The Manly “Pelvic Muscle” That Drives Women Wild!

As a man, you were born with a muscle that drives women wild. When a woman sees a nice one she gasps in excitement. Women talk about this area of a man’s body quite a bit…but most men don’t realize it.

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It is almost taboo to talk about in fitness circles. No…it’s not “that” muscle. Get your mind out of the gutter!

six pack abs
[Antonio “Flashes Some Skin” Whenever He Hitchhikes]

I’m Talking About The Lower Abdominal and Hip Region

Women love the area of a man’s body where the lower abs meet the hip flexors. This forms those “V” shaped lines when a man is at a low body fat level and has good ab definition. I think women love this, because it shows that a man is in great shape. You can’t just lift weight and gain a bunch muscle to get a good “V”…you have to get to a low body fat level as well.

Crunches Aren’t Enough to Develop This Area

You probably can get a decent 6 pack from crunches, but crunches don’t do enough for the entire torso in my opinion. I prefer “planks” over any other type of ab exercise, because they involved stabilizing the entire abdominal region. Planks really help develop this area, because you have to tighten both the hip flexors and lower abs to stabilize yourself in plank position.

Here is a Good Plank Video

This guy demonstrates doing planks on an exercise ball. You can do these with your elbows on the ball or just with both elbows on the ground. Try to time yourself to work up to 2 minutes. Two minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but believe me…it is a LOOONG two minutes. It’s a great ab workout.

Work Your Obliques To Create a Better “V”

Most people work their obliques by doing “side bends” with a dumbbell in one hand. Please…do Not do this exercise! When you perform a resistance exercise that involves a positive and negative movement, you have the strong possibility of increasing the size of that muscle. You don’t want to increase the size of the obliques at all! Isometric contractions are better for toning a muscle when you don’t want an increase in size (I’ll do a full post on this in the future). The best isometric exercise for the obliques is the “side plank”.
Side Planks

Note: All you are basically doing is holding that position for as long as possible and then switching sides.

Running Seems to Define This Area Very Well

There is a bunch of different types of cardio that burns body fat, but running seems to have the greatest impact on the muscles of your torso. You see, when you run all those small muscles have to contract to stabilize the pelvis. When you are on an exercise bike, the seat stabilizes your pelvic area…there isn’t any need for those muscles to engage because everything is stable already. Running stairs or sprint intervals, seem to really tighten up the ab region very well.

Dec 2016 Update: Click Here to get my FREE 5 day email course “Fitness With Style” (How I coach runway models to Increase Definition Without Adding Excess Size).

Obviously You Need To Be at A Low Body Fat Level

You need to follow a proper diet and hit cardio hard to burn off that stubborn body fat. I recommend a combination of interval training and steady state cardio to burn off all of that excess fat. Here is a post I did on this subject: Balancing Steady State Aerobics With Interval Training

One Final Tip…Quit Hiking Up Your Pants So High!

I am not someone who recommend sagging your pants, but wear your jeans on your hips…not at the level of your belly button! If it is summer time and you are at the beach, same deal…wear your shorts at a little lower than hip level. Tying the string super-tight and cranking the shorts up high is a bad deal…I’m just trying to help you out!

55 thoughts on “The Manly “Pelvic Muscle” That Drives Women Wild!”

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  2. For the past while my main abs exercises have been sit ups and ab wheel roll outs and maybe doing side blanks every now and then. Just wondering if you would put ab wheel roll outs into the same category as planks?

  3. All these workouts sound good but do u recomend n e thing 2 lose the moobs a man gains from being a lil chubby and what’s the best type of food or meals 2 aid ur training
    Cheers nick

  4. Are the muscles of the guy on the top (Antonio) possible with just planks and breath of the dragon? I just can’t believe

  5. Hey planks are good, but definition is primarily a component of low body fat. The dudes in the videos dont look anythink like the model at the top. No matter how many planks they do they would need to get at around 8% bodyfat to do that.

  6. Hey Rusty i just wanted to know what type of workouts you recommend someone do other than planks to build up on abs and please list them out. sorry to bother you about it its just that i started working out again recently and i can see my abs but i just want to know what else i can do to make them a little bigger while i am concentrating on losing more bodyfat. Thank you

  7. I love this “V” on men! I want one too, its there just have to lose a little more fat! Pink has a really defined V too!

  8. Mat,

    Aim for gaining strength in the 3-5 rep range, while staying lean. The higher reps build that pumped up “fluffy” bodybuilder look, that I recommend you avoid. Strength training and tough cardio intervals (HIIT) is your route to the look you are looking for.


  9. Hey Rusty I’m a first time poster,
    Just read some of your articles on abs and water retention and it sounds like you have some great techniques. I’m a teenage guy who was fat for the first 15 years of his life (like 30-35 pounds overweight) but still participated in cross-country, track, etc. I just ate a TON of crap all the time. Then last summer I made a big mistake: dropped 45 pounds from running long distance, but did not eat hardly anything. Needless to say I lost most of my muscle and retained a “skinny-fat” composition. So here I am, age 16 6′ 0” 139lbs and a lot of determination. I’ve been able to put on about 5 lbs of weight (from 131 to 139 after I realized my mistake last summer) using protein powder and eating healthy whole foods while running 5ks 5 or 6 times a week (i like running in case you haven’t noticed). I guess my real question here is, how can I get that “fit” look without being a muscle monster or a antisocial food nazi? Advice is greatly appreciated.

  10. Actually not all men look good with this muscle, especially when it’s too defined (I don’t mind it too much if it’s not a gouged out space between his pelvic bones.) I, personally, think it looks weird. I have found very few men I like this on. (One of the few today at But, who knows, I might learn to like it if I can get my hubby to firm up… 😛 😉

  11. thanks bro!… ive tried the plank and side plank and i can really feel the muscles tighten! now i can finally get started on my 6 pack

  12. Thx so muxh i wanted to impress some girls and I HOPE thses will work! I haven tried them out but i hope they work! 🙂

  13. Charlie,

    Large obliques aren’t responsible for the “v” area. It is low body fat combined with toned abdominals, obliques, and hip flexor area. Also you can’t “spot target” which area of your body you will lose fat from. Your body will lose fat all over your entire body when you burn body fat.

    If you are skinny, what you need to do is gain strength and create strong contractions to tone the muscles on your body. If you are just starting to lift then after 6-12 months you will see a noticeable increase in muscle definition as you gain strength and increase the mind-to-muscle link to the major muscle groups.

    Hope that helps!


  14. you say “You don’t want to increase the size of the obliques at all!” Why not? I am already very skinny, should I not try and grow a more defined V by increasing the size of my obliques? Also, what will happen if I do exercises which aim at losing fat in an area where I HAVE NO FAT?

  15. Catz,

    Start doing planks immediately. After 2-3 months, this exercise actually becomes more effective because of the stronger mind-to-muscle link you will acquire over time.


  16. Hi Rusty,

    Can I start doing planks even if my body fat percentage is still at 15% or should I wait till i hit the 12% mark before doing it?.


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