I Simply Can’t Answer Specific Workout Questions With This Contact Form.

I would if I could, but I have been getting 40+ workout questions per day submitted to this contact form. If I just took 5 minutes to answer each workout question…that is 5 X 40 = 200 minutes…or roughly 3 and 1/2 hours of responding to e-mails each day!

This form is more for JV requests, guest posts, etc.

If you have workout questions, please leave them in the comment section in the blog.

Please understand that these days, I can’t even answer all of those. This past month, Fitness Black Book had 300,000 visitors and just shy of 1 Million page views. I personally can’t answer every comment, but there are many experts who will if you put comments in the comment section of a post.

I kind of feel bad about this, but please understand.

Thanks for reading Fitness Black Book ๐Ÿ™‚


Looking for a new contact form…coming soon.

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  1. Hi Rusty,

    Looking at the disclaimer above, your time is obviously incredibly limited. According to your vacation blueprint, you have personally coached clients remotely in the past. If you still do, I’d love to make you a partner. I have every program of yours, all of which I’ve followed to some degree with some success. However, my greatest challenge is accountability which is what I need to take my body from good/mediocre to great. Is that something you can help with? If so, what are fees, structure etc. I’m definitely very serious about this.

  2. Simple question and more than Likely a simple answer.
    I’m a bit confused on when to add the weights for pyramids in phase one. Sets for example on barbell bench press:12,10,8,6. One page in the main course states to add weight after each set…so, starting with the 12, do I add the weights and start with no#2 of the 12? Pyramid for the first 6 of the 12 then go down in weight? If so, where do I start for the second set (10)?!? Repeat the weights? I’m seeing me add like the entire gyms weights? Cannot lift that much. Some explaine this too me please

  3. Hi Rusty,

    I recently purchased the Cardio and Men’s programs and in them you refer frequently to a condition of “overtraining”. I’m rather new to the fitness arena and am a little confused about exactly what “overtraining” means. I’d appreciate very much if you could point me in the direction of more information on this topic and how to determine if indeed one is “overtraining”.

    Thanks much!

  4. Hi Rusty,

    Dig what you put out there man. You’re becoming my go-to guy when it comes to getting lean.

    I’d like to ask you a question. When should I start doing weights / resistant training?

    Background: I weigh 180, down from 200. I’ve dropped some jean sizes but still have too much belly fat. I could easily lose another 10 pounds and probably more like 15 and maybe even 20. I’m losing weight and dropping pant sizes but I’m still surprised that I have a good chunk of fat around my mid section. I’ve been holding off on picking up the weights until I slim down. I was thinking to 170 or maybe even 165 before the weights. Like to know what you think. BTW, I have my diet dialed in (except when I sabotage it with drinking). I dropped a lot of the weight without exercising but have recently been doing cardio exclusively.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Rusty.


  5. I am 43 yrs old, stand 5’8″, and weigh about 310 lbs. I would like Rusty’s, or anyone’s thoughts on which of the $47 guides to buy. Should I buy Visual Impact Cardio, Visual Impact Muscle Building, or both? I’m thinking that the cardio book will help slim me down to where I need to be, then the muscle book will help me look better once I have reached my target weight. Or do I need to do both at once?

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  7. Hey Rusty,
    just bought the visual impact muscle building package, Iยดm currently going through phase 1, can I workout abs more than 1 day a week? say 2-3 times


  8. hey rusty,i’m 17 and i used to be really fat but i did cardio everyday and ate a healthy diet for 2-3 months and now i’m okay but i have some belly fat i cant get rid of and also whenever i workout – do pullups,pushups or anything of sorts,i start getting really buff and thats not the look i want.What can i do?

  9. Hi Rusty,

    Any advices about getting muscle size/mass on legs (for guys with veeeeery thin legs) without gain mass/size on the butt (for guys that already may have some butt size)? All I see about legs workouts is guys with a not ‘manly’ butt…
    You may consider write one of your mails or articles about the subject, and tips with dumbbells and other resources.

    Best wishes

  10. Hey, Rusty. I’m using VIM and VI Cardio together right now. I started in Phase 3. I’ve dropped 13 lbs as of the end of week 3, and I enjoy the workouts! I have questions after a few weeks on the program for which I couldn’t answers in the forums or in the manuals. I’ll try to be detailed enough to ask sensible questions, but not so detailed as to give away too much program information. People really need to buy this & do it!

    Should I be drinking the suggested post-workout drink in Phase 3, or is it better to leave off those calories & save them for Phase 1 and 2? Do you drink it right after a workout, or wait?

    Should Phase 1 and Phase 2 workouts be performed in a fasted state? Phase 3 explicitly comments on whether or not to do this, the other two do not.

    During Phase 3, you recommend a simple diet that works wonders. Should this only be used during Phase 3, or can it be used in the shrink wrap phase as well?

    How does the Phase 1 schedule look? It’s a 3 day split, but you recommend 2 days on, one day off. Is one “day” being worked twice each week, while the other two “days” only get worked once? I guess I’m assuming 4 workouts per week.


  11. Hi Rusty,

    I just read your lost about losing muscle and I am in desperate need of some help losing muscle in my upper body. I play wheelchair tennis and I have been having too many injuries because of the muscle mass around my shoulders and chest. I’m not big by any means, roughly 75kg but a lot of weight missing from my legs. What can I do to lose some muscle in my upper body?

    Will greatly appreciate any reply you have the for.


  12. hi rusty i have no questions but just some feedback. i have purchased most all your material and get your emails and check out your facebook and blog etc.
    your approach and routines etc for training and diet is without a doubt the best one for me. i have been training for years and do some training myself and have tried tons of routines and programs and many do work regarding muscle growth and hypertrophy and strength gains etc. but for me your visual impact and diet and cardio programs get me the look i want better then any other. easy no. but it does work. after following the variations for close to two years i thought it time to switch it up and have tried adonis index workout this time. it did indeed give me some more bulk and size but i noticed the X look disappearing in lieu of a bulkier and thicker look and i followed it to a T. not saying it or any of the others i tried are bad but visual impact works the best for me by far. thanks so much mike

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