Finally…A Non-Bodybuilding Approach to Getting in Great Shape!

Important Message: Although this site has received 25+ million visitors, I am starting from scratch and abandoning it. This site is dated and old school looking, terrible to read on mobile, etc.

It’s like a Ford Pinto compared to my new site…which is like a Ferrari.

I’ve moved my About Me page over there as well.

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Thanks for reading all these years!



356 thoughts on “Finally…A Non-Bodybuilding Approach to Getting in Great Shape!”

  1. I also wanted to state that you are absolutely right about women not being attracted to bulky guys. They look unnatural and the site of veins popping out is disgusting. I am a 19 year old girl and do NOT find bulky men attractive. I like lean, moderately muscular men with low body fat, defined abs, and sexy, defined jaw (result of low bodyfat). lol.
    also, thanks so much for your bluntness about having good fitness role models. It was very inspiring to hear that anyone can have a nice body with discipline and hard work. It would be nice if you could comment back. thanks again.

  2. rusty:

    i just wanted to tell you that you are incredibly hot, sexy, intelligent, honest, motivating, and witty. also, you say you do not have the Hollywood look? i most definitely disagree. i see your picture and you are incredibly good looking much like beckham and brad pitt. awesome site. i also read ALL your articles on ezine. I take your advice very seriously. thanks for everything.

  3. Jaan,

    To build muscle mass, you are going to want to focus on a workout that “pumps up” that muscle a bit. I recommend avoiding the pump to get toned, but it is a good way to build muscle.

    So…keep your reps and volume low for the rest of your body and do the traditional higher volume bodybuilding approach for your upper chest…15 total sets of 6-12 reps. Maybe do 3 different exercises. Don’t do any lifts for the rest of your chest as it will get worked to an extent when you work upper chest. Drink that protein shake right after working out and one hour later eat a traditional healthy meal.

    That will do the trick for sure!


    PS: I have a lot of readers from Estonia now. Another place that I should visit!

  4. Hello Rusty!

    First of all I would very much like to thank you for the wonderful site.
    I have been reading it for quite some time now.
    I am a person from the younger generation, who you often claim to be wanting more muscle. I have to admit I find your site absolutely fabulous and the theories posted here seem much more logical than the ones on regular fitness sites. Therefore I am a bit different from all the younger guys, since I have been following your advice for several months with great results!

    I also have a question to ask.:

    I have been doing a weight loss program combo using the different methods you describe on this site. Eat less times per day, fewer reps with higher weights, interval training and so forth.
    Now starting from January I would like to make 2 months of intense cardio to prepare for summer. I am not that concerned about my overall muscle mass, because I am fairly satisfied with that. However, my upper chest is a bit undeveloped and I was wondering if maybe by doing a more intense chest workout once a week during this program and drinking a protein shake right after the workout I could improve that state? Just an idea, my main goal still is to lose some last fat leftovers. I can always make a different program for minor mass gaining later.

    Well this turned out to be long, sorry about that!

    Thanks very much again for the great site, keep up the good work.

    Faithful reader from Estonia, currently residing in Denmark.


  5. Graham,

    Glad to have you on board as a reader! I really encourage comments, so feel free to comment on a post or another reader’s comments, etc.

    There are a TON of guys and girls that don’t want to look bulky. There are a lot of exciting studies and developments which will help all of us achieve our goals that much quicker. My job is to search, discuss and find experts and methods that are rarely discussed in traditional fitness or bodybuilding magazines.

    Good Times!


  6. I just stumbled across your site, and all I can say is thank you! This is the kind of fitness advice I have been looking for.

    This site is such a great thing to see amongst the sea of bodybuilding sites and advice that claim that major bulking is the key to a great physique.

    This is definitely a place I will be coming back to often.

  7. Hey Rusty,

    I’m not a big fan of ads, but I don’t think this site should cost you anything, other than time. Placing a couple of ads really isn’t a bad idea in the near future because it would allow you to compensate or break even with the financial costs involved running this blog 🙂

  8. Remon,

    Yep…I’m sticking with this format for longer, because I think it is easier to focus on the content with less distractions.

    What is happening is this blog was started back in June and the traffic to my site started to jump through the roof in late September. I have advisors telling me to “widen” my site out to sell AD space in one of the side bars to monetize this site. People think I’m nuts for not having banners, etc. on a high-volume site.

    Anyway…it is more important to me that I connect with my readers than it is to make money from my site at this point in time. At some point the traffic will be so high that it will cost me money in bandwidth and to get this site on a high-powered dedicated server, so I’ll have to monetize.

    Probably “too much information”…LOL!


  9. Hey Rusty,

    Hmm… well i’m sure it’s better for the search engines, but if the content is harder to read then that’s not quite what you want either, I guess. You could also consider switching to the “Culline” theme, but keep the colors and banner the same? Not saying that you should keep it forever, but it looks good just the way it is now in my opinion 😉 Also, I like “Advanced Tips Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Know about” better than “Dedicated To The Slim “Hollywood Look”. But, the second tagline does explain the purpose of this site better, it’s just not as catchy as the first one 😉

    Of course, these are just my opinions. Eventually, it’s your site 🙂 But whatever you do, just make sure you keep writing those brilliant articles! Because as long as you do, I wouldn’t care much about the site turning pink or whatever 😛

  10. Remon,

    Yeah…it was peer pressure! I am in a mastermind with a group of top bloggers. They told me to switch my theme to a 3 column theme called “Cutline”…but it is harder to read the content.

    I switched this back, but there are a few glitches I’m fixing. I’ll switch it over to that theme eventually, because there is major SEO benefits…I didn’t like the way it looked either!


  11. Hey Rusty,

    I see that you changed the look of your site. To be honest: You really didn’t needed to in my opinion. The previous layout was a lot more professional looking but hey, in the end it’s about the content and you’ve got plenty of it! 🙂

    btw: where did the search box go? 😉

  12. Rusty,

    I want you to know that I appreciate the support.

    It’s true, it’s hard to get your ideas across because of these guys promoting their supplements and crazy bodybuilding routines that have little use for average people.

    In my opinion, what happens is that average people get paralysis from analysis of all that complicated information presented and procrastinate.

    People need to know that losing fat is very simple, but not easy.

    I hope we can get the message across.

    Also I am looking forward to reading new posts from you. I always enjoy them.

    Best of luck in helping many people!


  13. Trif,

    That is great. I really enjoy meeting fellow “bloggers”. It is a lot of work to put yourself and your opinions out there, especially “if you go against the grain” a bit. Expect to be challenged, but have fun with it.

    You are off to a good start…I wish you great luck in helping many people!


  14. Just dropping a short line to say HI.
    I have been a reader of your blog for some time now and i would like to say that a totally agree with you that fat loss is not as complicated as the “internet gurus” want you to believe and that you can get good results without being on some strict diets or taking bags of suplements etc.

    I am starting a blog that also has the goal to give average people sane advice on exercise and nutrition for fat loss. take a look:

  15. I like the info on your Blog. Specially the Facts and Tips about feeling healthy and by that looking good.

    I am a 29 year old 5’10” male asian with a few extra lbs, tan complexion, and starting to loose hair on top. I wear a (french beard) ghottie all time. I work as IT Manager for a Telecom firm. Its like a sitting job.

    I like myself to have a lean body with muscles toned but not massive. Also a funky look that could go with a formal office routine.

    Advise please.

  16. Grant,

    You know what…I will have to feature that in an upcoming post. I think Edward Norton looked great in that movie. I’ll do a side by side comparison and maybe have a vote of some sort. Can’t go wrong with either physique.

    Thanks for the input…Great Idea!


    PS: That seen where he makes a guy bite the curb still may be one of the sicker things I’ve ever seen in a movie.

  17. I notice Brad Pitt’s physique for Fight Club as the benchmark. Have you compared his Fight Club physique to Edward Norton’s American History X physique? IMO if you compare the two physiques side by side, most men and women would pick the Edward Norton’s physique.

  18. Grant,

    Yeah…I agree with you there. I still believe that weighing 180-200 pounds is a bit big at the 5’10” to 6’0″ range, but certainly not excessive.


  19. I was not referring to the bulking/cutting strategy of the past. I am talking about gaining size with minimal bodyfat. If a skinny person is trying for the Men’s Health or Men’s fitness cover model look, then he will need to gain some size. From what I have read, a Men’s Fitness cover model is 5’10” to 6’0″ and weighs anywhere from 180-200LBS. A person weighing 150 should try to put on as much muscle as possible. A routine of 20min of lifting followed by 40-45 min of cardio will not work.
    A routine of basic compound exercises 3-4 times per. week and 15-20 min of HIIT would be better for the majority of skinny people.

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