Credentials vs. Expertise, by Matt Stone.

I’ve become a new fan of Matt Stone over at 180 Degree Health. He is the guy right now online pushing the envelope in diet and weight loss. I highly recommend his book Eat for Heat. Anyway, he just wrote a great post today on credentials vs expertise.

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Anyone with mediocre intellect, some spare time, and some money (or student loans) can obtain credentials.

In the fields of health, nutrition, and fitness this is particularly so.

Anyone can pursue any health ideology and obtain some form of certification from it.

Consider the field of nutrition for example.

In 2007 I once considered pursuing formal credentials to reassure both myself and others that I was qualified somehow to discuss health matters.

I wasn’t too excited about this prospect, especially with my suspicions that nutrition education and much of the health field had long ago been hijacked by commercial interests.

Not one to short-change myself, I decided to look first at what is considered to be the finest Nutrition institution in the United States – perhaps the world… Tufts University.

They promised that the program was “designed to prepare graduates for the growing job opportunities available to professionals trained to communicate sound nutrition information effectively.”

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