Cosmo Magazine Dating Advice for Men?

Have you ever read Cosmo Magazine? It is one of the most popular women’s magazine, because it focuses on sex, dating advice, and how to meet and attract more men. Well, I found an online site that is the equivalent of Cosmo, but this site is for men.

I realize this isn’t exactly a fitness article, but I wanted to share this great resource. I feel that many men try to keep in great shape to remain attractive to women…this site is geared towards helping men and women become physically attractive to the opposite sex, but that is just a small piece to a much larger puzzle.

Women want more than a guy with a great body (damn…they are so picky). They want a man who is confident, has amazing style and understands women. If I help you get to the point that you have a body like David Beckham, but you completely lack confidence and understanding around women, you won’t attract desireable women.

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The site I am referring to is called Underground Attraction. This site is a bit “Rated R”…kind of like Cosmo magazine…but totally geared towards men. He has tons of great articles and will help men attract more women (I think women will find this site interesting as well).

My favorite post at his site is titled, Good Personal Hygiene Is a Must Around Women. You have to see the first comment that a woman wrote about this post! It made me sick, but sounds like good advice…LOL! Even tough this site is geared towards men, women will appreciate posts like this.

3 thoughts on “Cosmo Magazine Dating Advice for Men?”

  1. It’s difficult to give advice about having a good sense of humor. The main thing is to aim for being good-humored not straining to be funny-ha-ha-always-telling-a-joke kind of funny. You want to be somebody that’s fun to be with not some way that’s always “on” and performing.

  2. I agree with your post. Women want a man with confidence and a great body which is a winning combination.

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