Home Gym Equipment – (WWMD) What Would MacGyver Do?

Using $5 furniture gliders as effective home gym equipment? A piece of paper, a crazy Canadian, and a metalworker to make the ultimate pull up device?

A duffel bag, duct tape, and farm feed bag for an indestructible sand bag? This is how MacGyver would setup a home gym for sure! All of these fitness guys deserve a place in the WWMD Hall of Fame!

[This MacGyver collage would look awesome airbrushed on the side of a van. You know you’d dig it.]

One-Half MacGyver and One-Half Bad Ass!

Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock are to blame for this post. I was skimming Youtube yesterday and saw a couple videos where they turned into MacGyver and created their own fitness equipment.

In one video they make a suspension trainer for under $10 at a dollar store…out of dog leashes and zip ties. Then later on, someone emailed me about Ross’s furniture glider video. I figured I would do some digging on the net to find others with this special talent.

All joking aside…there are some fantastic ideas here.

Ross Enamait – The Furniture Slider Exercise Tutorial

This is one of the coolest workout videos, I’ve seen in a long time. Ross is built like an Olympic gymnast and is just as strong (or stronger). No wonder this guy has such deep abs!

Some of these movements don’t even look like they should be possible. This is all done with a $5 furniture slider (used to slide heavy furniture over carpet). This is a sweet piece of home gym equipment…which would also be great for working out while traveling.


[Here’s a link to Ross’s site: Ross Training.]

Adam Steer – Gives You His “Pull Up Rig” Blueprint

Adam didn’t like most of the home gym pull up bar options, so he had his own created. He hired a metalworker to build a pull up bar to his exact specifications!

What I love about this is that he had a ring put on the side of the bar…so he can hook a bunch of equipment to it…Olympic rings, TRX, resistance bands, etc. Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock run the best body weight blog online called Body Weight Coach. I’ve become friends with both of these guys over the past couple of years…and love their blog, videos, courses, etc.


[Here’s a link to the post with the blueprint: Body Weight Coach.]

Stevo Reed – Homemade – “TRX Style” Suspension Trainer

Here’s a video showcasing how to make a homemade device that is pretty darn close to TRX suspension trainer. TRX is a great company that makes incredible suspension trainers…but they will run you in the $200 range. This is an alternative for people who don’t want to spend that much, but still have a great piece of equipment.


[Stevo Reed’s website: All About Performance Training.]

John Sokolowski – The Indestructible Sandbag.

This was the best make your own sandbag tutorial I found online. I also noticed a strange sandbag trend. Many of the sandbag training videos were set to a really cheesy brand of rock…like they wanted to show how hardcore the training is with “intense” music.

If I hear “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” one more time I am going to be forced to call it a day. Yes, I am a little bit of a music snob…but I have to call it out when things are this corny.

Got to get that terrible song out of my head now!

[John also has a great blog with hundreds of posts: Athlete 365]

Matt Wichlinski – PVC Pipe Dip Station

I hadn’t heard of Matt before, but I found out that he is big in the “functionally fit” community. He has quite a few great do-it-yourself equipment videos.

I liked this video the best because he showcases his dip station made of PVC pipe. He also shows how to make a homemade power wheel, bulgarian training bag, and a mace?

Yes…I only thought maces were used for war until I watched this video.


[Here is a Link to Matt’s site: The Strength Shop.]

RJ Nelson – A Homemade Power Rack Made of Wood

Simply a nice looking power rack made of wood. I like using power racks for doing incline barbell bench presses. With an adjustable bench press you can set the incline at any angle and then adjust the pins to hold the bar.

I also love power racks for doing partial presses, to increase pressing power. Finally…they can also be rigged with a chin up bar for chin ups, hanging leg raises, etc.


[I don’t think RJ has his own website, but great video!]

Tim Bell – Homemade Weight Vest In Seconds

Tim uses a book bag in combination with some other equipment to make a homemade weight vest. This is great for people who want to make body weight exercises more challenging. MacGyver would be proud for sure!

[Here is Tim’s website: Jungle Fit]

Pete Mazzeo – Homemade High Impact Medicine Ball

I ran across tons of homemade medicine ball tutorials and Pete makes the least “ghetto” version by far. The one in this video is designed especially for medicine ball slams.

This is where you take the ball from an over head position and slam it as hard as possible to the floor. This exercise works your abs and all of the surrounding “detail muscles” hard. He demonstrates this towards the end of this video.


[Here’s a link to Pete’s website: Today Fitness.]

Ryan Murdock – Mare’s Milk Hangover Cure (Yuck)!

Yeah…I know I already featured one guy (Adam) from Body Weight Coach, but this video from Ryan is cool. Ryan and his wife were recently in Seattle for a couple of concerts.

Me and my girlfriend met up with him and his wife for some seafood and beer on the waterfront, not too far from my workspace. This guy has traveled all over the place and has tons of entertaining stories. Here is a video, shot when he was in Japan, about a “fermented mare’s milk” hangover cure.

It kind of feels MacGyver’ish…so I figured I’d include it. He also discusses more readily available cures in case you don’t have any fermented mare’s milk handy.

[Ryan’s main site: Body Weight Coach.]

MacGyver’ing Your Way to Getting In Shape!

Bottom line…there are a ton of creative ways to get in shape at home. These are just a handful of countless videos I found online to develop your own fitness equipment, MacGyver style.

Note: Sadly…MacGyver’s final episode aired on May 21, 1992…a day I will never forget (okay so I looked it up on Wikipedia). The important thing is that people like this, prove that his spirit lives on!

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  2. In one video they make a suspension trainer for under $10 at a dollar store…out of dog leashes and zip ties. Then later on, someone emailed me about Ross’s furniture glider video.

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