Intermittent Fasting VS Intermittent Feeding – by Brad Pilon

Brad Pilon just put out a solid post about why many people are Intermittent Feeding, not Intermittent Fasting. He explains why some people who have failed with Intermittent Fasting weren’t actually doing the diet in the best way.

intermittent fasting vs intermittent feeding

A few highlights of his article:

Intermittent – Occurring occasionally or at regular or irregular intervals… so really “Occasionally” Fasting – Taking a break from eating (zero calorie intake) for a predetermined period of time without a necessary interval from one fast to the next.

Intermittent Feeding = Taking the occasional break from fasting to eat during a predetermined window.

Diets that are Intermittent Feeding can be fantastic, helpful, effective, but they can also be in some ways completely different than Eat Stop Eat.

LeanGains, The Renegade Diet and even some of the more extreme protocols along these lines (like fasting for 20 hours eating for 4 every day) – all can incredibly effective fat loss programs, but in my eyes (and I know you guys are going to hate this) NOT intermittent Fasting.

Starting today add “Intermittent Feeding” to your definitions of what it means to take a break from eating and realize that “Intermittent Fasting” really is a different experience than “Intermittent Feeding”.