Rocky Balboa’s Workout Program is Better Than Yours

I’m convinced that Rocky Balboa had an incredible workout program that is far superior to the routines being pushed today. Seriously…if you can get past the “short shorts”, 70’s hair, and “AAAAADRIAN”….you could learn a thing or two from Rocky.

Before I analyze Rocky’s workout program, I have to share with you a VERY entertaining video. If this doesn’t make you at least smile, then I can’t do anything for you. I almost spit my Corona Light out all over my computer screen. You seriously have to watch this..there is definitely a “Brokeback Mountain” quality to this…that’s all I’m saying!

Okay…are you smiling? Good…Now let’s talk about why Rocky knew a thing or two about getting in great shape.

First of all, did Rocky walk on a treadmill to get his heart rate to the moderate fat burning zone? Heck no! Rocky needed to get in shape to beat Clubber Lang! Rocky knew that walking on a treadmill was a half-ass workout…he wanted to get ripped.

Instead, you see Rocky pushing the limit and sprinting…this was his version of high intensity interval training. Boxers call this “roadwork”. Whatever you want to call this, sprinting intervals are a great way to increase your natural levels of HGH…which burns body fat long after the workout is finished.

Interval Training <---My "Sprinting Interval Workout" Post

Rocky also did a BUNCH of cross-training. I believe that your body will look its best when it is exposed to a large variety of movements…that is a big reason that I think athletes have more attractive bodies than people who only workout in the gym.

One of the things that Rocky did in his workouts was jump rope. Jumping rope is tough! What I really like about it, is that all of the muscles in your body get worked when you jump rope. You want nice calves, a toned midsection, and a firm butt? Then learn how to jump rope properly.

Jump Rope <---My “Fat Torching Jump Rope Routine” Post

The main thing that Rocky did right was to really push himself. There are so many people who barely break a sweat when working out. You just aren’t going to get the fastest results if you don’t push yourself every now and then.

Workout like Rocky and get better results…just don’t wear the 1/2 shirt and the short shorts…LOL!


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13 thoughts on “Rocky Balboa’s Workout Program is Better Than Yours”

  1. i like the video it did make me smile thank you
    as i am starting my STALLONE ROCKY workout
    anyway i am a real rocky stallone fan and i am hoping to get as ripped as he did in the ROCKY movies
    it will take a while but i am gonna push my sel
    anyway thanks for the vid

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  3. i love rocky!!! especially 3 and 4, where he really gets toned and ripped up…… i been training like he does in number 3 to get faster and its working.. love rocky!!

  4. You only hug your training partner after you beat him in a sprint…LOL! Yeah…this video kills me…there are several things that are seriously WRONG with it!

  5. Rusty, you’re killing me! I’m a big believer in high intensity cardio for ripping up so I love to see you promoting that type of training. But come on, I’m gonna have nightmares now after seeing that video.


  6. Gregg,

    You know you loved that video! Seriously…how funny was the part where Rocky and Apollo are basically dancing in front of that mirror?

    Naw you are right, that IS very scarey.


  7. Oh god…I thought the “James Bond” swimsuit on my home page was bad enough! I’d have to lose a bet or something to throw on the 70’s Rocky shorts!

    Now you mention it though, I do need a great wig!



  8. OKAY… you set your self up beautifully Rusty…
    next pic I see of you better be YOU in the 1/2 shirt and short shorts!
    (maybe even a great 70’s wig…)

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