Do You Need Post Workout Protein to Gain Muscle?

Brad Pilon in my opinion is the authority on protein intake. Today he put up an article about a study where post workout protein is mainly beneficial for those who train in a fasted state. If someone has protein an hour or two before training, this post workout protein is not as vital.

Some highlights of the post:

However, on piece of research is too interesting for me not to share with you today… Most research conducted on the acute muscle building affects of post-workout protein have two interesting thing in common – they measure protein synthesis as a marker of muscle growth and the subjects in the studies are almost always fasted at the beginning of the study.

Typically, the people in a study that is examining the anabolic affects of post-workout protein show up to the lab after an overnight fast, then will fast for an additional hour or two while the study is being set up.

This type of research consistently shows that protein synthesis after a workout is higher with the addition of post-workout protein then without it, at least for the 2-3 hours that they typically measure.

However, one group of researchers were curious if the pre-workout fasting was a confounder in these studies – If the large spike in protein synthesis found with post-workout protein was also a bit of an artifact of the fact that the subjects have been fasting.

The experiment isn’t to see if you get better muscle growth (it’s one workout after all) but rather to see how attached you are to the ‘need’ for post-workout protein.

Link: Post Workout Protein Dare | Brad Pilon's 'Eat Blog Eat'.