Conquering Low Back Pain While Getting Fit…Part II

In Part I, of Conquering Low Back Pain…I mainly discussed my personal story and struggle with back pain over the years.

Part II I will discuss the common mistakes people make that prevent them from having a pain free back.

So What Are So Many People Doing Wrong?

The typical advice given by physical therapists is to strengthen the lower back muscles and abs to prevent a low back injury from coming back. It is a good idea to strengthen these muscles, but you have to be extremely careful of the exercises that you chose.

You do not want to do any exercise that rounds the lower back whatsoever!

Do NOT Do Lower Back Extensions!

In Stuart McGill’s groundbreaking book, Low Back Disorders, he explains that you need to retrain your back muscles to insure that they don’t allow the back to round.

The last thing you would want to do is develop strength through a similar range of motion that caused the low back injury in the first place!

Don’t Even Think About Crunches…Even If You Are Slow and Cautious!

Again…if you do crunches, you are teaching your body to get more efficient at rounding the back. You do not want to do this at all…seriously! Stuart McGill explains this in much better detail than I able to…he is an absolute expert in this field.

Do NOT Do Stretches That Involve The Rounding of the Back!

There are several variations of this stretch…avoid them all. You don’t even want to stretch your muscles through a range of motion similar to what caused the injury!

Your goal is to reprogram your back to not round…stretching the low back like this helps it round more easily…you don’t want to do this.

So How Do You Strengthen Your Back to Protect Against Injuries?

I’m glad you asked? The goal is to strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine, when the spine is at the correct alignment.

In Part III, I will discuss amazing exercises that will help you bullet-proof the back from spinal injuries.

If you have struggled with low back injuries, you need to read this!

Conquering Low Back Pain While Getting Fit…Part III

(click to read part III)

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