Finding Great Fitness Blogs…Avoid Information Overload!

The Internet is a wonderful place to learn about “stuff”…the problem is that there is just too much stuff out there at times. Take the topic of fitness for instance. I did a Google search for the term “fitness” and ended up with 363 Million results!

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How Do You Find the Best Info out of Millions of Fitness Blogs?

I visit hundreds of fitness blogs and fitness sites each month. I guess I want to provide the best information that I can, so I need to be on top of it. I also comment on other people’s sites and do a little self promotion…etc. There are quite a few good ones out there, but there are tons of really “half-assed” fitness websites.

Avoid Fitness Blogs That Aren’t Providing Great Content or Pointing You Towards Great Content

Many fitness websites use software that takes generic fitness articles and re-writes them to optimize the article for the search engines. The owner of the fitness blog then puts all sort of advertising mediums in place. People do a Google Search trying to find great info and then wind up on one of these “spammy” websites. The goal of these websites is to actually have people leave the page using an affiliate link! I think websites should help people…not clutter up the internet.

I Am Extremely Disappointed With The Majority of Fitness Sites Out There

I like people with strong opinions…even if they differ from mine. I like sites with strong messages. My main message is that “Too Much Muscle Is Cheesy Looking”. I actually link to a site with the completely opposite message! See “Other Recommended Websites” in the right hand column of this page? The link Training Nutrition Attitude is all about gaining a bunch of muscle. I became friends with the author of this blog, because I knew that he was someone working 2+ hours per day coming up with great original content for his blog. If someone does want to get really big, I know that they are in good hands if they go to his site.

Is it Wrong to Make Money With a Fitness Blog?

I am not going to lie…I make a nice little side income from this blog. I am getting WAY more visitors per day than I expected at this point in time. I don’t think there is anything wrong with making money from a website as long as “you give more than you get”. My goal is to give better free advice here than most $50 e-books. I spend a great deal of time thinking hard about what is going to benefit the readers of this blog.

If You Find A Great Blog, Reward the Author By Commenting

Blog owners get an empty feeling when they write a really helpful post that doesn’t get commented on. I am more excited about comments than I am about money. I guess I want to know that I made a difference. I have been extremely fortunate to have a bunch of readers who do comment on my posts. Thanks a Million! If you guys do find great posts on other blogs, please let the author know that you enjoyed the post…or expand upon the idea. We LOVE that!

What to Do If You Do Find That Great Fitness Blog

Tell EVERYONE you know…Just Kidding (sort of)…LOL! The main thing to do is “subscribe” to their blog. Almost every owner of a quality blog has a way for you to get notified of new posts. I use a service that allows you to get notified in your e-mail inbox every time I make a new post. Just enter your e-mail address in the box in the right hand corner of my site and hit “subscribe”. This is MUCH better than bookmarking a site. You get sent an e-mail with “Fitness Black Book” as the subject and the body of the e-mail is the title and short description of the post I just wrote. That way if the subject looks interesting, you can get there with a click!

A BIG “Thanks” to All The Readers of This Fitness Blog!

I really believe I have the best readers on the Internet :)! I have never seen people add this much quality content in the comment sections of any other blog. As of today, I have only posted 54 times (trying to get one per day as much as possible)…and I have 422 comments! That is absolutely insane!

I Appreciate You!

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29 thoughts on “Finding Great Fitness Blogs…Avoid Information Overload!”

  1. Alex,

    Thanks a bunch buddy. Sounds like I need to make a “Top 10” download-able report of some sort.


  2. Hey Rusty, I’m planning to follow your advices regarding diet and workout. I think i would need an article that should emphasize the most important things to do or not to do during the training day.
    You have a lot of great advices, some of them obviously more important than others, and i can’t decide what advices i should really be strict about and what advices should i take in a more flexible way.
    Thank you for this really great site.

  3. Remon,

    A large percentage of my readers live in Europe. I think it is probably because for the most part, the European countries are pretty hip to new fashions and trends, etc…Places like London, Paris, Milan, Denmark, Stockholm, etc…are all ahead of the game when it comes to many trends. The “excessively” muscular look has been out-of-style for quite a long time, but many people over in the U.S. are slow to adapt.

    I really appreciate the Internet, because it allows me to communicate with people from all over the world. Very cool you are from the Netherlands! When I travel to Europe, I may ask you where some of the hot spots are.

    You will lose that weight for sure!


  4. I was never really into excersizing, but always felt unhappy with my body. I’m not person who has a lot of willpower, but this time i’m absolutely convinced that I will put an end to my extra pounds… for good!

    It’s hard to get me motivated for something but your blog certainly helps doing just that! Your articles are a great read, so thanks a bunch!

  5. CaRTz,

    That is great! Jumping rope is tough at first, but once you get the timing down you can do some impressive things. The great thing about jumping rope is it really helps the body become functional for other sports.

    A 3% drop in body fat percentage is really good.

    Keep up the great work!


  6. Hey Rusty,

    You’re the first person who really made me serious about working out. I’ve only been doing the jump rope routine you wrote about but it’s a start right? I started with 19% bodyfat and I’m now on 16% so I am making progress.

    Thanks a bunch!

    Manila, Philippines

  7. Mark,

    Thanks a bunch buddy! My blog angers a lot of bodybuilders, but that isn’t who I’m writing for. There is a ton advice on the internet about getting bigger…I’m just trying to help people look “better”…big difference.

    Isn’t it cool to know that you don’t have to eat like crazy all the time. Eating less overall calories and eating less often will help you lose weight? The six meal per day plans CAN work, but you have to make sure that the meals are tiny…and that is hard to do!


  8. Hi! I never comment on websites, but since you said it makes a difference to you… I randomly found this website and devoured it. You are right on. I never really had a weight problem UNTIL I started all the conventional advice— eating constantly, never letting my blood sugar drop, frying my muscles to the point I was non stop ravenous. I gained 50 pounds seemingly out of nowhere, and it was all fat. I became a true fat ass!!! And when people would see me at the gym and notice my weight gain, their advice was: you must have become lazy and you’re not working out enough! Get to work, add more weight to that pull down machine, do more sets! Are you eating enough through the day, blah blah. I’m finally beginning to look like a normal person again. How am I doing it? I’m not working out that much and I’m not eating that much. If someone had advised me to do that I’d have thought them an unsophisticated boob. Your website’s a real service. I think most people who look great are probably having too much fun to actually keep up work like this. Thanks so much.

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