How Fuji Apples Can Help You Slim Down Your Fat Butt!

Can Fuji Apples Really Burn Fat off of Your Back Side?

Well not exactly…but they can help you stick to your diet, which in turn will help you fit your “lady humps” (or is it “lady lumps”?) into funky jeans again. I think Fuji Apples can be a dieter’s best friend. I’ll go into what I mean in a second but first, let’s look at a great picture of Fuji Apples.

Fuji Apples
(“pick me”…”no! pick me, I’m juicier”…”no pick me, I have the best shape!”)

I used to dislike eating fruit…for some reason I never crave fruit. That was until I discovered the beauty of Fuji Apples! You see Fuji Apples have pectin. Pectin is my number one recommended natural food at killing hunger. I give this my absolute highest recommendation.

Pectin Will Make You Feel Full and Has No Calories!

Pectin is a source of fiber found in apples and other fruits. The thing about pectin is that it makes you feel full quickly. I like to eat an apple and drink a glass of water to feel like I just ate a meal. The great thing about an apple is that it only has 50 calories.

Why Fuji Apples? Don’t All Apples Have Pectin?

Now I keep emphasizing Fuji Apples specifically…actually all apples have pectin. Fuji Apples are the “Rolls Royce” of apples…they are always crisp and good. Any apples will work…but I want the best!

When is the Best Time to Eat an Apple When Dieting?

My sister (who is extremely fit and healthy) was the one who taught me about this strategy. Eat an apple and one to two glasses of water before you go grocery shopping, before you go to a restaurant and especially before any holiday meals. You will eat WAY less! Seriously…it becomes easy to diet with this technique.

The Pectin in Apples Also Has Great Health Benefits!

Not only will pectin “sex you up” (total misuse of this lame phrase…sorry…LOL!), by making you slim…it also “does a body good” (it must be late)! Pectin can help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and it may even help prevent colon cancer.

Even Though the Terrible References in This Article Make Me Sound Like A Complete “Tool” …Please Go Out And Buy Some Fuji Apples!

24 thoughts on “How Fuji Apples Can Help You Slim Down Your Fat Butt!”

  1. My daughter living in South Carolina and has been on a juice diet and this calls for Fuji apples. Since than I bought some too and love them the best apple you can enjoy anytime of the day. They have certainly lost weight and are contuning to do so.

  2. Just try to make yourself remember that the feeling is not hunger, just your metabolism working.

  3. I had no idea that Fuji Apples can help my diet and fitness, thanks for sharing this interesting and useful information. I’m definitely going to look for more info about these Fuji Apples (since I really don’t know much about these apples).

  4. Remon van der Pol,

    I just prefer Fuji apples just for the taste and crispness. You can get away with eating an apple before working out. It is only 60 calories and you will burn through them no problem.


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