Fat Loss – Strong Motivation is More Important than Details

If you want to get lean badly enough, you will. I know this is a simple statement, but it is completely true. If you are not as lean as you would like to be, it is NOT due to lack of knowledge. If you don’t have six pack abs or are not lean, but want to be…my answer to you is that you just don’t “want to” reach that goal as much as someone who has. You will reach almost every goal you set in life if your motivation is strong enough.

Guy and girl making out in the surf

[Tropical vacations…a good motivation to get in great shape…right? You want to look good while “makin’ out” in the surf!]

Getting Paid 5 Million Dollars to Get in Shape

What if I offered you 5 million dollars to get in the best shape of your life? Does that sound like too “out there”? Well…this is exactly what the top sex symbols of Hollywood wind up doing. Obviously an actor or actress has to be able to act, but a fine line separates a regular actor or actress from a mega-superstar in Hollywood. Did you see Ironman? Robert Downey Jr. came back on the scene in outstanding shape. He looked better than ever and it certainly helped him put his name back into the top of Hollywood’s leading men.

What if Over One Million People Were Going to See You Nude?

Many of Hollywood’s actors and actresses wind up doing a nude scene or they are partially naked in a scene. If you knew your butt was going to be on a big screen in front of millions, I bet it would be really easy to say “no” to junk food! Even if you had a swimsuit scene in a movie, I’m betting you would have no trouble at all looking incredible in 3-4 months.

Discipline is Directly Proportionate to Motivation

If you had to lose 30 pounds or lose your house, you have serious motivation to lose that weight. If you were paid¬† 10 million dollars to lose 40 pounds in 2 months, it would be hard but you would find a way…because you would have crazy amounts of motivation. You would be very “disciplined” to reach your goal.

The Stronger Your Motivation, The Easier it Feels

When your motivation is strong enough, it doesn’t even feel like you have to exercise a strong sense of self-discipline. Dieting and exercising become effortless when the motivation is strong. I always find it is extremely easy to stick to a strict diet a month or two before a vacation. I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like, so I want to make sure that I look and feel my best for the trip. Exercising during this time is very easy as well…even tough HIIT training becomes a breeze.

I Can Help You With the Details…

…but you have to find your motivation. There are a lot of ways to get lean that work. I happen to think the methods I teach here will give you rapid results, especially if you want to lose body fat and slim down, but you have to come up with a reason to be motivated. If I was a betting man…I would take a motivated person who knows very little about training over an unmotivated fitness expert.

So What is Your Motivation?

I’ll tell you what mine is, to help you brainstorm. My goal is to travel the world with my girlfriend, one beach at at a time. I want to look good for her and I want to be able to have the energy to play in the water, swim, go out dancing in places with a raging night-life, etc. I’m almost 40, but want to look great in a swimsuit well into my senior years. I also don’t want to spend the last 30 years of my life in and out of a doctor’s office. ¬† Bottom line…I have only one shot at this life, so I want to look and feel my best.

Note: This mindset doesn’t just apply to getting in great shape, it will help you achieve anything you desire. I’m not trying to be “spacey” or anything…just decide on what you want and work on “wanting it badly enough”…then do what it takes to get it.

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