How Fuji Apples Can Help You Slim Down Your Fat Butt!

Can Fuji Apples Really Burn Fat off of Your Back Side?

Well not exactly…but they can help you stick to your diet, which in turn will help you fit your “lady humps” (or is it “lady lumps”?) into funky jeans again. I think Fuji Apples can be a dieter’s best friend. I’ll go into what I mean in a second but first, let’s look at a great picture of Fuji Apples.

Fuji Apples
(“pick me”…”no! pick me, I’m juicier”…”no pick me, I have the best shape!”)

I used to dislike eating fruit…for some reason I never crave fruit. That was until I discovered the beauty of Fuji Apples! You see Fuji Apples have pectin. Pectin is my number one recommended natural food at killing hunger. I give this my absolute highest recommendation.

Pectin Will Make You Feel Full and Has No Calories!

Pectin is a source of fiber found in apples and other fruits. The thing about pectin is that it makes you feel full quickly. I like to eat an apple and drink a glass of water to feel like I just ate a meal. The great thing about an apple is that it only has 50 calories.

Why Fuji Apples? Don’t All Apples Have Pectin?

Now I keep emphasizing Fuji Apples specifically…actually all apples have pectin. Fuji Apples are the “Rolls Royce” of apples…they are always crisp and good. Any apples will work…but I want the best!

When is the Best Time to Eat an Apple When Dieting?

My sister (who is extremely fit and healthy) was the one who taught me about this strategy. Eat an apple and one to two glasses of water before you go grocery shopping, before you go to a restaurant and especially before any holiday meals. You will eat WAY less! Seriously…it becomes easy to diet with this technique.

The Pectin in Apples Also Has Great Health Benefits!

Not only will pectin “sex you up” (total misuse of this lame phrase…sorry…LOL!), by making you slim…it also “does a body good” (it must be late)! Pectin can help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and it may even help prevent colon cancer.

Even Though the Terrible References in This Article Make Me Sound Like A Complete “Tool” …Please Go Out And Buy Some Fuji Apples!

24 thoughts on “How Fuji Apples Can Help You Slim Down Your Fat Butt!”

  1. So you are recommending Fuji Apples only because you think they taste better? Or do they contain a higher amount of Pectin than other apples? I do find Fuji apples to be one of the tastiest though!

    Also, I would like to know if eating these apples (or any apple) is okay right before you do your cardio. Would it have any significant impact on the effectiveness of your cardio-workout?

  2. Sai,

    It really doesn’t matter what type of apple. I just think Fuji Apples taste better. Go for whatever apple tastes good to you!


  3. My family have a long held belief that green apples are healthier than others because it helps to burn fat more.( I dont even know that apples burned fat). Since I began to read your articles I seriously began to doubt this belief (which is a good thing).

    Is there an even a shred of proof to this claim?

  4. Dennis,

    Great questions…Your instructors would hate me for sure. I would drive them nuts questioning everything. I do have some opposing stances on quite a few topics, but I think there is certainly more than one path to reach the same goals. I’m sure you are learning some great information that will give you a good base to develop your own methodology.

    I don’t believe the carbs in an apple will negate the effects of a low carb diet. The fiber slows the digestion of the carbs, there isn’t a blood sugar spike or jump in insulin levels after eating an apple. It is a low amount of steady calories and really isn’t enough to worry about.

    Yes…sorry I didn’t make this clear…I mean hitting the weights harder the day after a high carb day. I like resistance training and Cardio 4-5 times per week. If someone was peaking for a vacation or something like that, then a short period of 6-7 days a week for 3-4 weeks works really well.

    Love the questions!


  5. Hey Rusty-

    I just stumbled upon your site today through cavemanpower. I am a Fitness Specialist student at Indiana University, so of course, most of the things I’ve read on this site are completely opposite of what I’m taught. However, I can’t help but be open-minded. My instructors would hate me if they knew!

    Anyways, with apples, while they include pectin, I believe half of a medium sized apple contains about 10g of carbs after taking into account any dietary fiber. While this isn’t a whole lot, I was wondering if the entire apple’s carb content wouldn’t be large enough to negate the affects of going low carb for a couple of days before carb-loading prior to the resistance training day – or going low carb for a couple weeks. I found both methods around here.

    Also, this question is out of place on this particular post, but you wrote about low carbing a few days, then high carbing a day with resistance training following. Just to clarify, you mean high carb the night before the day of resistance training, correct? Also, with this 3-1 ratio, aside from the monstrous cardio workout on the third day of low-carbing, is resistance training and HIIT recommended the other days as well?

    Regardless of the diet plan, I support some sort of training most days of the week for at least 30 minutes. Would that fall into this perfect diet?

    I apologize for any redundacy in my questions.

  6. After reading this article I went out and stocked up on Fuji apples. When I got hungry I had one and it filled me up surprisingly well! Thanks for another great tip Rusty.

  7. Donna,

    I wouldn’t say this way of eating is for everybody. I don’t believe in the “one size fits all” theory of exercise and nutrition. Obviously, you would need to take a different approach.


  8. I would bet that you could still lose weight and cheat maybe once a week. It really depends upon how hard you exercise. My recommendation would be to be as strict as possible until you reach your ideal weight, then loosen up a bit when you are just trying to maintain.


  9. Hey rusty its jerry with this 1 to 2 meal approach how many days would cheat a week and still maintain tolose weight? how can you do this and balance out still losing weight

  10. Thats crazy to think you can go out and have meals like that of pizza and wings and still lose weight.!! I hope this works…… this might be a fitness miracle or a diet one!

  11. Hey thanks rusty for your imput. I was wondering if it matter because im in college i love to get my cardio done first thing in the mouring and then have the rest of do to do my dail stuff is that a problem

  12. Jerry,

    There are so many approaches that work…I know it gets confusing. I like the one meal per day deal along with maybe 1-2 small protein shakes and an apple.

    What this allows me to do is actually pig out a bit when I’m out later at night with my friends. I gotta be honest, there are days when I eat a full lunch…but most of the time I strive for a super low calorie snack.

    With the approach I take, I can stay more ripped than the 6-meal per day advocates…while still eating foods that I like Nachos, Tacos, Pizza, Beer, etc. I don’t go overboard…most of the time I eat healthy…but I can go to a Happy Hour with friends and I’m not actually breaking my diet…Very Cool!

    Also, since I’m not weighted down with a bunch of food during the day, I am full of energy! I’ve never felt or looked better!

    The trainer you spoke with has a good approach, but you end up eating all the time. I just don’t think you will get your leanest with this approach…I know I couldn’t. You can still get pretty lean with his approach, but it can be a bit more of a struggle. Also…no beer or nachos or anything like that on that diet!

    As far as your diet goes. Don’t start off you day with oatmeal, unless you workout in the morning and eat the oatmeal right after your workout. It is true that oatmeal will give you energy, but you want to give your body no choice but to burn fat for energy…try to avoid carbs in the morning. You would be better off with a cup of low-fat and low-cal yogart.

    Then I would skip the second meal and eat the apple along with that small grilled chicken salad. Then don’t eat anything else until after your workout…ideally 3-4 hours later.

    After your workout…why not have chicken and brown rice or chicken and pasta? You can get away with carbs now, because you are refueling your depleted muscles after your workout.

    Hopefully that makes sense…I have a bunch of diet articles with great comments by the readers here that will help out a ton!

  13. rusty i was talking to the nutritionist last night at the gym. He was talking about how fruit has to much sugar in each to eat and that you need to eat 5 or 6 meals a day with protein in each one. That if you only eat your body will hold on to fat and you will gain weight back fater.I was questioning his info even though he was cut. I was like how can you eat that much protein. I then talked to my friend and he gave me your site. I like all your methods and it seems people like. Ive just started doing high intensity cardio and it seems to be paying off better then low low intensity. I was wondering what i should do as in eating like 1st meal oatmeal w/ fruit and 2nd is apple 3rd grilled chicken salad 4th apple 5th grilled chicken salad. I am just so confused about where i should go?

  14. Angie,

    “You are fired”…LOL! Okay not really, but you are killin’ me! I guess everybody is different, but I know this plan works for a lot of people.

    So people if you are NOT abnormal like Angie…please give this a try!

    If you are an abnormal woman who gets hungrier when you eat apples….visit her site (heck…go to her site anyway, it’s a good one):

    Women’s Diet and Fitness



  15. The pectin in in the flesh of the apple, but there are a bunch of good antioxidants in the skin. You may want to eat the skin as well to get the benefits of the antioxidants.

  16. Apples are good, but one quick question – hopefully you can answer. I like apples, but I tend to enjoy them much more when they are shaved, as in, little to no apple skin being consumed. is Pectin in the apple itself, or in the apple skin?

    I can eat whole apples with their skins, but…I prefer to shave them before I eat them, you know? But I don’t want to lose out on the pectin.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  17. Hmmm…apples always make me feel hungrier? Am I abnormal?? LOL! Usually if I have an apple, I am 2x as hungry about an hour later!

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