“Learn Fitness Tips from YODA, You Will”

This has to be the most jacked-up title for any post on this site so far!

You probably think I’m joking but Yoda has kind of been a mentor for me. I’m not a complete Star Wars Dork…well I don’t own any Star Wars action figures (used to when I was 7 years old)…I’m not a Star Wars Dork, just more of a well-rounded dork.

There is a scene in Empire Strikes Back that probably had a bigger impact on my life than any scene in any movie ever. I’m not kidding!

I’d like to share that scene with you and then let’s discuss it a bit.

(Listen to the words of wisdom…this scene still gives me chills!)

“Do Or Do Not…There Is No Try!”

These are actually words to live by when it comes to ANY goal. In one sentence Yoda basically gives away the secret to achieving anything great in life. You will not lose 50 pounds if you are just “trying” to lose 50 pounds.

You have to go in with the attitude that you are in the process of reaching that goal and it is basically a done deal.

Losers Are People Who “Try” to Do Something…Winners “Do” Whatever It Takes

A loser will say that I will “try” and eat healthier…a winner just eats healthier.

A loser will “try” to hit the gym 3-4 days a week…a winner just hits the gym 3-4 days a week. To get fit, you just have to think like a winner and “Do” what it takes. It really is that simple.

Is it Harsh to Call People Winners and Losers

I don’t think it is, because a loser is just a decision a way from becoming a winner.

All it takes is a strong decision and follow-through to become a winner in anything in life. Will you mess up at times? Yes! Will you slide into old habits yes.

The key to making forward progress in life is just acting like a winner and making winning decisions the majority of the time. Act like a winner if even it feels tough….Act like a winner even when you aren’t making progress…Act like a winner even at those times when you are feeling a bit like a loser.

You will reach your goal eventually! It is a done deal…there is no try!

People With Strong Intentions Can Shape the World Around Them

Having a strong intension is like using the force (okay, I am a geek…LOL). All kidding aside…the world around people with strong intentions “bends” a bit to help them achieve their goals.

There is something almost magical about believing 100% that something is possible and is going to happen for you. It almost becomes easy after a while…obstacles move out of your way when your belief is strong enough.

(Why Luke Failed to Achieve His Goal in Empire Strikes Back)

Luke Skywalker: I Don’t…I Don’t Believe it!

Yoda: That…is Why You Failed.

Note: Following Yoda’s Philosophy, Chewbacca Went on To Reach His Goal of Playing Professional Baseball. That Wookie Could Throw Some Serious Heat!



12 thoughts on ““Learn Fitness Tips from YODA, You Will””

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  2. hello guys,
    i think this is the best post where i can share the ‘force’ experience.

    i was doing the heavy session w/ a bench press.
    on my fourth set & last rep (the part where you are 3/4 up returning the barbel to the rack,i felt i hit the wall,sort of a failure).
    At that split second: there could only be two things that can happen:
    (bring down the load & struggle to get it off my chest).
    amazingly i choose not to entertain that thought.
    adding from that: the remaining 1/4 movement was zero-gravity.
    almost magic!

    better than all the pump i experience made.
    (lesson learned:have a spotter,miracles dont happen always:lol)

  3. Haha.. I thought this blog has brought the ‘light’ version of a person

    It just filled with truth, motivation, and humors.. that’s why the method/technique is more approachable..

    All I can do today is to call you as an inspiring personality for blogger
    remember I just do it.. there is no try. LOL!

  4. Damn great inspiration!!! THX!!!
    I Have great respect!!! for GEEKS with life philosophies xD
    There is no try! Thx again m8 xD

  5. LOL! I won’t comment on your lightsaber color. The PC police might drag me away! Me, I think a dark purple would be kind of cool, although that might be considered a dark side of the force color.

  6. Jonneh,

    Yeah…good thing you don’t have to pass a screening process to have a blog…I would be eliminated for sure!


    I was always curious about what my color my light saber would be if I was a Jedi Knight. I’d be pissed if it was pink or rainbow colored! That just wouldn’t be tough at all! I’m thinking a dark navy blue would be cool.


  7. If I could use the force, I bet that would really help how much I could bench press or deadlift.

    And Rusty, I bet you wish you did still have those action figures. You could probably retire!

    Always entertaining!


  8. Rusty, rusty, rusty…

    Just what are we going to do with you?
    (You know, besides worship you in cyber-land, of course :P)

  9. Tyler, C, and beza1e1 (Andreas I think)…

    Thanks guys for the good comments guys. I enjoy entertaining while talking about “deep” subjects. This principle is a great one…

    Yoda is the man? (what is yoda exactly?)


  10. i like your blog so much:)
    it has other issues than just dieting and excercising…
    you like writing about deeper things and that’s great!

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