The Manly “Pelvic Muscle” That Drives Women Wild!

As a man, you were born with a muscle that drives women wild. When a woman sees a nice one she gasps in excitement. Women talk about this area of a man’s body quite a bit…but most men don’t realize it.

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It is almost taboo to talk about in fitness circles. No…it’s not “that” muscle. Get your mind out of the gutter!

six pack abs
[Antonio “Flashes Some Skin” Whenever He Hitchhikes]

I’m Talking About The Lower Abdominal and Hip Region

Women love the area of a man’s body where the lower abs meet the hip flexors. This forms those “V” shaped lines when a man is at a low body fat level and has good ab definition. I think women love this, because it shows that a man is in great shape. You can’t just lift weight and gain a bunch muscle to get a good “V”…you have to get to a low body fat level as well.

Crunches Aren’t Enough to Develop This Area

You probably can get a decent 6 pack from crunches, but crunches don’t do enough for the entire torso in my opinion. I prefer “planks” over any other type of ab exercise, because they involved stabilizing the entire abdominal region. Planks really help develop this area, because you have to tighten both the hip flexors and lower abs to stabilize yourself in plank position.

Here is a Good Plank Video

This guy demonstrates doing planks on an exercise ball. You can do these with your elbows on the ball or just with both elbows on the ground. Try to time yourself to work up to 2 minutes. Two minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but believe me…it is a LOOONG two minutes. It’s a great ab workout.

Work Your Obliques To Create a Better “V”

Most people work their obliques by doing “side bends” with a dumbbell in one hand. Please…do Not do this exercise! When you perform a resistance exercise that involves a positive and negative movement, you have the strong possibility of increasing the size of that muscle. You don’t want to increase the size of the obliques at all! Isometric contractions are better for toning a muscle when you don’t want an increase in size (I’ll do a full post on this in the future). The best isometric exercise for the obliques is the “side plank”.
Side Planks

Note: All you are basically doing is holding that position for as long as possible and then switching sides.

Running Seems to Define This Area Very Well

There is a bunch of different types of cardio that burns body fat, but running seems to have the greatest impact on the muscles of your torso. You see, when you run all those small muscles have to contract to stabilize the pelvis. When you are on an exercise bike, the seat stabilizes your pelvic area…there isn’t any need for those muscles to engage because everything is stable already. Running stairs or sprint intervals, seem to really tighten up the ab region very well.

Dec 2016 Update: Click Here to get my FREE 5 day email course “Fitness With Style” (How I coach runway models to Increase Definition Without Adding Excess Size).

Obviously You Need To Be at A Low Body Fat Level

You need to follow a proper diet and hit cardio hard to burn off that stubborn body fat. I recommend a combination of interval training and steady state cardio to burn off all of that excess fat. Here is a post I did on this subject: Balancing Steady State Aerobics With Interval Training

One Final Tip…Quit Hiking Up Your Pants So High!

I am not someone who recommend sagging your pants, but wear your jeans on your hips…not at the level of your belly button! If it is summer time and you are at the beach, same deal…wear your shorts at a little lower than hip level. Tying the string super-tight and cranking the shorts up high is a bad deal…I’m just trying to help you out!

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  1. I must agree, this is definitely a point in which breathing is increased with most ladies haha. I’m curious, what that factor is for men on females. What about women who want this “V”? I’ve seen it on some women…very few in fact. How would they go about getting this muscle formation in their lower abdomen? I asked my doctor and he said that women are not meant to be so firm there because they bear children.

  2. I’m not very attracted to the “V lines”. My ex got his from lots of intercourse, and he also pushed his stomach muscles way beyond what they were capable of, and he’s super skinny.

  3. Hey im 15 i do alot of sit ups crunches and other ab work outs but i dont see results and as the cardio goes im in xc and way 124(im short) the most i notice is i have my two pack ive had get more defined what can i do to get ther rest?

  4. im 16 have a stroing 4 pack ( cant seem to shake the bf off my lower abbs) and want to define my v more and my abbs ive tryed to do some things ive seen in mens health but it hasnt worked much help? thanks

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  6. How long does it take for the extra flaby skin to go away or does it ever? Not that there is a whole bunch but there is some.

  7. Awesome site and tips Rusty. As a kid i was always on the chunky side and continued to get heavier with age until i reached my max on 317 POUNDS!!! i am now 23 years old and holding at 152lbs and a 4 year veteran of the Marine corps. I achieved it with mainy cardio, lots and lots and LOTS of running no matter how much i hated it. i stil have alot if the left over skin to get rid of and your excersises are definetely at the top of my workouts. Being a Marine we do planks ALOT and i agree with it being one of the top for obliques. Thanks again and keep it coming.

  8. Thanks for the tips Rusty. I want to get abs so bad it’s ridiculous. I found your site and now I am feeling confident that I can get them with the information you have laid out here.

  9. Really great tips Rusty.Is there an isometric exercise for the serratus anterior?These muscles also seem to bulk up and i was wondering if there was an isometric exercise to make it strong and dense

  10. Oooops..Conclusion is…I think that the running and diet are the two biggest components to achieving this if you are a few pounds overweight…both will contribute to the fat loss and the runing to the definition. The other things will help enhance it, but it’s got to be visible first.

  11. A year ago I had no idea that women went nuts over this line of muscle definition It was first pointed out by a female friend who pointed to a photo of a shirtless Mario Lopez. I figured that was never attainable for me.

    In January I started eating better and eating less – cutting a lot of fat out of my diet and excess calories…nothing horrendous, but enough so that I could feel better at the end of the day/week. In April I started running. I had not run since HS (20 years) and even then it was 1-2 miles max. At a slow pace of 9:30 – 11 minutes/mile, I worked my distance running up from 1-2 miles til I could run a 5K, then a 10K and did some other shorter run races – 4 and 5 milers before taking on a half marathon in September. My time at the gym was minimal…but just enough to keep some definition and keep from getting too small and weak in my shoulders and upper back and arms. However, I was attending my mat pilates class as many days a week as I could afford – she taught 4 classes so I would make it to at least 1, sometimes 4/week. We always did a lot of plank and oblique exercise that I guess must have contributed toward developing this V, although I didn’t even realize it.

    By July I had the pelvic V going on and my gf was taking great notice (she says it “drives her crazy”), as well as some other female friends whom I was running with. I’m 37 and at 6’4″, I had gone from 215 lbs in Jan down to 185-190 lb range (this varies daily depending on how much I ate and ran in the last 24 hours) by the end of August…maybe even earlier, but I spent all of July and August on the road and didn’t step on a scale (or go o the gym, or take pilates class…it was just running, some push ups and good diet for the summer) and my girl can’t keep her hands off me if I’m walking around with my shirt off and jeans or shorts low on my hips. Needless to say, I’m a happy man and wish I’d discovered this earlier in life, but better late than never.

  12. Rusty,

    I have been running xc at my school for a year now and our coach has us do crunches at every practice. My upper abs seem to be much larger than my lower abs. is there any way to fix this?

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