How Healthy Diet Foods Can Keep You From Burning Body Fat!

You believe you are doing everything right! You are keeping your calories low, you are exercising like crazy, and you eating nothing but healthy foods. So why aren’t you burning body fat?

Beautiful Woman on the Beach
(Beautifully Toned Woman on The Beach…Gotta Love This!)

The Wrong Combinations of Healthy Food Can Block Your Body from Burning Fat!

You see when your insulin levels get too high, your body believes it has ample energy. Your body then begins to store body fat instead of burning fat. If you keep your insulin levels at a stable level your body will burn fat providing that a calorie deficit is present (I should have put the picture of the beautiful woman here…I don’t want to lose you with boring technical jargon…stick with me okay?)

Can Healthy Diet Foods Cause Your Insulin Level to Spike?

Absolutely! Even low calorie diet foods can send your insulin levels through the roof. I used to think that sugar was the main enemy, but anything with white flower is bad (bagels, toast, etc.)…white rice is bad…those fat free rice cakes are the worst!

The Glycemic Index of a a Food Will Tell You How High It Will Spike Your Insulin Level. is the best site by far to find out the various glycemic indexes of foods. You will learn a ton here! If you eat a lot of foods with low glycemic indexes, you will burn fat at a faster rate…but what if you like high glycemic index food?

A Strategy That Allows You to Eat High G.I. Foods While Burning Body Fat!

Fat can actually slow the absorption of carbohydrates into your bloodstream…so can protein. What this means is that if you eat a little bit of fat with a high G.I. food or a little bit of protein with a high G.I. food, you won’t get that large spike of insulin. Want to eat a Bagel? Spread a little butter on it. Want to eat a rice cake? Spread a bit of peanut butter onto it.

Never Eat Carbohydrates Alone When Dieting.

So my “insider tip” here would be to include a bit of protein or a bit of fat every time you eat carbohydrates. I guarantee you that you will reach your fat burning goals much quicker if you make a habit of eating in this manner.

10 thoughts on “How Healthy Diet Foods Can Keep You From Burning Body Fat!”

  1. Hey Rusty,

    Great post! As per usual, I linked to it on my blog while trying to explain to my readers about the Glycemic Index.


    Also, I’m giving the Paleo diet a try just to see what it’s like. I’ve found that it’s actually kind of hard to get foods with a high GI level. While on Paleo, will I be in any danger of losing significant muscle mass?

    If so, do you have any suggestions on how to keep that muscle on?

    Thanks bud,


  2. Dear Rusty,

    This may be an old post for you but when i read the title i figured it would help. You focused on GI, and didnt include low fat foods in general. I have been on a low fat and no carb diet for a while, (no carbs because my body doesnt tolerate them well).. also i eat whatever i want in large portions every two weeks, which is where the trouble begins.

    My problem is that although i pursue a very healthy diet, I have gained 12 pounds and have trouble losing them because i already pursue low fat.. how low can i go? Get my point? I started working out and that only made my weight increase, low cardio amount (bad knees), and light free weights gradually with a trainer..

    while i do look much better in terms of tone, i do want to lose my 12 pounds since i dont fit in any of my clothes…

    P.S. started warrior diet yesterday but didnt weigh myself today, i am an obsessive at weighing myself.. thought id give it a few more days.. but im skeptical because its close to what my lifestyle is anyways

    I should mention that I am 24, and 5’1 to add context..

    can u help me lose weight? any ideas?

    Big fan from Kuwait

  3. Kprice,

    It sounds like he is just a bit carb depleted…which isn’t a bad place to be if he wants to lose weight rapidly. If he wants the muscles to contract harder and feel firm tell him to add back a bit of carbs. More than anything this is just temporary since he is in a calorie deficit. Once he goes back to maintenance calories his muscles will be a bit fuller and contract harder, etc.

    Hope that helps!


  4. Hey Rusty,
    I haven’t been here in a while. I have completely fallen off the wagon, but my husband is getting great results with the one meal and working out. But he is feeling like he is losing muscle and thinks that his muscle is not has hard as it used to be when he contracts it like before. Will, you lose muscle on the one meal a day? What does he have to do in order to not lose muscle (if this is what is happening)?

  5. DJ,

    I don’t believe in bulking at all. Keep the calories moderate, but try to increase strength. Typically if you just go for strength gains on a lower calorie diet, you will begin to display great muscle tone.

    Ever watched gymnastics during the Olympics? These are guys who are just going for functional strength without trying to put on size.

    There is a certain amount of muscle gain that is unavoidable when you gain strength, but it is a natural amount of muscle…not excessive at all.

    There is no reason to bulk. Some people bulk 9 months out of the year and then try to cut up…I recommend looking good all the time…why look decent only 2-3 months out of the year?


  6. Hello, I am new to this site,which seems informative and will be a regular i’m sure, well my question is I am a 6’1 guy @ 180lbs low body fat no tone{from dieting] is it possilble to tone and define,get aliittle bigger,while ending the days with a calorie deficit……they[ the muscle heads] say i must gain fat first then cut…keep in mind i DO want to get alittle bigger! I eat clean and start the day with a whey protien drink.I been working out for 6 months showing alittle progress..again ” they ”tell me i am waisting my time unless i bulk…….??? very confused.bottom line I am looking to burn and build,….a little….you know the look…

  7. hey all would eating one meal a day help me to get some fat off so i could restart my old hobby of boxing? im 12stone 10 and need to be 11stone 5 or lower, doe anyone have a eating plan that i could look at to get a idea of what i could or should be doing? please help

    thanks for reading

  8. Jennifer,

    The world needs more “bikini babes”! If I can make the world a better place, by increasing the amount of bikini babes…then I will feel complete!

    To be honest…Sushi probably isn’t too bad as long as it is true Sushi with raw fish (like you said…the protein will even out the high G.I. of the rice). If you only eat California Rolls, then you will be in trouble.


  9. I will give this a try. I don’t eat those rice cakes, but I do love sushi, and although the fish part is great, there is a lot of rice in maki rolls and that probably isn’t so great (but maybe the protein in the fish will help balance out the rice)!!

    My body isn’t too far off from the bikini babe….and hopefully with some of Rusty’s pointers I can get there soon!

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