“The Supplement Conspiracy” by Rusty Moore. Exposing the Supplement Industry!

If you wanted to find out the truth about supplements, who would you turn to? A fitness magazine that makes a large portion of revenue from supplement company advertising? What about a personal trainer who is instructed by his or her gym to push supplements? Could you even trust an “impartial”  fitness website that makes a large revenue from selling ad space to supplement advertisers? There is a “possibility” that you could get impartial advice from these sources, but I think your chances are slim.

the supplement industry
[What if you had access to the supplement creators themselves? The scientists who actually create many of the top selling supplements. What questions would you ask them? Finding and interviewing these guys is exactly what I set out to do…]

Jackpot! Not Only Did I Find Two Scientists…

I found two scientists who have Managed the entire Research and Development departments of competing supplement companies. These guys were the Head of R&D, meaning that they were involved in product development, clinical trials management, intellectual property management for all the supplements that these companies produced. They also designed formulas and came up with patents for their respective companies. Bottom line…these guys are full-blown supplements experts.

A Funny Thing I Learned About Scientists A Few Years Back

Eight years ago I was an Executive Recruiter in the Biotech industry. My job was to find the most talented Medicinal Chemists in large pharmaceutical companies and recruit them into Biotech start-ups.  I got to know several world-renowned professors at the “top” chemistry schools in the US (Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia, etc). I was fortunate enough to interview the top minds in the pharmaceutical industry and without failure, they were all modest beyond belief. Scientists typically don’t like hype and would rather “understate” an effect than exaggerate and get involved in hype.

Two Modest Scientists Who I Have a Lot of Respect For

I’m going to make this post a little bit of a “teaser”. When you download and read The Supplement Conspiracy, you will find out the names of these two gentlemen…I’m not going to give it away in this post. They will never brag about their knowledge but I can on their behalf. Not only are these guys experts in diet and nutrition, they can are great at explaining complex concepts in easy-to-digest language. You won’t fall asleep trying to read this!

Go Ahead…Download and Enjoy!

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Supplement Conspiracy free ebook

Note: A BIG favor to ask…I have always wanted to see if I could make a free report go “viral”. I’m aiming for 10,000 downloads in 90 days. It would be fun to see this little underground report make a few “waves”. Any help in spreading the word (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, e-mail, etc.) would be greatly appreciated! I’ll update this page 90 days from now and tell you if I hit the target. 🙂

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  1. Hi there,
    We would like to use one of your blogs “Positive Action” Gets Results – Not Positive Thinking as an excert in our Magazine. We would just like to get permission from you.

    Kind Regards.

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  3. Hi Rusty! (Thanks for all you do- i’m fascinated and hooked since running across your site about a month ago!) I’m having a similar problem as bec… I’m unable to download the Supplement Conspiracy and keep being lead to the Vacation Blueprint download 🙁

  4. Hey Rusty, I tried to download the Supplement Consipiracy but it just takes me to the Vacation Body Blueprint download page (and I already downloaded that 🙂 )??

  5. Hello Rusty,
    What do you now believe about meal replacements and whey protein powder?? I’m not sure about them??


  6. Great book Rusty, thanks. I guess this largely confirms what a lot of people are thankfully starting to realise; that a lot of the crap on sale out there and the associated marketing BS are designed for one thing – separating you and your £s.
    Funny how a lot of the best info out there is free (i.i. sites like this. The people who really care generally want to help people with their goals first and foremost, big companies want to keep you ignorant, over weight and unhealthy so they still have a market) and the best nutrition comes from good old fashioned whole food (although even here people will try to jump on the band wagon and throw a load of marketing spin on something that’s always been around).
    I do have one question – generally you promote eating whole, unprocessed foods 80-90% of the time, I was wondering where whey fits in here as whey protein isolate is pretty heavily processed and these powders pretty much always contain sweeteners (usually sucralose). I don’t rely on these things but see them as a convenience supplement and use them quite often so can this count as part of a ‘clean’ diet?

  7. Hey Rusty, thanks for letting us know about your book and reminding us of the importance of knowing the facts behind bodybuilding and anti aging supplements and the industry behind them as well. After all, we’re putting them into our bodies! The thing I usually check for is whether the company tests its products, either themselves or by third party and do this often with all their raw products, not just the once in a while. I think more people may be expecting or preferring this.

  8. Great info, Rusty! I could have used that info when I started bodybuilding years ago, and getting suckered at GNC into buying a bunch of unnecessary junk. Anyone remember “Hot Stuff” and “Cybergenics”? LMAO

  9. Hey Rusty, you should put one of these free AddThis buttons on your site. It makes it easy to share stuff throughout websites like DiGG and Facebook. I’ve seen them on other sites.
    Check the site out: http://www.addthis.com/
    This way we can spread your report around like wildfire.

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