Skull Growth and Other Nasty Side Effects of Steroids

The side effects of steroids are downright frightening. With all the information out there, I have no idea why anyone would consider taking steroids!

The least talked about side effects of steroids is skull growth and that is why I wanted to address it. It is so blatantly obvious to me when an athlete is on roids…look at their head! Seriously…doesn’t anybody out there see this! Here are some photos to show you what I mean…

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds steroids

Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco

Jason Giambi

Jason Giambi steroids

Is their any doubt in your mind that these guys have used steroids? I think it is easier to tell a steroid user by looking at their face then it does by looking at their body. There is just a certain steroid face that develops. The pictures above, Jason Giambi and Jose Canseco could be brothers!

The Steroid Side Effects Don’t End There!

For Men: Shrinking of the testicles, development of breasts, baldness, acne, roid rage, growing of internal organs, increase in bad cholesterol, liver damage, liver cancer, and the list goes on…

For Women: Deepening of the voice, increase in body hair, enlargement of the clitoris, can effect fetal development when pregnant by increasing male features in the femal fetus and femal features in the male fetus, plus many more harmful side effects.

The ironic thing about people taking anabolic steroids is that it ruins the appearance of the body as well!

The human body was meant to be lean and sleek. The side effects of steroids is that it makes the body bulky. Most steroid users have a really thick waist along with the big arms and legs. A great example of this are “professional wrestlers”.

professional wrestler steroids

This is NOT a good look! The majority of women do not find this body type attractive.

If you want to be healthy and look attractive…avoid anabolic steroids at all costs. All that muscle looks cheesy anyways. As I always say it is much better to have an average amount of muscle with great muscle tone.

David Beckham is a Great Example of a Natural Athlete

David Beckham

See…Normal size head, can fit into “hip” clothes, healthy, and attractive to beautiful women!

Hopefully I’ve made my case against anabolic steroids. The side effects of steroids are just plain scarey!

side effects of steroids

29 thoughts on “Skull Growth and Other Nasty Side Effects of Steroids”

  1. Whoever wrote this article doesn’t have a clue about steroids. I have used them responsibly with no negative side effects. Steroids are used to treat the sick so why would doctors give people something so dangerous? A male body is more than capable to cope with high doses of testosterone because guess what that’s what makes a man a man. In healthy athletes and bodybuilders used responsibly steroid use is fine that’s why they are legal in most countries. America is a joke and there society is as fake and hollow as their brains

  2. Ultra lean guys usually use winstrol. And this article only shows what happens when people abuse of steroids.
    I don’t see Hugh Jackman being less attractive to womans and he use roids to be huge on his Wolverine role. Woman doesn’t mind..most of the Jersey Shore guys.

  3. i have the same problem… i just tried to go to endocrinologist about it today and they refused to give me hgh =/ but they MIGHT be able to give me testosterone or IGF-1. Both are proven to cause bone thickening in the head and jaw. I’d say you should just look for illegal ways of obtaining either of those. do some more research and go for it, what do you have to lose. I’ll be doin that if the endo doesn’t pull through. Good luck to you my man in the struggle lol

  4. In case you were unaware, anabolic steroids and HGH (human growth hormone) are NOT the same thing. In fact, they are very different substances using very different biological pathways. They are, however, both used in order to achieve a similar goal (usually muscle gain, but also used by endurance type athletes who want improved recovery times so they can train more frequently and for longer duration). While anabolic steroids CANNOT cause bone growth, HGH can. Improper usage of HGH can cause thickening of bones already in place, but cannot cause bones to lengthen after growth plates between bones have fused (which happens at a young age).

  5. This is not true, their heads are perfectly normal. Thats a normal head weight for their body

  6. After sometime of anabolic s, I have found myself to be a mess…I’ve had doctors try to figure out things and just keep hitting a brick wall.
    First there’s no mass left like I had, secondly, I find myself with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and numerous other issues…mainly very little sexual function – I’ve always taken good care of myself, was a major runner for years, lifted regularly, and always involved in sports. It was stupid of me to think I could handle it after wards. I’m 45 and not any bigger or faster then before.

  7. A person who takes hgh and steroids certainly is not thinking sanely. The end results are grossly damaging to the body. It disturbs me to think how many men destroys their health when so many would love to have a normal healthy body. Instead it is destroyed with cancer, arthritis, stroke,and the like – not of their own accord.

  8. i was wondering if you ever heard of someone mixing steroids and alcohol and “blacking out” or doing very harmful things to others,

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