Nutrition Plays A Small Role in Building Muscle Mass – Controversial Video

What if half of what you have been told about building muscle mass is completely wrong? You see, building muscle is almost 100% about training and has very little to do with nutrition.

The main thing that nutrition affects is gaining or losing body fat. The mainstream fitness publications would have you believe that you can eat your way to quick muscle gains. This simply is not the case. John Barban has created an exclusive video for the readers of this site, that you guys have to see!

building muscle mass

[I like to look at ancient Greek and Roman statues as ideal proportions to shoot for. Although centuries have gone by, the proportions of these statues are still considered optimum by most of the population.]

A Favor From a Supplement Developer and Industry Expert

I recently asked my friend John Barban to record a 5 minute video about building muscle mass. His stance on building muscle and losing fat is the same as mine…You use nutrition to lose fat and you use your workout to build muscle.

To quote John…”Nutrition plays a negligible role in muscle building”. Click on this video to see him explain why this is the case. I have had several conversations with John and I’m convinced that he knows more about building muscle than any other industry expert.

Pretty Heavy Stuff for a 6 Minute Video!

[John is very well-respected in the health and fitness industry. He has formulated supplements for some of the largest supplement companies in the world. I am glad someone of his stature is coming forward and saying what needs to be said about building muscle. I support his message 100%.]

You Can’t Accelerate the Muscle Growth Rate by Eating More

Back in 1990 after lifting hard for 3 years, I tried to “bulk up” and put on 10 more pounds of muscle. I remember eating my way up from 210 pounds all the way to 230 pounds. I trained hard during that time for 9 months and then I spent the following 4 months “leaning out”.

After dieting hard and getting lean again, I wound up at 212..a whopping 2 pound muscle gain in a little over a year!

You Can Quickly Build Muscle Just Once in Your Life Time

The only time in your life that you can build a lot of muscle quickly is when you first begin training. It isn’t unusual for an untrained person to put on a decent amount of muscle his first 1-2 years of training, but that will be the last of the quick muscle gains (unless he uses steroids).

The window for even faster gains is when a male is in his late teens and early 20’s…because when a teen enters into his 20’s he typically adds a bit of weight naturally and “fills out”.

If a person adds in training along with this time of naturally filling out, then ultra-fast muscle gains can happen…but that will never happen again in that man’s lifetime.

Trained Guys of Same Height Have Similar Amounts of Muscle

This is where the HUGE paradigm shift happened for me. John explains that an experienced lifters of the same height almost always carry the same amount of muscle (5-7 pounds give-or-take)….the only difference in size comes down to how much body fat each person is carrying.

He also explains that frame size (somatotypes) play a role, but only 5-7 pounds in either direction.

Note: I am going to reference John Barban’s Blog in the future and probably do a few podcasts with him, etc.

I like the message he is sending out in regards to gaining muscle and achieving a pleasing physique. When you head over to his blog, make sure and subscribe to his newsletter…”The Truth Hurts”. The first message that gets sent is one called “Get Ready to UNLEARN”…love it!

96 thoughts on “Nutrition Plays A Small Role in Building Muscle Mass – Controversial Video”

  1. Seems like a lot of trash made for people who can’t get big so they don’t feel bad. What a load if crap.

  2. Certainly sounds interesting and re-assuring, but at one time I was able to make huge gains in strength by consuming “Fat Gainer” by Weider. Only thing – I was gaining a lot of fat, so I stopped. But, had I continued, I’m not sure what the limit would have been as to what I could lift.

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  4. Many bodybuilders make this same mistake, and take the hard road.
    Furthermore eating very often holds the nitrogen balance
    of the body high so the body doesn’t eat away on its own muscle reserves. In order to build muscle I have seen consistently with mytests on over a thousand skinny males that the usualrecommended calorie intake of 12- 14 calories per pound ofbodyweight is not enough to build muscle.

  5. Certainly sounds interesting, BUT will take alot of explaining. One thing that concerns me and seems to be in a constant “marketing” circle: I’ve seen time and time again with every miracle diet or workout plan where one link leads to another link and Boom!…the answer to all your fitness goals! “We’re not after your money like the other guys! We want to help you! As a matter of fact – here’s a FREE report on us!” You read, your interest peaked, but you don’t get a straight solution or answer. Finally you scroll down for more and you get a “Buy our book!” message. The money may go less toward excess food or supplements, but how much will we be spending to learn of this. I’M NOT CALLING IT FALSE. What would help is a researched study from an actual university or at least some client photos of individuals who “only” used this method. University researched results would make most “slightly” more easy on giving up there hard earned cash. Otherwise we better stick to what we’ve known. Hope to see more info!

  6. I feel the same as John above. It sounds like you can gain muscle mass by just eating at maintenance and don’t need a calorie surplus. I get that, but what about gaining muscle on a calorie deficit. Let’s say you have 14 – 16% body fat, could you gain muscle while reducing your body fat % at the same time. If so, will it be slower or take the same amount of time?

  7. This is great info – muscles grow mainly due to decrease in protein catabolism, not due to increase in protein anabolism.

    I gained my 40 pounds in a year on a 1900 calories per day at 60-70 grams of protein per day at best.

  8. Rusty…..this topic needs to be covered more. Can you build the same amount of muscle on a calorie restricted diet??? This topic is really confusing…….

  9. I must say I have never heard anything even remotely close to this. I want to be ignorant and just say this is BS but the fact is, the information has made me curious. I think if it is still available, i am going to sign up for the free copy of his report. Thansk for posting this rusty!

  10. Sorry whayt i meant was I tried dieting but, my bidy stayed the same. 9 yearS and im still watery looking

  11. Hey

    For all those who beleive that mucsle gains can not be made on a caloric resrticed diet- go to the knowledge tab and scroll down to the ‘300’ link) – these guys trained the actors/stuntmen fromn the ‘300’ and expicably state that all the trainees were put a severly restricted calorie diet – barely enough for recovery – check it out

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  13. without the nutrition, you have no building blocks to build new muscle.

    if you cut your calories and workout more, you will not gain more muscle, in most cases you will enter a catabolic state and lose musce.

    this idea is over simplied and i’d hate to see honest people get sucked in by this idea.

    At the end of the day you don’t need all the supplements under the sun, and you don’t need to eat 6-8 meals a day. however if your trying make muscle to the maximum amont your body can, you need the nutritional requirments needed to make that muscle. if its not there, then what can you make the muscle with?

    i agree that eating a stupid amount is not the best way to build muscle, as you will put on extra fat. however you need to consume atleast enough so that you body can create muscle mass as quickly as it possibly can, limiting caloires will only limit progress (in regards to muscle building)

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