Matt Lauer is In Better Shape Than Guys Half His Age.

Matt Lauer in Great Shape

Matt Lauer, co host of NBC’s Today Show, is in better shape than most 25-year-olds even though he is closer to 50!

This guy is an amazing role model. He has a well balanced life, is very successful and is extremely fit! I don’t know that much about his workout, but he has an outstanding physique. This just goes to show you, that you can look incredible at any age!.

Great Fitness Begins With the Right State-of-Mind!

I have 4 extremely close friends that are all in their mid to late 30’s. The two guy friends of mine are in amazing shape year round and the two girls have bodies that rival most of the young Hollywood A-list actresses. All of us decided that we would be in great shape our entire lives.

All It Takes is a Decision…It is Easy After That!

I have a feeling that Matt Lauer just thinks like me and my friends. He just decided that he wanted to be in amazing shape and followed through with it. I am sure he is extremely active and enjoys life as he gets fit.

Forget Looking Like a Bodybuilder!

I guarantee you that 9 out of 10 women prefer a build like Matt Lauer over a huge bodybuilder. There are thousands of other sites worshiping these disgusting roided out monsters. That is why I thought it was important to include a great role model instead.

Matt Just Took Away All Excuses! Time to Live Up to Your Potential!

4 thoughts on “Matt Lauer is In Better Shape Than Guys Half His Age.”

  1. Did anyone see his latest interview with Dina Lohan? Guy has to be in shape to embrace challenges like that!

  2. Exactly. Women, you need to stop just thinking these things and/or talking about this kind of stuff secretly in your little groups to yourselves. Guys will not be able to read your mind and know when to stop trying to gain more muscle for your personal preference. Give us feedback on what you like and don’t like yet. Plus, if said correctly, you can help to motivate us!

  3. Jonneh,

    Amen brother! I’ll drill it into guy’s heads eventually…even though many guys are slow to catch on.

    Women…the more you comment about this…the sooner guys will realize that “being huge” is a turn-off.


  4. This is completely true. My girlfriend constantly reminds me of how she thinks too much muscle on any guy is disgusting. She likes SOME muscle, not a ton, otherwise it simply becomes a turn-off.

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