Cheesy Picture of Me in A James Bond Swimsuit!

Yes…You have my permission to make fun of me in my skimpy euro-swimsuit…LOL!

Here Goes…

Fitness Tips

Disclaimer: I normally wear long surfer shorts, but I had to throw on a James Bond swimsuit for a dare. I also was drinking a beer and “attempted” to smoke a cigar in the picture.

Okay…there is only one reason I’m throwing this embarrassing picture out onto the Web. I think it is important to take advice from people who “walk the walk”…not just “talk the talk”. Although I look like a dork in this picture, it does show you that I am actually in good shape. Keep in mind that this was about 4 days into a wild vacation of staying up late and partying in Mexico.

This picture was just taken with a cheap camera. I didn’t get “pumped up” like they do in cheesy bodybuilding mags. No airbrushing or great lighting, etc…Also…I’m not some 20 year old “young buck” either…I’m closer to 40 years old. I don’t have a super high metabolism or anything like that. I’m just a normal guy who has figured out how to stay super-lean. My goal is to teach you everything I know about having a great body year-round.

I am always amazed at all these so called fitness experts who have really average looking physiques. Why would anyone take fitness advice from someone who isn’t in great shape! Seriously…learn from a mentor who is fit, not from someone who just teaches theories that sound great.

I want to take a different “hands on” approach and tell you exactly what is working and what to avoid. Hopefully I can entertain you at the same time. I mean…what fitness guru purposely puts out an amateurish cheesy vacation photo as their welcome message? I can’t stand people who are too serious…getting fit should be a blast!

My suggestion…bookmark this site, come back often. I am on a mission to teach you techniques that will have a huge impact on your physique…not the typical generic info you can find in magazines.

Time to Get Fit “James Bond” Style!

Note: A recent Corny Halloween Photo…I went as “FABIO”.

Fabio Halloween

You Know You Wish You Had Hair Like Fabio!

179 thoughts on “Cheesy Picture of Me in A James Bond Swimsuit!”

  1. I don’t think the “Euro” swimsuits are bad at all, especially if you are in shape. In fact, the whole “dare” thing is pretty juvenile. Why not tan the legs?

  2. I come to this post just to get a kick out of you in that James Bond swimsuit Rusty! Cracks me up everytime but as least now you have more time to enjoy vacations!

  3. Hi Rusty,

    Amazing website, I am so glad I discovered it. I even bought your latest report the Cardio Ninja e-book which is an excellent read and very educational. I highly recommend it

    You might be the only man that can help me with a simple but annoying problem I have got. I have really small calves, actually the lower part of my legs are very thin and I am desperate to add some muscle to make them look bigger. What is the best way I can do this at home? I have dumbbells, barbells, pulley machine, step, treadmill, bands, stationary bike.

    I hope you will read this because I think you are the man who can help! Cheers!

  4. I just lost about 50 pounds. I worked out 3 times daily and cut carbs. I feel great. Back pain disappeared!

  5. Hey Rusty,

    It has been quite sometime since I have commented. I have been a fan and a religious viewer of your site for a year now. I must say, you haven’t failed yet in bringing important issues to the table. So I am the guy who decided to go to college for fitness and health. I want to thank you and your site for motivating me to do it. I have just completed my first semester of a 2 year Fitness and Health Promotion course. Next semester I will be getting a whole whack load of certifications. I will not only be a fitness trainer, but I will be able to certify new ones.

    There is so much stuff to learn in this field. I am taking advanced anatomy and kinesiology. I like knowing someone’s body better than they do, lol. But anyways, just wanted to say thanks Rusty. If you happen to have any questions and need help finding the answer, dont be afraid to ask. If I don’t have the answer, I am sure my professors will!


  6. Thank you so much for the down to earth website. I don’t feel as if I am looking at cheesy, soft core porn (bad pun) as I do with most sites.

    PS. You’re right about the Fabio hair thing…I’m insanely jealous of his hair. 😛

  7. Hey Rusty,

    First time visitor here, and I must say you are correct about listening to people who are fit themselves. It’s like having an overweight personal trainer – it doesn’t make sense. You are quite in shape for yourself almost being 40 🙂

  8. Hey Rusty,

    I signed up for the Fitness Spotlight last night. I building a new blog through Blogi360 and I placed the spotlight banner on my site as well as my newletter opt in box and made my first post.

    The odd thing is – from my admin page I can visit my site and it shows all of the work I’ve done but when I go to my url it doesn’t reflect that – my post and the banner aren’t there.

    Needless to say, I’m actively working on it but don’t want to be rejected do to technical issues.

    I’ll keep you updated. I’m sure I’ll be getting an email on my status in a day or so.

    Thanks Rusty.


  9. Hey Rusty, I am a newcomer to this site and feel that it is great and a very useful and beneficial blog. I really enjoy reading it. Ive started doing a combination of stubborn fat protocol and HIIT at the same time. I have seen some changes, although it has only been 2 weeks. I started out at 180 lbs and I am currently 175 lbs. My initial goal is to be 155 between Oct 9th – Oct 11th. I wanted to ask you if I should do longer HIIT instead of steady state cardio to lose the weight faster. I dont want to lose the muscle I have just the stubborn fat around my stomach mostly. I’d like to know if its possible to get to my goal weight by Oct 9th and how I can get to it fastest. Thanks in advance!

  10. terri,

    I’ll try and back off on the diet soda. How could something that feels so good be bad 🙂 …but seriously, I know it isn’t good for me.


  11. Mizfit,

    Thanks for the compliment about my guest post over at Mark’s Daily Apple. I was excited to write for his large reader base. A bunch of good people over there!


    If you look at the bottom of this page, it has my intro to free coaching for those who want to start a fitness blog. I plan on helping a lot of people. Mike O’Donnell from “If Life” and Scott Kustes from “Modern Forager” will help as well. Between the three of us, we will help to create a lot of success stories. I see that you have the Fitness Spotlight Logo up, so you will be part of our group. good deal!

    So you aren’t down with the “James Bond Swimsuit” 🙂 ?


    Amsterdam is definitely on my “place to visit” radar. Your workout is insane! You are easily working out enough…just make sure the diet is solid and you can’t go wrong. I wouldn’t recommend spending much more that 1.5 hours in the gym, but you know what works best for your body. Thanks for the compliments!


  12. Hey Rusty,

    I descovered your site just yesterday, via Mark Sissons’ site. I have to say so far I LOOOVEE it!!! I’m a big and dedicated fan of Mark’s and Josh Hillis’ sites. Now yours goes up there with them.
    I’m 23 and I love to move (any sort of sport will do!) just as long as i’m moving,i’m ok!

    Anyways, I had a few questions, hoping you could answer.
    I’m trying to change my workouts for the better. For years I’ve been training intensivly and pretty much same thing all the time. That means loads of cardio cardio cardio. Since my 16th I’ve been eating very healthy (which means NO junk AT ALL for years)

    Now since a few months I’ve been falling farther off the trails due to personal problems and I’m getting back on…..but this time around I’m wanting to do it all differently and not get stuck in old ways.

    I’ve been working out less and less and irregularly…and eating a poor diet of a lot of refined food. Physically not much has changed, 90% of all women would kill to look like this. Ok, I was very dry at firs, I filled up a bit, which I like. But now i want to get superlean and fit.

    ok, I see this is getting really long, so I’ll ask my first question only: what do you think of me training like this:
    – doing something different everyday, (are you familiar with LesMills?? I want to do some different classes everyday)
    this comes down to 4/5cardio’s a week, like: RPM,Jam,Combat,Attack …. Pump and Shape for strenght and Balance on rest days.

    – Next to the classes I can fill up cardio with some cardio-interval and do some extra strenght.

    -I do abs-sessions also everytime in the gym.

    -Cardio would be around 1.5/2 hours per workout (which to me is not much as i can easily do 3…..but feel like breaking off my body)

    Thanks for reading this if you did get so far 😀 Let me know what you think.


    P.S. Amsterdam in the house on this one 😛 …. fans all over the world!

  13. I’m glad to come across your site. I am not sure if I’d take any fashion advice from you 🙂 but I will be checking your site preidocally for fitness tricks.
    My question is, I travel quite a bit and not all the hotels I go to have gyms. Can you recommend me any routine for biceps that I can do in my hotel room?
    Also I recently started my own blog and in a nutshell, it is about staying healthy and fit without using any diet products or pills. I’d love to hear your input to get more exposure to my site as I noticed that you have been actively helping those of us who are new at this.

  14. you should continue to update us with some more pix of you. I think it helps keep us motivated! i know we share the same sentiment in that you definitely want to listen to someone who is fit.

  15. Hi Rusty!

    im new at your website, and also i am one of those slim guys by nature, i’ve a fast metabolism, and i want to gain muscle mass as weight.. I dont want to be the really slim guy for more time…

    this is my pik ..

    [a guy who wants to be like a Greek god so bad!!!]

    I want your advice man…you can talk with authority and thats great!

    goodbye! and ROCK AND ROLL!!!

  16. I take it that you’ve read my latest update on my progress

    okay, you were right Rusty…. I have lost inches all over my body except the fat in obliques…….It really is the last place in fat loss. Its really preventing me from having the v-shape bod (dammit).

    So I’m going into ‘obsessive mode’ for a few weeks. No more normal eating day breaks in the week. I’ll throw in 2 days of Eat Stop Eat way of fasting. Do a little more cardio.

    What do you think? know anything that might speed up the process?

  17. Rusty,

    I love the sight!!!! i had a question about losing muscle. I seemed to have put alittle to much muscle mass on my chest and i would love to lose some. I am 5’9 and weigh about 159, trying to get really lean and down to about 150-154. I have been lifting really heavy and only doing 3 sets…that works amazing by the way…no soreness and strength gains and i feel better during the day! Should i stop doing chest workouts and try to burn it off on the cardio, or do you have a chest program that can take the muscle off of it. I eat really correctly, and only two meals a day, my main one being in the evening…this works great so far for taking off some of the stubborn fat. I just need to get my chest toned down so i can look good in tshirts again!!! Any advice would be awesome!

    Thanks for the sight…the hollywood look is defenitely the way to go for…

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