Finally…A Non-Bodybuilding Approach to Getting in Great Shape!

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356 thoughts on “Finally…A Non-Bodybuilding Approach to Getting in Great Shape!”

  1. Rusty, I need your help! I can’t stop binging. Three times this week I’ve had an entire package of cookie dough!! I can see right now youre imagining me as quite overweight and out of control; the crazy thing is i’m anything but! I have a flat stomach, abs, and an hourglass figure and my friends (who dont know about my binging – obviously) keep hankering at me to get a personal trainer’s license. And I’m obsessed with health, nutrition, and fitness: I’m not an idiot, I know this is insanely unhealthy, I know how many calories I’m taking in when I do it, and I know how much cardio it will take to burn it off… believe me. Please give me some advice – honestly I just need someone to talk some sense into me and I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I know you’re going to give it to me straight!! There really isn’t anyone for me to talk to about it so I’d love for you to give me some advice. I feel like every time I get close to my “ideal” weight I screw myself over – almost on purpose! Plus I would truthfully love to get my PT license this summer, but I refuse to do it unless I can get over this problem, since I only learn from those who practice what they preach and I’d hate to be a hypocrite.

  2. Thanks Rusty,

    Appreciate all your input. I’ll certainly do as per your reply and wait for skin to tighten before trying to add the muscle.

    Our trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia is just 3 weeks away now some i’m stoked that I got to my goal weight before than as I had wanted!


  3. Hulbs,

    Stay lean for a while then add those 5-10 pounds of muscle after your skin tightens up. This is a great strategy to insure that your skin is wrapped tightly against your muscles and will help you display even more definition. The 5-10 pounds of muscle growth will be easier after being extremely lean. Just add a bit of volume to your workouts and up the calories for a short period of time. Also, do about 1/2 the amount of cardio. This will only take you 3 months and it will be a breeze!

    Congrats on the results!


  4. Hi Rusty,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve now reached my ideal weight and leaness thanks to you champ! It’s amazing how quick these results came. I’m now at 172.5 pounds and b/t 6-7% bf!

    So I’ve lost 25.5 pounds in total since October 07, but more amazingly is the 14.5 pounds I’ve lost in the last 5-6 weeks (ie. since coming across your site!).

    Exactly like you have previously mentioned I do now have a great body but it will take me several months at this weight and bf% to get an ‘amazing’ body. The skin all needs to tighten up etc.

    A quick question. I would like to add a ‘subtle’ amount of muscle to my frame over the next 12 months (ie. following the principles you outlined in the article in which you referred to the US navy seals etc) but I wanted to know if I am better off staying at this size until I ‘tighten up’ and then add the bit of muscle in 6 months or so, OR would I be better off adding the muscle immediately and then concentrate and getting ‘lean again’ once muscle added.

    When I say a subtle amount of muscle i’m only talking about b/t 5-10 pounds.

    Any thoughts?



  5. Karolina,

    There are tons of approaches that work to getting lean. A lot of it has to do with what fits your lifestyle and personality. A big thing I recommend is to eat less often and workout on an empty stomach. Just give your body a chance to burn body fat for fuel instead of food calories for food. As long as there are food calories in your system, your body will burn that instead of body fat.

    Study after study is proving that it is not necessary to eat 6 meals per day. Your metabolism won’t slow down by simply skipping a few meals. It takes a number of days in an extremely fasted state in order for this to happen.

    This is the foundation of what I talk about here. Dig into my blog, type in keywords into the search box at the top…I cover many, many topics that should help.


  6. Rusty,

    There are so many diets and suggestions and tips out there that all contradict each other. How do you decide which one is the best? Is it just a trial-and-error process for you decide what works for you and just sticking with it? I would assume consistency is the most important thing here, but would like to know what your thoughts are.


  7. Andrew,

    Thanks for the compliment! I write the posts, but what you are going to find is that sometimes there is just as much value in the comments. I like to give a solid tip and then get a conversation going.

    The trick to looking and staying defined as you get older is to not do the “bulking up during the winter…and getting cut for summer”. Seriously, do what it takes to keep your body fat low year-round and over time you will notice greater and greater muscle definition as you gain strength. Get stronger without getting bigger…you will love the look it creates!

    I decided to not become a certified personal trainer, because I simply don’t agree with a lot of what is being taught. Look at it this way, if I was a CPT…I simply would be just repeating what I learned. My personality is to question things…I think it is what makes this site worth reading. Wouldn’t it be boring if I just re-worded what I learned during my certification. I don’t expect everyone to agree with every single point I make, but it should get you thinking.

    I know beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt that I can help people get quicker results than the typical personal trainer. I’m not saying that all personal trainers are clueless…there are some absolutely outstanding trainers out there.

    I actually probably train a lot less than many gym members. I just know how to eat in a way and do cardio in a way that gives your body no option but to get lean. This should be exciting news for you. I can mentor you to get extremely defined. I’m here to help you tweak your workout until you get to your ideal shape and size.

    Great Question!


  8. Hi Rusty,

    Just to let you know, I love your website. It is just what a lot of people out there are looking for. Myself I am nearing the end of my senior year here at UNL and finally have moved out of those wonderful years where I could eat anything I wanted and still be skinny as a rail. Your website is definitely a good motivator to get in shape and enjoy doing it. Now I’ve gotta ask because I’ve always wondered. Obviously you have quite the physique and have worked hard to get where you are, but most people complain that their daily routine gets in the way of working out and after work is done, that they have no energy. I’ve never been able to figure out off of your website, are you a trainer or do you just have a lot more drive to hit the gym than most? Thanks again for your site. It’s great.

  9. Kelly and Amanda,

    Certainly the diet and cardio advice I give here will go a LONG ways towards getting that body type. Sprinting does an amazing job on your butt by the way! I’ll try and focus more in this in the future. I’m a big fan of the Victoria’s Secret Models!


  10. Hey Rusty-

    Can you give some tips for females about how to build a “victoria’s secret model” body? That would be really great and helpful.


  11. Rusty-

    Can you do a posting for women about how to look like a Victoria’s Secret model? I know that is a standard that men find insanely hot, and I would love to know your take on how the average girl can do that. Thanks!


  12. Susie,

    That is my younger sister’s name, so I already think you must be cool. I’m glad the info makes sense. Getting in shape isn’t tough with the right approach. I know what I write about on my website works for the vast majority of people.

    Have a great one!


  13. I just found your website and I am impressed! I’m 43 and have always exercised, but never truly got the results I wanted. I’m going to try your suggestions and see what happens. Your information makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks!

  14. Gators,

    I am part of an exclusive blogging group. All of us believe in building “Authority Sites” on subjects we are passionate about. We stress adding value to the internet and building websites that we can be proud of.

    The blogging software we use happens to get our posts listed high in Google. It is almost an unfair advantage. I’d feel bad except, I really believe in the message I’m trying to deliver and really just want to help people achieve their goals.

    I don’t want to include too much more info on my site. I’ll send you an e-mail, since I have it from your comment.


  15. Hey Rusty…the 21 day workout blitz is on track and going well! Mentally it’s tough to do the cardio but is paying off. Have had a couple comments that i’ve lost weight so hopefully i’m getting ripped without losing muscle as i’m more athletic than big and never needed to lose weight. Anyway…off track, am hoping i can pick your brain about blogging and setting something up for myself. i need to get out of the corporate environment, have read through the Pavlina site and obviously inspired by yours and feel i can add value. Hoping you could email me sometime to discuss ideas etc.! i know you’re busy so anytime would be appreciated! Thanks heaps Rusty…16 days til Melbourne!

  16. Dan,

    Thanks buddy… great link by the way. A lot of the fitness industry has lost track of what actually makes for an attractive look…The majority of the industry focuses on excessive muscle and bad fashion for the most part!

    I’ll go over to that blog to do some reading. I’ll contact you, since I have your e-mail address. Keep reading and contributing, we appreciate it!


  17. Hi Rusty,

    I also stumbled across your site today when looking for celebrity body inspiration!

    You have a great writing style and I love your fitness philosophy too.

    I thought I would contribute by backing up the idea that girls aren’t necessarily into big muscles but a toned body instead. A Dolce and Gabbana male model is driving girls crazy; OK he’s good looking but he’s very toned. His name is Dave Grandy. Take a look at a link I found about him (I’m not associated with the blog):…supermodel-david.html

    Hope you find it good reading!

    Do you have an email address, by the way?

    Best wishes for 2008!

  18. Dear Rusty:

    Thanks for replying, just wanted to say that few 38 year olds have bodies like yours and of course, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!


  19. Lorna,

    Thanks for the wonderful compliments. It is always nice to hear good things about yourself. I had my 38th birthday yesterday, but feel like I look better than I ever have.

    I need to write more often for you guys. I’ve slacked off a bit in December, but feedback like this really lets me know that I need to push a bit harder.

    I am doing women a service by telling guys the typical look that women find attractive (there are exceptions of course). There will hopefully be a lot more attractive men for the single girls to date in the future. I also want to help women get fit without putting on mass. I don’t care what anyone says…Megan Fox has a better body than any female bodybuilder.

    Making the World Sexier one Hot Person At a Time!


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