Duane Johnson, AKA The Rock, Looks Better Slim Instead of Bulky

I was reading a post on a bodybuilding forum today where a bunch of guys were ripping on The Rock (Duane Johnson) for slimming down. They said he looks like a wimp now and that his legs are too small compared to his upper body, etc. This shows you how clueless and out of touch the bodybuilding forums are getting. The funny thing is that The Rock is still much more physically impressive at a lighter weight than most of these pudgy guys.
the rock duane johnson loses weight
[The Rock is an example of a “naturally big guy” who has slimmed down. He is slim and toned in respect to his larger frame. He is the ideal role model for the bigger guys out there.]

Pictured Below, What the Rock Used to Look Like

The Rock used to be a massive 270 pounds at the height of 6’3″. That is a big man! He had the typical “Professional Wrestler Build”…massive traps, huge legs butt and hips, no neck, and drooping pecs. This is a terrible and sloppy look. This is excessive muscle at its worst and women don’t enjoy this look for the most part. I am guessing that 95% of the fans of this type of wrestling are males around the age of 15-27. This is roughly the same demographics as the “hardcore” bodybuilding forums. Coincidence? I think not!

duane johnson
[This is what he looked like at his heaviest weight. Notice how his face looks pudgy and he has that “big-waist no-neck” look?]

Duane Has Lost 40-50 Pounds Since Retiring from Wrestling!

Rumor has it that Duane now weighs around 225 pounds. That is still big, but not for his large frame. At 6’3″ someone with a small frame who is slim and toned is typically around 180-190 pounds (I’m an example of this)…someone with a medium frame would be 190-210…a large frame guy would be 210-225 pounds. This is the typical weight range someone at 6’3″ would naturally have if they were in top condition without excessive muscle. The Rock looks outstanding these days!

the rock loses weight
[Duane can wear hip and funky clothes now that he is slim. He would look like a “tool” tying to pull this off at 275 pounds. Heck…he probably couldn’t even fit into the jeans!]

Being Slim is a Great Look for Him

He doesn’t impress the 15-27 year old male bodybuilding wannabe’s anymore. They like his old look better. When he was 275 pounds, I’m sure he could squat more and bench a ton! He probably was significantly stronger in the gym. I’m sure his arms were 3-4 inches bigger and his legs were a good 5-6 inches bigger around. These guys simply can’t imagine why anyone would slim down and drop muscle on purpose! You would think that this was a crime if you visited some of these forums! It’s all about “Lift Big or Go Home” in those places.

the rock wwe
[Yes, believe it or not some guys think that this is a better look! Yeah…seriously!]

The Rock is Another Example of How the “Big Look” is Dying

Who are the big action stars in Hollywood right now? I would say Matt Damon, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Daniel Craig, Will Smith…the list goes on. How many of these guys are big, massive guys? The answer is NONE of these guys are big bulky guys. I know this is a recurring theme on my site, but there really isn’t any benefit to excessive muscle. An exception would be a lineman in the NFL.

There Are Too Many Negatives With Excessive Muscle

Excessive muscle slows you down to where even simple tasks like walking up a few flights of stairs make you out of breath. You can’t fit into nice clothes. To maintain that amount of muscle you have to ingest an unhealthy amount of protein…which tears up your digestive system and gives you gas, etc. There are simply too many negatives for people to strive for this look anymore. If you are big, follow The Rock’s lead and slim down. I guarantee that you will like the way you look and feel at a lighter weight!

Warning: You may lose a bit of respect amongst the “hardcore” when they see you hitting cardio hard instead of living in the free weight room. You will probably lose a bit of strength, etc. This is a small price to pay for feeling healthier and attracting more women!

94 thoughts on “Duane Johnson, AKA The Rock, Looks Better Slim Instead of Bulky”

  1. Nick I don’t know who you are, but you talk a lot of sense fella!

    You Mr Spock’d it!

    You can’t argue with logic!

    The joker who wrote this article wasn’t looking at any facts just his own jaded opinion, of what is, or isn’t attractive. Granted a well conditioned balanced muscular form is far more attractive than one that is just large and bulky, but that’s a bit like saying you’ll look better and br fitter if you lose body fat weight. Its a no brainer! As your aesthetics and golden ratio adjusts accordingly, you will naturally look more pleasing to the eye anyway.

  2. He’s huge again, every bit as big as he was before, but far more ripped up, and 9/10 women I talk to think he’s the hottest thing in pro wrestling next that dude with the alpha jaw, John Cena…who has more muscle than the Rock does lol. This is yet another example of an ignorant post that sounds like someone small trying to convince themselves that big muscles mean shit, so they don’t worry as much about not having them. So if a bigger person wears the same clothes as a smaller person, they’re a tool? That makes sense. Maybe you want them to walk around naked? Wtf. Next, apparently you haven’t actually watched one of the Rock’s matches, as he had no issues with endurance. Much like many other bigger wrestlers, football players, etc.(really – how ignorant are you?). I’m 275lbs at 17% bodyfat, and I ingest about 175 grams of protein a day, which is probably more than I actually need to continue gaining, but hardly unhealthy. Finally…gas? Are you kidding? So that’s a terrible negative to eating high protein levels, but when it comes from eating plenty of fruits and vegetables(which it will, far more so than some protein powder), you’re ok with that gas?
    Stop talking. The world’s overall I.Q. drops with each ignorant comment you utter.

  3. I agree with you on the vast majority of this article; however, your comment about unhealthy amounts of protein is invalid. Recently, took many studies have come out showing there are very few if any unhealthy side effects with high protein diets (unless the individual is eating above their caloric baseline). There was also another study that showed no difference in long term kidney disease between groups that consumed low protein and normal protein amounts. Which pretty much busts the use of the Brenner Hypothesis showing that protein is “bad”. Furthermore, the research I am currently reviewing shows that raising protein to 1.5g/kg in clinical populations during hypocaloric/low calorie diets has a fat free mass sparing effect. There is some thought that athletes with some muscle mass may even want to go higher than this. This would be a useful strategy for the vast majority of the patrons on this website. I see what you are saying with the high protein potentially being dangerous, if high fatty sources of protein are being consumed. Do not be so generic when you bash protein..most people would do better eating more lean protein and cutting their carb intake back a tad.

  4. What a ridiculous article. As someone else has said in the comments section, stop trying to speak for everyone. I’m 20, dating a 27-year-old, and she fucking loves the big look. It makes the age gap pretty much void because it doesn’t look like she’s dating a skinny youngster.

    As someone who is naturally big, hitting the gym and getting into bodybuilding definitely helped me in terms of self-esteem, confidence, and it opens up a whole other world, as well as giving me something to do when I’m not in university and don’t want to sit on my ass all day like a lot of people do.

    If a guy wants to be big, let him be big. In my experience, it’ll be better for him than your advice of getting slim so you can fit into your girl jeans from Hot Topic and brag to girls about your sensitive side.

  5. he probably is slimming down now , because at an older age working out is tougher , so to prevent becoming fat hes slimming down

  6. I would have to agree with being all muscle at a less weight (200-225 pound frame) instead of being combined muscle with bulk and fat (260+ pound frame). I myself feel underweight, but I know I am all lean muscle (6’2″ 180 pounds) and could take down my friends who outweigh me by 30+ pounds because they are alot of fat with less muscle. The rock looks better slim and I think that Arnold looked his best in the movie Commando. The only person I think that actually looks good at a big size would be Bill Goldberg. In his later years in wrestling and acting roles he looked perfect at a big size still because he is the definition of all muscle and power while not looking too ridiculously muscle bound or pudgy. Something just doesn’t sit right with me when thinking of a small Goldberg. Interesting points here, respect them as they are individual opinions.

  7. You hit the nail on the head about Rock’s transformation, too me this is the ideal look of a man,and at his weight these days, the hardcore bodybuilding fanboys are too damn dumb to realize he is far from being at a skinny and wimpy size. You don’t have to weigh 275 to 350 pounds to be strong, you don’t have to be a no-neck,midget headed,ugly fuck,to bodyslam and throw people around. Vince McMahon (The Rocks old employer) is a pudgy, muscle bound freak himself, at 6’2 235 lbs, he thrives on the human male looking like apes

  8. rusty your work is brilliant! u deserve an oscar! i better do some w ork noww, iv been logged in for a h.lolo

  9. What a stupid article. Doing pansy cardio exercises so you can fit into nice clothes and attract more women?

    Get a life where your opinion of yourself doesn’t depend on how others perceive you

  10. If I remember rightly The Rock bulked up before Fast 5 due to his preperations to return to WWE, as he is going back to wrestle again for a while. And even though he looks good slimmed down, he looks REALLY good bulked up. But at least he doesnt look like he did when he first started his WWF career, that was just too much.

  11. I feel he is still a rock, regardless what size it is, any rock thrown at you will hurt, if thrown hard enough. Duane is a good rock so he’s not tryin to hurt anyone, and he look better lighter to me, but it’s not about me it’s about him, if he like it, then we should like it.
    He has a great personality and respect for all, so let all love and respect him, he’s a good role model. You go rock, rock this place.

  12. Well i seen Fast Five lastnite and the rock looked huge! His arms are massive bug he doesnt look bulky. I think he contrated mostly on his arms to prepare for the film

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