Move Your Body Through Space – “Live Long and Prosper”

If you aren’t familiar with the term “Live Long and Prosper”, then you are probably too cool to be reading my blog. Yeah I’m a Star Trek geek, but not one of those guys who dresses up as Captain Kirk.

In this article I’m going to talk about the importance of doing movements that require you to move your body as resistance, not just lifting a weight. While a pushup looks like it works the same muscles as a bench press, they provide a different type of resistance.

Also, running in place on a treadmill is different than propelling your body over the ground. “You can’t win, Darth. Strike me down, and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” Ooops, wrong movie!

new star trek movie 2009

[I am seriously excited to see the new Star Trek movie. I want to see it opening night with fans who get dressed up. Movies are much better with an enthusiastic crowd!]

Using Your Own Body Weight is Logical, Captain

Okay…I’ll do my best to not geek out and use “sci-fi” talk this entire post. The reason for this post is that too many of us (including myself) have grown accustomed to lifting things instead of moving our body.

When you go into a gym 95% of what you see is people pushing things away from or towards their body. Same with the cardio equipment…the machine is moving but the body stays in the same “space”.

Most Workouts Are Unbalanced Toward Lifting Weights

You can get an outstanding level of strength and muscle definition by lifting weights, but that strength doesn’t always translate into “real world” strength and athleticism.

Most of the activities outside of the gym are largely based around moving your body, but the gym is more about moving objects.

A “Painful” Lesson I Learned About Cardio Machines

I love cardio equipment as a way to lose body fat, but they aren’t the best when it comes to conditioning the body for sports. In the spring and summer I like to play basketball with a few of my friends. The first few times we play, my entire body is sore for 3-4 days after.

The big problem is that although I am cardio conditioned, moving my body and jumping over the pavement is an entirely different type of resistance.

Last Week I Was Reminded of My Weakness in This Area

This past winter I was limited in time and did nothing but body weight circuits as a way to maintain muscle mass while staying lean. I wrote about the exact workout I was following in this post: Body Weight Circuits Are Kickin’ My Butt!.

I did this for 10 weeks and it worked wonders! Anyway, I switched back to weights these past two months but wanted to reintroduce these circuits back into my routine. I paid the price in a big way.

My Legs Were Smoked For Days After This 15 Minute Routine

I decided last week that I would replace my Wednesday HIIT with body weight circuits right after my strength training. I did a 30 minute lifting session with Back and Chest, then spent 15 minutes doing the Body Weight Circuit.

I replaced the burpees with explosive jumps…I would bend down to touch the ground and then jump as high as possible. As always, I was gasping for air by the end of the third circuit.

Darn You Craig Ballantyne, You Crushed Me Again!

I really paid the price the following 4 days. I went over to Craig Ballantyne’s New Blog, TT Fat Loss, and told him how evil he was for coming up with such a deadly routine.

Great blog by the way! I’ve read every post so far and I’ve commented on a couple of the posts. Although Craig’s blog is outstanding, he is an evil and sadistic man.

He must be stopped 🙂

nero from the new star trek movie

Just Lifting Weights and Doing Cardio is Partial Conditioning

I have been lacking when it comes to a lot of real world conditioning. Whenever spring hits and the weather gets better I know that it will take a few weeks to adapt to running on the pavement, running up hills, jumping to spike a volleyball, etc.

Starting this month, I plan on developing overall conditioning by including more body weight movements along with lifting weights. Along with that, I plan on replacing half of the HIIT I’m doing with body weight circuits.

Feel “Lighter on Your Feet” With Body Weight Exercises

When I was doing nothing but body weight circuits this past winter, I quickly felt more athletic. In fact, I would define athleticism as a strong “strength-to-weight” ratio…or at least it is one of the more important factors.

Even just walking or standing felt better. I was a skeptic of this type of exercise until I felt these effects.

How to Incorporate Body Movement Exercises

I would start by replacing lat pulldowns with chinups. For chest you could do pushups along with bench presses. For triceps, you could do dips in between benches or on dip bars.

You could go outside from time to time and run hills instead of the stair stepper. You could alternate doing HIIT cardio with body weight circuits (like I’m doing).

Note: I still enjoy cardio machines and lifting weights. I am just recommending that you supplement this stuff with more body weight movements. It will make a difference in the way you look and feel.

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  1. impressive, most impressive (by the way, thank you for this site…i found it by doing a google search for sprinting – and now i’ve been reading it for hours)

  2. Has anyone seen the movie yet? I’m hearing great things! My wife won’t go to see it with me, so I’m trying to recruit one of my buddies.


  3. You’re right Rusty, when i started watching the trailer, EPIC was the word that came out of my mouth, i’m looking forward to see the movie

  4. Wow this trailer of Star Trek looks too good to be true. [Goes off to do the robot dance]. Haha!


  5. Helder,

    Check out this new trailer that was just released. It finally looks like they have released a Star Trek movie that could be as epic as a Star Wars movie. Love it!


    As Gilbert said in “Revenge of the Nerds” – “No one’s really gonna to be free until nerd persecution ends.” 🙂


    I want to try ultimate frisbee. I do quite a bit of frisbee golf, but that is just an excuse to get some sun without too much physical exertion.


    Yeah, I am certainly in the same boat. I just plan on doing at least one body weight circuit per week no matter what. This should help when it comes to doing a lot of summer activities for the first time.


    I think people get the best results with a mix of both.


    You are “cool and famous” in the fitness blogging community. That is sweet that your wife is a Trekkie, btw.


    I’m more impressed by the bodyweight stuff than benching and lat pulls. I think the best combo is a mix of both. I’ll make sure and include a more detailed program in the future.


    Looks great! I checked it out and it looks like you have a decent amount of participation. Hopefully a lot of the readers at Fitness Black Book will check it out.


    I don’t know of any articles off hand for pelvic tilt.


    I was slow to change my ways as well. I’m a “4th degree black belt ninja master” when it comes to typical gym workouts, so I was hesitant to go outside of my comfort zone…but it has paid off.


    Thanks for adding my site to your blog roll. You have a decent following on your blog, which makes sense…you write in an entertaining fashion. People like to learn while being entertained online and you do very well in that regards.


  6. This is soooo true:

    “The big problem is that although I am cardio conditioned, moving my body and jumping over the pavement is an entirely different type of resistance.”

    The cardio machines are really nothing like the ‘real world’ exercise, are they? I have a treadmill and I never workout at less than an 8% incline to add some challenge. However the surface is obviously a lot softer and my joints will be aching once I hit the pavement on my first warm weather run.

    Love your website by the way! I’m going to add you to my favs list if that is cool?

  7. rusty great post as usual. im definitely going to try this stuff as i gave it a pass the first time around

  8. hey guys i’m wondering if their are any exercises to fix a pelvis tilt. would be a great help if you know some please.

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    I recently started it, and am getting good results, the nice athletic lean body over the bulky body builder. But a lot of people are going on there expecting a body builder body.

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