Maximize Your Flexibility & Mobility before Squatting

I’m not as big of a fan of the squat as many people. It isn’t that I’m totally against it, I just believe that you don’t need to treat it as the “King of Exercises” if you feel you already have enough muscle mass in your lower body. If you are going to squat you should probably do it right. Here’s an article showing how to increase lower body flexibility and mobility in the squat.


Regardless of the chosen method, proper flexibility training can greatly improve performance, mobility, and longevity.

Various experts contend that pre-workout flexibility training is unnecessary, arguing that your workout will deliver the needed mobility improvements, particularly your warm-up sets.

The overwhelming majority of us need corrective work prior to training because our muscles are short and tight from hours of keyboard-clacking and deskwork.

You’ll probably meet resistance before you hit parallel, since you’re most likely compensating for poor thoracic spine mobility, tight hip flexors, and a weak posterior chain.

Ten minutes of goal-oriented corrective work before training can radically improve your performance and prevent injuries down the road.