The Manly “Pelvic Muscle” That Drives Women Wild!

As a man, you were born with a muscle that drives women wild. When a woman sees a nice one she gasps in excitement. Women talk about this area of a man’s body quite a bit…but most men don’t realize it.

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It is almost taboo to talk about in fitness circles. No…it’s not “that” muscle. Get your mind out of the gutter!

six pack abs
[Antonio “Flashes Some Skin” Whenever He Hitchhikes]

I’m Talking About The Lower Abdominal and Hip Region

Women love the area of a man’s body where the lower abs meet the hip flexors. This forms those “V” shaped lines when a man is at a low body fat level and has good ab definition. I think women love this, because it shows that a man is in great shape. You can’t just lift weight and gain a bunch muscle to get a good “V”…you have to get to a low body fat level as well.

Crunches Aren’t Enough to Develop This Area

You probably can get a decent 6 pack from crunches, but crunches don’t do enough for the entire torso in my opinion. I prefer “planks” over any other type of ab exercise, because they involved stabilizing the entire abdominal region. Planks really help develop this area, because you have to tighten both the hip flexors and lower abs to stabilize yourself in plank position.

Here is a Good Plank Video

This guy demonstrates doing planks on an exercise ball. You can do these with your elbows on the ball or just with both elbows on the ground. Try to time yourself to work up to 2 minutes. Two minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but believe me…it is a LOOONG two minutes. It’s a great ab workout.

Work Your Obliques To Create a Better “V”

Most people work their obliques by doing “side bends” with a dumbbell in one hand. Please…do Not do this exercise! When you perform a resistance exercise that involves a positive and negative movement, you have the strong possibility of increasing the size of that muscle. You don’t want to increase the size of the obliques at all! Isometric contractions are better for toning a muscle when you don’t want an increase in size (I’ll do a full post on this in the future). The best isometric exercise for the obliques is the “side plank”.
Side Planks

Note: All you are basically doing is holding that position for as long as possible and then switching sides.

Running Seems to Define This Area Very Well

There is a bunch of different types of cardio that burns body fat, but running seems to have the greatest impact on the muscles of your torso. You see, when you run all those small muscles have to contract to stabilize the pelvis. When you are on an exercise bike, the seat stabilizes your pelvic area…there isn’t any need for those muscles to engage because everything is stable already. Running stairs or sprint intervals, seem to really tighten up the ab region very well.

Dec 2016 Update: Click Here to get my FREE 5 day email course “Fitness With Style” (How I coach runway models to Increase Definition Without Adding Excess Size).

Obviously You Need To Be at A Low Body Fat Level

You need to follow a proper diet and hit cardio hard to burn off that stubborn body fat. I recommend a combination of interval training and steady state cardio to burn off all of that excess fat. Here is a post I did on this subject: Balancing Steady State Aerobics With Interval Training

One Final Tip…Quit Hiking Up Your Pants So High!

I am not someone who recommend sagging your pants, but wear your jeans on your hips…not at the level of your belly button! If it is summer time and you are at the beach, same deal…wear your shorts at a little lower than hip level. Tying the string super-tight and cranking the shorts up high is a bad deal…I’m just trying to help you out!

55 thoughts on “The Manly “Pelvic Muscle” That Drives Women Wild!”

  1. John,

    Yep…I’ll put that on my list…thanks for the great idea! As soon as I write my post I expect you to elaborate. Just please don’t write about “yellow stools” like you did in my Side Effects of Alli Diet Pill post. I almost vomited…just kidding…great tips.

    I like it when you guys expand upon the posts like this. I don’t pretend to know everything about every aspect of health. I know what it takes to get a “Hollywood” style physique, but all input on the topics I write about is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for adding so much to this site!


  2. rusty, I would like to see an article related to eating and recovering when one gets a bad ass flu, since it’s that time of year, then subsequentley how to get back into a training regiment.

  3. Michael,

    HYDROXYCUT use to have a different formula that did work. It was called the ECA stack. What that was, was ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin. This combination works extremely well at burning body fat, but people were abusing ephedrine and a few people died from it (not Hydroxycut…someone took too much of a similar product).

    The FDA now has made this type of formulation illegal. There were several companies that used this formula in the 90’s (like Herbalife)…but you can’t really get this anymore.

    What HYDROXYCUT is doing is kind of sleazy, they are pointing to the good results people got before they were forced to change the formula.

    I wouldn’t recommend it.


  4. hey rusty, thanks! i’ll consider your advice…

    one more thing..the shop i’ve been going to, to get my protein..they sell this stuff called HYDROXYCUT and it supposed to help you lose weight and get ripped…any thoughts?

  5. Damon,

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with wide shoulders. It is a masculine feature that women love.

    Consider yourself lucky!


  6. Yeah…you have the right idea. Hit the weights 2 times week and put more of a focus on cardio for now. This will make you a better athlete…especially for the sport of basketball.

    Throw in some jump rope work for cardio at least some of the time to assist in gaining in verticle leap.

    Here is an outline of one I have on this blog:

    Jump Rope Workout


  7. hey rusty, thanks for the feedback..but i’m alittle confused, you said keep with the weights but also aim to get real lean…so does that mean something like a ratio of weights and cardio ..2days weights to 5 days cardio?

    i play basketball so getting a low BFL will help me jump higher :)..but i’m still having troubles…i should really find out my BFL some how 😛

  8. hey rusty i was wondering what you thoughts were if you feel your shoulders are to wide and how to make them more narrow same problem with the back? any suggestions

  9. Jonneh,

    I was trying to find a good Rocky video, so I could show him running…just to reinforce the “running” comment you made.

    While I was searching, I found the funniest Rocky video ever! I do have a post on training like Rocky with a bad video, but this one is WAY worse.

    Before Brokeback Mountain, There Was Rocky!

    Please forgive me everyone…I’m a BAD person for putting this up on my website…LOL!


    PS: The last 30 seconds are so funny it makes me cry!

  10. Tyler –

    I hate to see very overweight people breaking their backs on the hard ground, trying to do 50 crunches. It’s just such an awful picture, you know? I completely agree. They do all that work, and barely see a result at all. The result that they DO see (if any!) is a tad bit off weight loss that could’ve been achieved by cardio in less than half the time they spent on crunches (as Rusty has now convinced me of)!

    I never really knew how important running was until I came across this site.

  11. Kat,

    Glad you like it! I try to balance out the “sleaziness” factor between girl and guy photos. Naturally I’m going to put more photos of women up, because I just can’t help it…but I try my best to be fair.


  12. Tyler,

    It doesn’t hurt for people to work their abs a bit when they are overweight, but maybe 5 minutes worth of work twice a week. The rest of their time is much better spent on cardio, interval training, etc.

    Once they get to a low enough body fat percentage to begin to see the abs, they can bump that up to 10 minutes 3-4 times per week.

    You are correct though, abs are largely a result of low body fat.



  13. Another good article to keep readers motivated!

    By the way i’m a bit confused…you encourage us to train our abs but you’ve said it’s kinda waste of time since everyone already has a nice six-pack but hidden under a layer of fat.
    I guess it’s worth doing crunches only when you get down to really! low BFL where you actually see some of the results!Right?
    I hate to see when seriously overweight people doing hundreds of crunches to develop a six-pack.

  14. Michael,

    Keep doing the weights, because you will want to see the tone when you are leaned out. I would mainly focus on getting really lean for now…you will see good abs at a low body fat level.

    I am glad you enjoy the site. I do my best to keep it entertaining while just focusing on developing the “Hollywood” look.

    Have a great one!


  15. C,

    Yep…never met a woman turned off by the “V”…all women love this.

    Note: See guys…forget benching 315 pounds! You want results with desireable women…focus on this type of muscle tone instead!


  16. HEY, i love your site, real informative and the articles are great.

    i started to follow your 1 meal a day plan and toning strategies and i’m seeing some results…but my bodyfat is still not optimum…do you think i should just stop doing any weights and just cardio? until i get lean enough then start doing some weights again??

    btw your planks is pretty good..i can see some definition now (damn bodyfat..) but i’m wondering is there a way to add alittle mass to them so they stick out alittle more? or is this just a bodyfat issue?

  17. That is the absolute truth, Rusty. When I see a man with that kind of muscle definition, my clothes get dangerously close to falling off!

    It’s kind of like a treasure map, pointing directly into his pants.

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