Eat Stop Eat vs The Warrior Diet

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about Eat Stop Eat and The Warrior Diet and which is better.

I’ve been using intermittent fasting steadily for 2-3 years (can’t remember exactly when I started). I began with The Warrior Diet and it worked to a certain extent, but something didn’t quite “feel” right. While I think The Warrior Diet was a groundbreaking book and it was the first book to bring intermittent fasting to the masses, I believe Eat Stop Eat is a more effective and healthy way to drop body fat.

In this post, I will give you my experiences with both methods and explain crucial differences between these two ways of eating.
eat stop eat
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My One Meal Per Day Warrior Diet Post Has 1,371 Comments!

Back in June of 2007, I wrote a post called Lose Body Fat By Eating One Meal Per Day. It was basically outlining The Warrior Diet and explaining to people that they could lose weight without having to eat 6 meals per day. Little did I know that this post would become so popular!

I rarely see blogs with over 300 comments on a single post, let alone 1,300! Reading and responding to the comments on this post, I found many others who lost body fat following The Warrior Diet.

I had been experimenting with it on and off up until that point…but June 2007 is when I fully adopted The Warrior Diet lifestyle.

A Basic Outline of The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet is a method of eating where you aim to eat one big meal per day at night. For the most part you fast during the day. On some days you can eat a bit of fruit, but for maximum effect you fast until dinner whenever possible. Once you eat, you have a 3-4 hour window to eat until you are full.

You are suppose to listen to your body and eat until you are satisfied instead of aiming for a specific calorie range.

Why the Warrior Diet is Effective

The Warrior Diet works well, because while you are fasting your body releases HGH and also is much more likely to use fat for fuel. Since you consume your daily calories in one big meal, you can eat higher calorie foods while still creating a calorie deficit for weight loss.

Countless people have done well following this diet, after being unable to lose fat following the “eat every few hours approach”. The Warrior Diet is a big step in the right direction.

eat stop eat

[I apologize ahead of time for this picture. It is by far the least “warrior like” picture ever and makes me laugh! Your testosterone probably dropped a little just by looking at this. Even the couch is pink. Okay, sorry about that…back to being a Warrior!]

My First Big Mistake With The Warrior Diet

The biggest mistake I made when following The Warrior Diet, was to use it as an excuse to be able to eat junky food while still being able to stay lean.

I figured if I had 2,200-2,500 to work with in one meal…I could regularly eat pizza, nachos, large plates of pasta, etc. The problem was that I underestimated the calories and would go way over this mark. Also, I was eating unhealthy foods on a consistent basis.

I Switched to Healthy Foods, But Still Faced Challenges

After putting on a little bit of body fat, I decided it was time to clean up my diet. Here was the big problem…my appetite was massive at night and I was able to fit a lot of food in my stomach.

Eating one BIG meal was giving me the capacity to eat bigger and bigger meals (my stomach was expanding a bit). Even if the food was healthy I tended to eat everything in excess. I would go to bed with a bloated stomach and wake up feeling a little groggy. I didn’t do well with all of this food in my stomach.

Eating Like This Everyday Began to Feel Unnatural to Me

Now the great thing about The Warrior Diet is that you do have the flexibility to do eat like this just a few times per week or every day. The problem is that since those one meal days were focused on one big meal, my appetite was insane when I did eat. I just had a tough time “putting on the brakes” when I ate.

Also, I couldn’t get quite as lean as I was accustomed to being, by eating this way. I have a feeling it was due to the fact that there was food in my stomach when I went to sleep.

This probably doesn’t affect people with 20+ pounds to lose, but when you want to get extra lean…this does make a difference.

After One Solid Year of Eating Like This I Found Eat Stop Eat

At first glance Eat Stop Eat seemed like the same thing as The Warrior Diet. Although they both are forms of intermittent fasting, Eat Stop Eat is quite a bit different than the Warrior Diet.

The differences weren’t obvious until I read the course. This little post doesn’t do the course justice, but I’ll do my best to point out a few key differences.

A Video of Brad Pilon – Creator of Eat Stop Eat

[I just wanted to throw in a video to break up the long post. This is just a sample of one of Brad Pilon’s videos. I have always recommended going into a workout in a fasted state and Brad Pilon shows the scientific reasoning behind this. He has a bunch of great videos for free over on Youtube: Brad’s Youtube Channel.]

With Eat Stop Eat You Fast Until Dinner 1-2 Times Per Week

The good thing about Eat Stop Eat is that you only fast 1-2 times per week. This makes it an easier diet to follow in my opinion. The rest of the time you eat naturally, which for most people means 3-4 healthy meals per day.

Brad doesn’t want people to get food obsession and not enjoy the occasional pizza or other high calorie food, but if fat loss is your goal then you will want to limit this type of food. I like to eat mainly a paleo diet when possible…things like stir fry, salads, etc.

The idea behind Eat Stop Eat is that it should be an easy to follow for the long term.

With Eat Stop Eat, You Never Purposely Eat a Big Meal

This is where most people go wrong with Eat Stop Eat: People assume that they eat one large meal like The Warrior Diet, but just do it twice per week. This is not the way Eat Stop Eat was meant to be followed. With Eat Stop Eat, you eat a regular size dinner (600-1,200 calorie range…a rough estimate).

So 1-2 days per week, you are having a much lower calorie day than normal. So in essence this reduces you calorie intake by 10-20% each week.

The Reason You Can’t Do an Eat Stop Eat Fast Every Day

Eat Stop Eat works because your body can easily handle a low calorie day every once in a while, without negatively affecting your metabolism.

Try to do this every day and within 2-3 weeks bad things will happen. The Warrior Diet is different, you are getting your daily calories all in one meal. With Eat Stop Eat, you are striving for 1-2 low calorie days. Too many low calorie days in a row are what cause eating disorders.

Fasting 1-2 times per week improves health. Fasting like this every day is not good for you at all.

My Verdict After a Solid Year Following Both Methods…

I have been able to get leaner following Eat Stop Eat. This isn’t necessarily a flaw with The Warrior Diet, I just found that eating one big meal increased my capacity to eat bigger meals. Since I try to avoid big meals at night, I never go to bed with a bunch of food in my stomach.

I have been able to get as lean as I’m accustomed to being.

Tip: I used to use the fasting days as a way to get away with eating more calories at night. You will get better results if you make these strict, low calorie days. This will create that nice weekly calorie deficit.

Summary: This is just my experience with The Warrior Diet and Eat Stop Eat. Many people have done well following The Warrior Diet and continue to lose weight.

Also, this post doesn’t take place of either course. It is impossible to have full understanding of either method from just a few short posts.

Hope my explanation cleared up any confusion regarding the 2 approaches to eating!

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  1. At this moment I am going to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming yet again to read
    further news.

  2. I had been doing ESE for the past couple of months and it had really been effective attacking the most stubborn fat on my body…now I’ve started trying WD just in the past week and the fat-attack has exploded! Belt notch going from 3 to 4 holes already! ESE is a really nice way to wean into WD when you feel like you are ready for it….calorie deficit is the way to go….focus on lean protein, saturated and monounsaturated fats, almost no carbs, and lots of vegetables including leafy greens, for essential vitamins and minerals without adding empty calories…

  3. All my life my weight had fluctuated. Although I noticed that they times I was lean and thin was when I was a bartender. In other words, I was only eating once a day, before work. Usually at about 4:00 pm. Now that I sit on my ass all day at work and my schedule is basically nice to five. I have gained a ton of weight.
    Therefore I have decided to try this fasting method. I am on day 4 or so, and already my friends are noticing. Keep in mind that I am not doing the standard. First I am taking PGX to control my hunger during the day. I also drink coffee with cream, but try to keep it down to 2 cups. I am also drinking a ton of water. I don’t weigh myself but would like to do up my suit jacket in a few days. Yes, I did say a few days! Like I said I am already feeling much leaner and am certain this is working for me.
    BTW: I am a 46 year old, overweight female

  4. Intermittent fasting has been the only way i can shift that unwanted fat around the love handle and lower back area. Combine IF with a calorie deficit and low carbs and the fat just melts off.

  5. Eating disorders here we come!
    I have recovered from compulsive binge eating disorder and must admit that this could be one of the worst ways of eating for people who had eating issues in the past. i am very tempted to try it but because of my past condition and because i love myself now i am not going to do this because i definitely know where it would lead me to.
    Guys, be careful.
    Thanks for sharing though your thoughts. I enjoyed reading
    J x

  6. Interesting. I notice that just listening to your body when you aren’t compelled to stuff your face for emotional reasons, yields the same type of eating pattern. I’m not as lean as I’d like to be and can’t always eat when or what I want to eat, right now, but folks think I eat plenty (if not too much!). Yet I’m not two-ton-tessy like folks keep telling me I should be. I’ve decided to stick to this eating pattern largely as a lifestyle choice, with a bit of a difference. Be more mindful of my eating in order to switch out more of my favorite high calories/low nutritionally dense foods for better eating and get as comfortably lean as I’m more accustomed to being, as well.

  7. Are there any supplements that you suggest taking if you follow the eat stop eat diet? Do you take any supplements/ vitamins?

  8. I am still trying to weight the two up. Eat Stop Eat has been going pretty good in Australia for quite some time now, on the other hand the Warrior Diet hasn’t been heard of as much here.

    It’s up to the individual really, Eat Stop Eat is the one I can comment on, and it definitely did help me reach my weight loss goals, as someone wanting to trim down.

    Warrior Diet seem to be marketed towards those who are trying for the muscular approach, and that wasn’t my intention.

    I think with proper application, both will work fine.

  9. Hey i have read the eat stop eat pdf, however i’m not sure how to follow it. I eat my main evening meal at 6pm in the evening, so if i was to fast from 6pm to 6pm would I be skipping my main evening meal or would I be eating my main meal and skipping breakfast and lunch? It would be great if you could clarify this for me.

  10. Before I started this diet I used to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks inbetween.
    It did help up to a certain point and I stopped losing weight.
    So with this diet I wanted to lose the last bit of body fat that is remaining.
    Now I’m only left with 8lbs to lose for me to reach my goal weight.

    After reaching my goal I won’t stop eating this way because I feel like I can live
    This way 4 the rest of my life. It really make things easy for me during the day
    Because I don’t have to worry about what I’m gonna eat.
    After having my breakfast I set my mind that the next meal will be at 19:00pm
    During the day I don’t even get hungry anymore like I used to the 1st week I started.

  11. My own diet is to eat twice a day, Breakfast and Dinner.
    For breakfast I usually have my cereal, Oat or All bran flake or Muesli
    With fat free milk and some type of fruit. After breakfast I eat nothing but drink
    water only until Dinner. Basically I eat every 12 hours, 7:00am breakfast an 19:00 Dinner.
    For dinner its basically vegetables, grilled checken/Fish with Brown rice.
    its been 2 weeks now since I started this diet and I have lost 7lbs.
    I do 30minutes of exercise which is basically jumping rope with a bit of pilate
    and stomach crunches 4 times a week.

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