The Perfect Diet Plan. Part II

January 21, 2008

So in Part I of the Perfect Diet plan, we talked about the pitfalls about popular diets. Probably the toughest part of these diets is how structured they are. Our lives change so much day to day that it is tough to maintain a diet with strict rules. I have been eating The Warrior Diet and getting great results, but there are times when I don’t want to limit myself to one meal a day. Whenever I do the “low carb” thing, I’m dying for carbs. When I go low fat, I crave a big steak. Is there a way around feeling deprived and still get ripped? Yes there is! We are going to talk about that in a second, but first let’s look at an interesting photo…

naked girl in tinfoil
[Tinfoil Girl is a new superhero who’s only weakness is Microwaves. We don’t know what her powers are yet, but I dig her outfit!]

High Carbs Low Fat vs Low Carbs High Protein

A reader of this site, Yavor, eluded to how this diet is planned in one of his comments in Part I (you know your stuff, buddy). It is based upon the idea of “carb cycling”, but in a flexible and unstructured way. The benefit of eating low carbs is that it really is a good way to lose body fat, the downside is that at some point it is inevitable that you will binge. Also, as discussed in Part I, the bad thing about restricting carbs is that it can interfere with sleep as well as shut down the body’s production of important hormones. The problem with high carb low fat diets is that they simply aren’t effective at helping you lose body fat, even if you keep the calories low.

How to Have the Best of Both Worlds

I am going to recommend from now on that people decide on either a low-carb day -or- a higher carb low fat day. So from start to finish, you are going to eat either low carb higher protein with healthy fats (South Beach Diet Style)…or you are going to eat higher carbs and low fat. Depending upon your goals you will decide how many low carb days vs how many higher carb low fat days to alternate. The one combination you are going to try to avoid for sure is high carb and high fat! This is what is making people gain weight. Certainly you will allow that every now and then, like during the holidays, but try to keep this down to a minimum.

How to Decide How Many Low Carb vs Higher Carb Days

What I like about this method of eating is that it really depends upon your activity level and metabolism. It also depends upon your training goals. For less active people, I would recommend a higher ratio of low carb days…maybe 3-4 low carb days followed by one higher carb day. Someone extremely active would maybe aim for a 1 to 1 ratio or possibly 2 low carb days for every 1 higher carb day. The one-diet-fits-all philosophy of eating doesn’t work at all. The way you eat while following these principles will look completely different than someone else.

Won’t Higher Carb Cause Fat Gain?

No, because your muscles are depleted and eating carbs will just fill up the muscles a bit. Higher carbs won’t make you fat under a carb depleted state because they are just refueling the muscles a bit. There isn’t any excess calories to be stored as body fat for the most part. If you do notice a bit of fat gain, then all you have to next time is either eat fewer carbs on the “high carb” day or add in an extra day of low carbs. I’ll talk about figuring out what works in a second, but first an “Inspirational” video for the ladies…

[The Dolce & Gabbana Spring Fashion Show. A bunch of attractive guys walking around half-naked in kind off odd clothing. Ladies…”You are Welcome”…I think you will like!]

Learning How Your Body Responds to Food

Okay class is back in session. Quiet everyone! Thanks. So…you need to learn how your body responds to food. People who have a tough time losing weight are going to have to have more low carbs days then someone who is naturally lean. The reason your body puts on weight is because extra energy, typically carbohydrate energy, is stored as body fat. If your muscles are depleted of carbs from either exercising hard on a regular basis or a few days of eating low carbs, then that higher carb day works for you, not against you. I can’t tell you exactly how many low carb days to aim for. I wish I could, but only you know your life circumstances and how certain foods effect you.

Effective Dieting is a “Skill” to Be Mastered

When you get “in tune” with your body is when you will really burn all the fat you desire. At some point you will get a certain feeling in your body and you know that you are in the “fat burning zone”. You need to understand what it feels like when your body is carb depleted. When your goal is to lose body fat, you want to be carb depleted but no so bad that you don’t have any energy for working out. This is kind of a balancing act. At first you will make mistakes and you won’t be great at this, but once mastered you will know exactly what it takes to get as lean as you desire. Make no mistake about it, you are learning a “skill” here.

Use This Diet in Structured Way to Lose Weight Quickly

If you have read this blog for any period of time, you know I push the idea of doing cardio on an empty stomach and in a carb depleted state. The problem about being carb depleted for too long is that working out becomes brutal. It is effective, but takes a lot of willpower. Try this…do 3 low fat days alternated with one high carb day. On that 3rd day in a row of low carbs, plan for a really brutal cardio workout. Yes, it will be a tough workout, but it will be super-productive as far as fat loss is concerned. Do cardio on the other 2 days of low carb, but don’t worry about making it really tough. On your higher carb day, concentrate more on the lifting part of your workout and less on cardio. You should feel stronger on both this day as well as the following day.

Be Flexible if You Are Closer To Your Ideal Weight

If you already have low body fat then just decide that morning to eat either higher carb or lower carb. If you notice that you look a little smooth that day, make a note to throw in a few more low carb days and less high carb days. If you know you are going to have a junkier day on a Saturday for instance, maybe do 3 low carb days leading up to the high calorie day. That way you can enjoy life, drink beer, eat chips, potato salad, burgers, and still look great. Believe it or not, you can have a life and be in amazing shape. “You can have your cake and eat it too” (just as long as you plan a few low carb days ahead of time).

How Many Meals Per Day?

This is what is great about this plan. Eat as many or as few as you want. Studies have now shown that it doesn’t matter how many meals per day you eat, it is overall daily calories that really matter. Here is a link to a few articles I wrote about this…Meal Frequency. Right now I’m doing the one-meal-per-day “Warrior Diet”, but that is bound to change. Some days I just simply feel like eating more often than that. I will most likely do the Warrior Diet a few days a week and eat 2-3 meals on other days. I like the Warrior Diet, but in all honesty, it has been really tough to get to the gym on certain days. I will probably follow this diet on my off days, or when I feel a bit “carb loaded”. If you like eating 6 meals a day, that is fine as well!

I’m going to write an ebook on this diet. It will go into many more details about food choices, daily calories, etc. This was more of an introduction to a book I plan on writing. For now…this should be a great starting point. Feel free to comment and ask questions. I love discussing this stuff with all of you!

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Tom December 24, 2008 at 2:03 pm

I don’t really buy into this whole “carb craze”. Virtually all of the top athletes in the world absolutely thrive on carbs because they need it to fuel their bodies. If you think people like David Beckham and Ronaldo are watching their carbs, you are out of your mind. These guys see it as the main source of energy production. Train like and athelete, eat like and athlete, look like an athlete.

admin December 26, 2008 at 9:36 pm


Beckham eats low cal most of the time and low carb. He has stated this in several interviews. This helps him maintain a lighter weight…which makes him agile on the field.


Keith January 18, 2009 at 2:16 am

Hey rusty,
Love your site but i was wonderin if it was ok to eat a modearte amount of carbs, but all those carbs are low GI carbs. There is a diet called the low GI diet that supposebly works really well. Is this a good plan? Thanks

admin January 20, 2009 at 7:11 pm


You can eat a lot of carbs if they are low GI carbs. The main reason to limit carbs in the first place is to limit blood sugar spikes caused by High GI foods.


Al S February 20, 2009 at 12:53 pm

Alot people believe that pasta is a really bad carb, but according to the GI scale all pastas are around 40 or 41. What do ya think? I do agree with you about the low gi carb thing: as long as there low on the GI scale (55 or below) than you can eat alot of them.

Landon March 31, 2009 at 12:06 am

Wow. Almost every article you have written has helped me achieve the body I want. Thank you for really putting the information I needed into an easy format that is easy to follow. Even books that drag on hundreds of pages don’t get the message across as well as you do. Thanks for making this website!

Christine April 7, 2009 at 1:58 pm

Do you think this plan is kinda like the Somersize program? Suzanne Somers is an advocate of never mixing fat with carbs. I have her books (of course, full of dust after all these years), so it would be nice to mix up my boring diet now (Warrior style diet). I miss having breakfast and lunch, especially on the weekends.

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