Ryan Kwanten’s Workout – Jason Stackhouse from “True Blood”

Ryan Kwanten is an example of a guy who stays extremely fit without going anywhere near a gym. He also keeps a normal amount of muscle mass for his frame, while keeping his body fat low. The result is a physique that looks great in nice clothes as well as on the beach. True Blood is an extremely entertaining show by the way, me and my girlfriend are hooked. So let’s talk more about Ryan Kwanten’s workout and how he stays so lean.

Ryan Kwanten Workout

[The cool thing about being slim and muscular is that you can look great in stylish clothing. You certainly don’t have to be as slim as Ryan, but there really isn’t a big need to go out of your way to add a bunch of muscle. Being the normal size for your frame with exceptional conditioning, will create a better look than endlessly pursuing muscle mass.]

A Bit About Ryan Kwanten’s Acting Background…

Kwanten is a 32 year old Australian actor who began acting in 1997 in the Australian soap opera, Home and Away. He played the role as Vinnie Patterson in Home and Away until 2002. In 2004 he landed a role in the teen drama, Summerland until it was canceled after 26 episodes. In 2008 he landed the role of Jason Stackhouse in HBO’s True Blood which thankfully is quickly gaining in popularity (it is my second favorite TV show…Always Sunny in Philadelphia is my top pick).

Ryan Stays Fit By Using “Old School” Body Weight Training

I read in a recent interview that he basically stays fit with body weight exercises: pushups, situps, pull ups, jump rope, etc. With the jump rope he likes to do interval training. In additon to this, he likes to go for a run every now and then. He used to compete in triathlons back in Australia. Ryan also competed in boxing when he was younger.

He Follows a Paleo Style Diet When He Needs to Lean Down

When he has a shirtless scene in True Blood that he wants to sharpen up for, he follows a diet based around protein and vegetables. He avoids refined grains and limits carbs during this time to get “extra lean”. He claims that he only needs to do this 2-3 days before a special event. The lower intake of carbs insures that his insulin levels stay stable. Stable insulin levels are the key to burning body fat around the clock, since when insulin is high the body cannot use fat for energy.

There is Something to Be Said for “Real World” Fitness

I admire people like Ryan Kwanten who reach a super-high level of conditioning without going near a gym. Don’t get me wrong…I really enjoy lifting weights…but a true master of fitness should be able to get fit with or without a gym or special equipment. Last winter I spent 3 months just doing body weight circuits in my apartment and to be honest, my physique looked about the same as when I was training in the gym.

Why I Am Canceling My Gym Membership This Week

This week I am going to cancel my gym membership. This is a BIG deal, because I have had an ongoing gym membership since 1988. Honestly, I have had a membership to a commercial gym for over 20 years. Even last winter when I was working out in my apartment, I still paid the monthly fees. I guess it is a safety net, my comfort zone, my security blanket…one that I am going to let go of. I am canceling my gym membership for the rest of 2009.

[I love the idea of getting outside of a comfort zone to evolve in a discipline. This two minute clip from Batman Begins is one of my favorite movie clips of all time. I always love the scenes where the hero goes to an isolated mountain or forest and learns from a master of some sort. I am a sucker for these scenes…can’t get enough!]

Am I Going Away to The Mountains to Learn from a Master?

Not really…but I am dedicating the next 3 months to master the skills of getting ripped with body weight training. Ryan Murdock, who was awarded “Master Trainer of the Year”, by the Martial Arts Hall of Fame…just created a high-level body weight course that I plan on mastering over the next 3 months…

Advanced Body Weight Training

Note: I am just going to be “gym free” for 3 months. I actually enjoy working out in a gym, but want to master the skill of getting fit anywhere…regardless of equipment. Ryan and Adam’s new course uses an approach to body weight training that maximizes tension isometric holds, to create a hard “gymnast body”…while dropping body fat.

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  1. Is it realy true that he is following the paleo diet?
    I’m also on it! Hope one day I’ll have abs like him! 🙂

  2. Is it just me, or does Ryan seem less cut and has picked up some weight since last season? Don’t get me wrong, he’s a hot and handsome man– but I noticed that almost immediately when some of the first interviews for season 3 were released earlier this year.

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