Sprinting Is Actually One of The Best Butt Exercises

When most people think of butt exercises they think along the lines of lunges, squats, and stiff legged deadlifts. I don’t believe those exercises are as effective as sprinting is for your back side. Also, the problem with all of these lifts is that they can quickly build size in your hips, butt, and legs instead of building muscle density. If you enjoy those exercises and they work for you continue to do them, but add sprinting into the mix. I’ll explain the mechanics of how sprinting creates an amazing looking butt in a second. Let’s look at a picture of a nice butt first!
woman lying on a bed face down with a thong on
[I want to rest my head on her butt and take a nap.]

Do You Know What the Gluteal Fold Is?

Quit staring at that soft and shapely butt and begin reading again. Okay, just 5 more seconds. Times up! The gluteal fold is the area where the butt meets the hamstring. A person with a well developed glute-hamstring area would have a smooth transition between these two muscle groups. A person with less development here would almost be able to hold a pencil at the junction between the hamstrings and butt muscles.

Sprinting Will Develop this Area Without Bulking Up

Sprinting is an amazing way to develop definition and firm up the glute and hamstring area. The nice thing about sprinting is that it seems to build proportionate muscles in the legs, hips and butt over time. I always recommend sprinting over traditional leg exercises, because I believe sprinting builds great definition and tone in the lower body that can’t be duplicated with resistance training.

Running is is Mainly Powered by Your Gluteus Maximus

Jogging doesn’t really work this muscle to any great extent. Sprinting does a better job at working this muscle hard. The glutes are the largest muscle in the body. It takes more of an explosive movement to really contract this muscle hard. Alternatively, you could do heavy squats and dead lifts to engage this muscle. The problem hare is that the “time under tension” will build a large degree of mass in this muscle as well. Sprinting just involves many quick hard contractions that really firm up this muscle with less mass gain.

Some Tips On Sprinting Form

When you sprint, you need to relax your shoulders. There is a tendency to shrug the shoulders up as you sprint. The problem lies in the fact that if your shoulders start to rise, your hips lock up a bit…this decreases your ability to sprint quickly. Also, over time you will notice that your feet are barely contacting the ground for more than a split second. This is what you are aiming for. As you get better at sprinting, you will fly over the pavement in a way that is much different than jogging.

Other Major Benefits of Sprinting

Sprinting creates major metabolic changes in your body. Research has shown that high intensity exercise will burn calories long after your workout is complete. Sprinting also increases your body’s ability to increase HGH. Human Growth Hormone is your body’s natural fat burning hormone. If you only do low intensity exercise, you probably won’t cause your body to increase HGH release. Consequently, you burn less body fat if you only include low intensity exercises in your workout routine.

Sprinting Can be Done Outside or on a Treadmill

If you chose to do this exercise outside then go to a track or any place that has around 150 meters of pavement. Warm up by jogging for 100 meters and then walking back to the starting area. Do this 3 more times, but increase the intensity. The 5th set on is where you will want to go as fast as possible. This time, I want you to go about 25-50 yards before the starting area and jog the first 25 yards. Once you reach the 25 meter mark, sprint for 100 more meters. This is called a “running start” and it minimizes any chances of muscle pulls. Walk back to the starting area at a brisk pace and do this running start sprint 4 more times. This will kick your butt…literally!

Click Here—> Treadmill Sprinting Workout

Note: Don’t get worried that sprinting is going to build huge muscular legs and butt. It will create good tone and definition in a natural way. Celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel include sprinting in their workouts on a regular basis.

75 thoughts on “Sprinting Is Actually One of The Best Butt Exercises”

  1. Hi Rusty,

    Thank you so much for all your tips!! I am a woman, but I actually do want my butt and legs to get bigger, like a sprinter!! What is best for this? Any tips?? Thanks again!!

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  3. Dear Rusty,

    Firstly, let me thank you for your great book ‘Visual Impact for Women’. So far I have achieved amazing results, better and faster then when I used to work out 2 hours per day 6 days/week!

    My main concern used to be bulky legs, calves and KNEES. Losing body fat with your method and following your cardio plan made them almost perfect (need to lose a bit more body fat), but overall I’ve never been happier with them in life.

    However, now I have a different problem – my butt. When I had more body fat it looked fine but now it is really flat. Even though it is toned and I don’t have cellulite anymore, I would like it to have more volume.

    But I am scared to do any direct exercises, as I don’t want to increase the size of my legs again (which get bigger very fast). Is there any way I can make my butt bigger without making my legs bigger?

    P.S. I am already doing 15 minutes of HIIT followed by 15 minutes of cardio. Many thanks!!

  4. I use to do squats and lunges and noticed my legs getting bigger. I thus turned to the stepmill, using it for about 10-20 minutes at level 7-10. Will this still give me more muscles and make my legs bigger, or does it help decrease leg size? Should I just stick to running/jumprope? Thanks.

  5. Ok I have only been working out for three weeks now with a friend we do speed walking and through a little bit of jogging Or sprinting up hill through out it. I just really want to loose my belly FAT and arms and of corse loose the FAT in my legs but I don’t want to loose my butt but already had started to will sprinting help everything and make my butt really big? When u talk tone butt what does a toned butt look like I heard it makes it flat. I want mine just to be round and big again. It’s just to the point were I wish I never even would of started working out. Also when u talk about the right protein and foods what am I suppose to eat though out the day to make this work? Please oh please help me. Its like my butt list all the roundness on top. Just want to loose the weight and have a big butt like your pic on top. Should I try to loose all the weight first then tone up Or both at the same time Or will sprinting do both for me I’m 22 and weigh 175 pounds and 5″5 thank u so much rusty.

  6. Sprinting is one of the best way to tone the muscles in your butt. Running can help you tone it also but its best to add sprinting in the exercise routine. Although there are a lot of way to tone your muscles, its best to try one and know what really works for you.

  7. Hi,

    Im a size 8 in oz sizes which is pretty small, with a decent amount of fat on my butt for someone my size. It could be a great butt, but its not because of the gluteal fold side view. Im ready to try anything as far as excerices goes as nothing ive tried so far has worked. I was squatting daily with no changes. Im just having a hard time understanding how toning these muscles will help.
    Isnt it the overlying fat thats sagging over causing this deep fold? You cant tone fat. Ive also tried losing drastic amounts of weight til i was only 48kg thinking as the fat reduced so would the fold, i guess it did, but not enough. So ive put the weight back on so that i look normal again! Which makes me think its like a defect or something??
    Also there is a seam sort of thing between the hamstring and the gluteus maximus where it crosses it diagonally. So im not quite sure how toning these can make the change as they are not joined.
    Anyway im not saying you are wrong, i agree the sprinters i see on tv have great glutes. But just trying to understand if this could apply to me before i get my hopes up again. Any feedback appreciated!

  8. Great write up. I am a track coach and I tell people trying to improve legs and glute area they need to sprint and not jog. You are able to take full recovery in between reps.
    I think its important to note the biomechanics of sprinting. If you are reaching when you run you wont recieve any of these benefits. sprinting has to be a pushing motion. I usually tell my sprinters to try and get upright and relax, then I cue them to “push the ground” If you are able to do this then you will see tremendous changes in the back side area.
    Good Luck to any and everyone trying to improve themselves and I hope this helps a little.

  9. Running in general is really good at toning those muscles, but sprinting especially helps to tone and shape your bottom.


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  11. http://www.crossfit.com is probably the solution to most of your problems. it is circuittraining with elements of gymnastics, olympic weightlifting and sprinting and it fixes your body composition problems really fast (it also maked you strong and fast and tireless and able to do a handstand pushup).

  12. Rusty

    My problem is the opposite. I exercise regularly (4-5 times a week) I’m very slim and have good muscle tone but I’m pretty much straight from the waist down. I want to increase my hip size. I have been doing butt exercises for years and my butt is very toned but this does not seem to help with making it bigger or making my hips bigger. Can you help? I am tired of people telling me there’s nothing I can do with my body shape.


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