more than I spend time on my computer. That’s why i shifted to another pill called Prescopodene. It has this energy booster which makes me feel weird but nonetheless great for me. It definitely curbs my hunger and I’m losing weight. That’s basically what I’m looking for a pill.

  3. me niether, I just read a lot and think that paying attention to ones health is of equal importantce to looking good.

  4. John,

    That is an informative comment, but now I feel “queezy”! I could never be a doctor…I have WAY too weak of a stomach.

    Good info though!


  5. Fatty stool is usually very yellow. I learned this researching a condition called ciliac sprue, which is an intolerance to gluten, a protien found in wheat products. Dr’s thought I had this as a condition of my stomach surgery but I turned out not to have it. Basically people with this disease loose wieght very rapidly because the allergy to gluten produces a corrosion of the cillia of the intestines thus blocking absorption of nutrients, one of them being fat. I wonder if this drug has the same corrosive effect on the intestines that this disease has…in that case it wouldn’t be very healthy to take long term. Simply upping ones fiber intake should produce naturally better and more efficient bowel movements. Coffee also has a mild laxative effect as well. Constipation is a sure sign of severe dieting in that the body holds on to every calorie it can for survival. So if you are constipated it means you are dieting too severley and you should increase intake until you have better bowel movements. Sloppy and frequent bowel movements are also bad when dieting so to induce them is just plain ludicris! The body needs as many nutrients in as few calories as possible…this is why healthy foods are important during a period of caloric restriction.

  6. The only healthy way to lose weight IMO is good old fashioned excercise and eating healthy.. I would not by an OTC “diet pill” made of up God knows what synthetic ingredients and put in my body.. it may have future worse side effects in the long run… Look what Trim Spa did to Anna Nicole…She lost alot of weight but gaurantee you it wasn’t healthy at all!! I’d rather be plump and take the pounds off slow then have a 25 lb weight loss in a month.. besides, you won’t gain the weight back as quick after you lose it. A healthy weight loss is 2 -2.5 lbs a week. I recommend Weight Watchers. That is one of the only healthy “diets” out there as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Marty,

    It is good to get another point of view…I appreciate the comments. I guess if you were to avoid all the bad junk food and eat healthy, you would probably lose weight anyway. If it helps accelerate the process, then maybe it is worth the cost.

    Good deal that it is working for you. Losing weight can be tough at times and if you are dropping the weight, then obviously you are a satisfied customer.

    I really don’t like to bad-mouth products that are decent, but I’ll leave this post up and maybe we will get more positive comments on good results with the product.

    Thanks again for pointing this out to me. I have never taken the product, so it is good to hear from someone who actually has.



  8. You’re wrong about this. Alli is designed to work along side a healthly low-fat diet program. The side effects only occur if you continue to eat crap while you’re taking the pill. If you’re taking this pill and continuing to snarf down cheeseburgers and jars of peanut butter, then yes — you’re stupid. But if you’re eating healthy, there are no side effects, and you lose the weight quicker than you would if you were eating-healthy alone. I’ve been taking it while dieting properly, and have had great success — and NONE of the well publicized side effects.

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