Lose Body Fat By Eating Just One Meal Per Day?

Warning: This article goes completely against the fitness mainstream! It is a very radical idea, but it does work. Keep reading….

When I was younger, I used to spend my summers getting up early in the day going to the beach. On most occasions, I wouldn’t eat a single calorie until 6pm or later in the day. Then I would eat as much as possible in the evening in ONE large meal.

My metabolism never slowed down…and despite eating late at night I never put on an ounce of fat. I used to think it was because of my age. Now I know different…

You see, when I turned 30 I wanted to lose that last bit of body fat…but I always had a layer of fat covering my abs. I could never get really lean following the “eat six small meals per day strategy”. I decided to test out just eating one meal per day at night, like I did when I was young and lean.

Guess What? I got extremely lean within three weeks and didn’t lose an ounce of muscle. It just didn’t seem to make sense to me at all! The 6 meals per day plan seemed to make more sense, but the one meal per day at night plan was the strategy that got me lean!

It all made sense when a gentleman by the name of Ori Hofmekler came out with a book called the Warrior Diet. This guy is flat out incredible! He goes into deep detail about why eating just one meal at night is the key to maintaining low body fat levels.

He also explains why it is important to workout on an empty stomach if you want optimal results. The funny thing is that I frequent fitness forums often and they always shoot down the advice I give of eating very low calories during the day…and eating the majority of your calories at night.

Ori has a great blog post on this subject called…”Are We Inherently Night Eaters?

Just to let you know…Ori Hofmekler is also ripped.

Ori Hofmekler

Note: I only take fitness advice from people who are extremely fit. Like myself, Ori is someone who is ripped year-round. It really makes sense to listen to people like us vs. the typical underachieving personal trainer.

To this day, I eat the majority of my calories at around 8pm. I may eat a tiny bit of food in the morning or mid-day, but usually it is just a low calorie protein shake with vitamins. I don’t think people need to totally go to the extreme of only eating one meal per day. The purpose of my article is to let you know that ,you certainly don’t need to eat six times per day!

Question Everything!


eat stop eat intermittent fasting ebook

Update June 2008: I have recently found a great resource that is based around a University Graduate Study on fasting before eating.

The new eBook is called Eat Stop Eat. It was written by a top Nutritionist who did his graduate research on this topic. His study was titled:

The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and its Potential Application in Weight Loss”

This book really changes the game. Seriously…if you ever wanted proof that 6 meals per day aren’t the way to go, this is it! Even if you don’t decide to buy the book, you should opt-in to the free newsletter.

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  1. This diet was prescribed to the members of the Nation of Islam in 1930 and is still practiced by them today. Read How to Eat to Live by Elijah Muhammad.

  2. Yeah I agree with Monet! Is there a way to read the old comments? I want to reread Julie’s comments especially. I wish I could contact her.

  3. Day 3…

    Weight is at 282.8 this morning. I ate 2 piece of fish with white rice and a low carb bar at about 6pm. Mostly water weight Im sure but it feels good to see the scales go down. Will update as I go…

  4. This method absolutely works. I have been doing it for 1.5 years now. I personally lost 140 lbs in 8 months. I am not hungry and eat anything I want at my evening meal. Anything includes pizza, burgers, fried food…anything. I try to only do those items 1 or 2 times per week. Other than that I eat a large fresh salad and then a full meal, including pie or ice cream for desert if i want. I drink primarily water or unsweetened tea with my meal. I drink 4-5 large water (10-14 oz each) each morning. I drink 2 large coffees during the day. On occaision I feel the need for something and grab an apple to get me through..(4 times in a year and a half). All blood work comes back perfect, and have full medical approval as I eat all my calories at once.

  5. I’ve started yesterday I eat one meal at night and drink lots of water, I also use slimming pills and exercise almost everyday. I hope I lose more fat fast. I’m desperate I can’t fit in anything on my wodrobe I’m 23yrs and I weigh 86kg with a very big tummy.

  6. Hey anyone wanting to help me feel free you hit me up so wanting to start this diet as early as last month lol

  7. Glad to have found this website. I noticed that fasting all day and eating one meal about 5pm has helped with my pain associated with my arthritis/fibromyalga condition. That’s why I have been doing it. Not quite sure why it works though.

  8. Hello. I have been doing this diet on and off for a number of days. Eating One Meal a Day is the simplest diet ever, yet its challenging. The most difficult part for me is to stay motivated throughout the day to carry on with this way of eating EVERY DAY, not just one day.

    I would really like the help and support of an accountability partner(s), to help me stay motivated to follow through with eating one meal a day.

    If anyone wants to be part of a Skype support group, drop me a line at othmansafdar(at)gmail.com

    If we could keep track of our progress with daily accountability check, I believe it will be mutually beneficial for all of us!

  9. This was my eating habit when I was in college, not to lose weight but only because I was too lazy to cook and was sick of cafeteria food. (I never enjoyed eating ever since I was a kid.) I ate one meal in the evening when I was starving enough that taste and texture of food didn’t matter any more. When I got a job and this social obligation to eat lunch with others came along, I got to try different food and started to enjoy eating…maybe too much. First time in my life, I was 15 lbs heavier than my all-time heaviest 105 lbs! I also felt sluggish and tired. As someone who never worked out in life and extremely disliking physical activities, I had no way of losing weight other than controlled diet. So I went back to my old eating habit, eating one meal a day. The reason behind eating in the evening is, if you eat in the morning, you will be hungry all day and can’t sleep at night because you are hungry. Some people think this causes health problem but I am perfectly healthy 5’3, 105 lb, 31 yr old who has been doing this for a long time. Once you hit your desired “healthy”, managable weight, you can start to eat small snacks, too. The key is not to expand your stomach to the extent of feeling hungry.

  10. Been awhile since I checked in here. Unbelievable that there are 2,543 comments on this thread!!

  11. Hi Rusty – It’s Linda here from the first post on this thread. Haven’t stopped by in quite awhile. So unbelievable that this thread has 2543 (now 2544) posts! Wow!

  12. Does the one meal you eat necessarily have to be in the evening ? Could it be eaten in the afternoon ?

  13. I lose a pound a day doing this =) i just started going to the gym so i should start losing even more! I love this

  14. If you are over weight and eat once a day. Your body is living off the fat. So you are totally fine. I did this all growing up due to medical reason. Now that I have had 3 kids it has hit me to starting eating once a day. I’ve been doing it for a week and have lost 5 lbs. But you also have to think. This isn’t for everyone. If you have medical conditions or are on medication that says take with food. Please ask your doctor first.

  15. Just wondering about my comment? I didn’t write anything objectionable. Well, love one meal a day.

  16. Have stared and stopped a few times in the past, no willpower! This time I am sticking to it. Went from 158.1 to 153.5 since the 1st, and man, am I eating at supper time! I did this in high school and never had a weight problem until I hit 40. Actually, I feel like 40 hit me, and hard! I am now 47 and will hit 50 looking and feeling great!
    I saw that Dr. Mark Mattson, PhD, a researcher at the National Institute on Aging, and professor in the department of neuroscience at John Hopkins Medical school, eats this way. He also runs 6 to 9 miles a day with a high school cross country team he coaches! If someone as intelligent as he is, who studies aging and it’s effects on the human brain feels this is the healthiest way to eat, that’s good enough for me!

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