Finally…A Non-Bodybuilding Approach to Getting in Great Shape!

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356 thoughts on “Finally…A Non-Bodybuilding Approach to Getting in Great Shape!”

  1. Hey Rusty,
    I like the way you explain stuff bro, its all clearly stated on these blogs, and fairly easy to understand, however there’s one thing I’d like to know about a certain workout split i d like to start (been lifting for two years now at about 12% bodyfat and gained a few pounds of muscle along with dropping fat from 16%-ish) i d like to know how to Prioritize the so called show muscles over others which i wouldn’t like to neglect completely…….I’m sure there are loads here wanting to know the same thing with regards to their lagging bodyparts too 🙂 . . . . . . .. my back and legs (dropped leg work now in favour for sprints and calf raises) grow like weeds but pecs arms and shoulders always lag behind, while it seems fitness models and yourself have found a way to make them seem more prominent ……………..KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP !!!!
    Adam, from Malta !

  2. Rusty,

    Been doing Visual Impact for a few weeks with great results. If, for whatever reason, I miss/skip a workout day in Phase I…should/could I perform two of the workouts in a single day to catch up? Thanks.

  3. Great site! I’m in the process of my own body transformation and I’m learning so much from your website!

  4. Hi Rusty, I noticed we follow each on Twitter now so I thought I’d checkout your website. It’s very good and bookmarked. Keep up the great work! Paul

  5. Hey Rusty, I actually had a quick question I was hoping you could answer. I bought your Visual Impact Course and I was curious. I’m really wanting to start Phase III of the program, but I wanted to make sure. Will this plan actually decrease my muscle mass? That’s what i’m going for, I feel some areas of mine, i.e. biceps, pecs, and lats are a bit larger than i’d like, so i’m hoping to trip those areas down and then harden everything thing up. I only ask because i’ve been lead to believe that myofibrillar hypertrophy can increase muscle mass. If you could elaborate for me, i’d deeply appreciate it. Thanks.

  6. Hey Rusty,

    Great site. I believe in modelling someone who is a similar height or has similar measurements such as weight range etc. I my case Marky Mark is fairly close as his physique is in a similar height and weight range as myself. I am not saying I am his twin, in terms of proportion, that is a good guide. There are still plenty of guys who swear by the old style BBer look, a lot seem to train in their own set gyms. MMA types physiques are often very hardcore bodybuilderish as well. I do think Fitness Modelling is becoming more popular and could get a big following as well which is very positive as they have very attainable and aesethic physiques.

  7. Hey Rusty,

    Just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed this site. I used to train in the traditional bodybuilding way but, switched over to more cardio and dropped the useless muscle and pounds.

    Now I look and feel 100x better. Being lean and fit is where its at!

    Once again great site

  8. Great site. I get where you’re coming from and understand your intentions. I have to disagree with your comment of “too much muscle is NOT attractive” though.It’s a bit of a generalisation, and it all depends on individual tastes, but I think I get the point you were trying to make. I’ve just started a blog myself which will follow my progress on losing weight. I will definitely be coming back to your site and having a read through all your posts. Good Work

  9. Hi Rusty! I’m considering your VI program after following another and getting great results, but now I want to build while staying lean (the program I followed was mostly to get lean). I’m 47, 6′ tall and recently leaned down to @ 11-12% body fat. I am mostly in the ectomorph category. Does your program account for this? I find that I can put on some muscle, but it seems to take forever and I never seem to really grow from a muscular perspective. I just seem to stay about the same (which most feel looks fine, but not to me). I know there are programs out there written specifically for the various body types. What are your thoughts on how your program can help me (or not) vs any of those so called body type programs? Thanks a bunch for your reply. Regards, Pat A.

  10. Hi Rusty I have a question, I am not sure when I should stop Phase One of VI since this is the building size phase and i have improved but am not where I want to be size wise, despite having finished the 8 weeks. I dont seem to make considerable strength gains from week to week and im kinda unsure whether to move on or not?

  11. I have a question that i am a bit unclear on. How many days a week should i be working out in phase 1,2 and 3 of the visual impact building?

  12. Hi Rusty,first of all congrats to your great blog.
    It influenced me a lot in recent years and put many interesting topics on the table which you dont find normally on other fitness blogs.
    I started my own Blog recently where i wanted to share my expirience as a prof. fighter in the last couple of years and wanted to ask you if you have maybe a couple of minutes sometimes for a quick faq?
    Would appreciate it

    Kindest Regards


  13. I’d really like to achieve abs like Brad Pitt has in Troy, or Chris Hemsworth has in Thor. These as opposed to bulky abs that stick out, I bought your visual impact course but i can’t seem to find any information on the topic. I would really appreciate your help. Thank You

  14. i am a woman with musclar legs and alot of cottage cheese. over my 43 years, i have repeatedly lost muscle mass through periods of severe calorie restriction and now have a problem with a saggy rear end and loads of dimples. This is despite that i am a long distance runner for over a year now and have practiced power yoga for several years. it keeps me from the beach and i love the beach more than most things in life. i know i will bulk up my thighs with biking, stairclimbing, and weights. the muscular legs are genetic, but i hate the look of large knees and do not want to increase the size of my legs, just lose the dimples and sag. i am so happy someone understands women get large muscles! i was also vegan for 15 years, but eat fish, eggs and lowfat dairy now. my diet is very good, 90% whole foods. so i have the diet and exercise part but i do not know what do to about my lower half. i have your ebook for women and have incorporated HIIT training. i also run 3 days a week about 4-5 miles and increase it at times for a race. despite that, nothing has changed, and improving the lower half is my main goal. any suggestions?

  15. Hi! I am really interested in buying your “Visual Impact for Women” ebook – from what I can see, it really makes sense and I can tell you have a real passion for fitness. I don’t really need to lose much weight but really want to get toned – definitely not bulky, so this ebook seems perfect to me! The only thing holding me back is that fact that I have split abdominal muscles with a 2-3 finger gap (technically known as Diastisis Recti) after having two VERY large babies pretty close together. It’s 3 years on, and the gap still hasn’t closed and I’m worried about working out. I realise you aren’t a doctor, but wanted to know if you have come across this before, and/or if you think “Visual Impact for Women” would still be appropriate? I have the motivation and dedication, I just feel my body is holding me back!

  16. Hi Rusty,

    First of all I would like to thank you for the great work you have put into this site, its so refreshing to have a cool fitness site that doesn’t push the pumped up steriod look!

    I don’t know if you have heard of a guy called David Gandy, he’s a model for D&G and is in amazing shape. I’ve been using the visual impact course but was wondering if you think that way of training is the right way to go to attain that sort of physique?

    Keep up the good work!


  17. Hi Rusty,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and have taken a fair bit of your advice on board (I bought Vis Impact for women last year). So while the idea of doing HIIT then steady state training makes a lot of sense I wondered what your opinion was of classes that use interval training, such as certain cycle/spin classes? They don’t fit with your plan but I really enjoy them and the social aspect of training is part of the drawcard for me.

    I also do bootcamp-style training, which I find very satisfying (and, again, it’s a social thing) though I guess that’s more a bodyweight circuit program. My goal is to do bootcamp 3 days a week; and on the other 2 or 3 days chuck in some cycle classes and weights, or HIIT and weights. Do you think this seems a reasonable plan?

    Also, thanks for clarifying why training heavy but low rep is more beneficial than high rep and low weight. I’m new to lifting, and as a woman I don’t want to add a heap of bulk, but certainly I noticed that Pump classes seemed to make me insanely sore but provided fewer gains than when I lifted heavier weights fewer times on my own, as you advised. It strikes me that I probably shouldn’t bother with Pump at all.

    Anyway, thanks again, happy new year and look forward to your advice.

  18. Hi Rusty, loving the blog – and the abs blueprint most recently, some great excercises there!

    A question came out the segment on Training in a Fasted State – what period of time must elapse before you can consider yourself ‘fasted’ for maximum benefit?

    Also, I do a lot of kettlebell training and frequently incorporate ladders of cleans and presses in my circuit. Do ladders of cleans and presses produce a sarcoplasmic, or more myofibrillar muscle growth, or is the exercise itself less a factor than weight and reps?

    Thanks again!

  19. I was wondering if there is any other way to buy your visual impact for women because I am not trusting of the internet?

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