Burn MUCH More Fat In Your Next Workout

I am going to give you a quick tip that will make a world of difference in your quest to burn fat. You can thank me later when you are “lean and mean”!

First I want you to take a look at this picture…I want to give you a visual…it will make sense in a second.

burn body fat

What the heck does a gas tank have to do with losing fat?

Well…I like to think of the body’s energy mechanism like a gas tank. When you eat food, some of that food energy is available immediately…some of that food gets stored as glycogen (carbohydratres in the muscle which gives you energy after the food energy is used up), and some of it gets stored as body fat.

The body will use up food energy first, then glycogen within the muscles, and the last thing your body will use for energy is body fat.

I like to think of food energy and muscle glycogen as the gas tank in a car. When your gas tank is full it means you have both “food energy” and “muscle glycogen” in your gas tank. If you perform any activities you will burn up all that food energy, before you get to the muscle glycogen.

I like to explain to people that your fat energy is like your reserve tank. Your body will not burn fat until your gas tank is empty…then it switches into your reserve tank…which is your stored body fat.

If you want to burn body fat it makes sense to go into your workout with an empty tank!

The last thing you would want to do is to drink a sports drink or any other calorie containing drink right before or during your workout! Sports drinks are great for sports performance, but they are your enemy when you are trying to get lean.

In Summary…Go into your workouts on an empty stomach and avoid any calories during your workouts. You will teach your body to burn fat during your wokouts.

Pretty basic stuff, but it will make a huge difference.

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  1. Rusty, I am 25 years old and just began to train to drop weight . Im 5″9 , and weigh around 188, i have a large frame comprable to guys my size. i wanted to know if eating one meal a day and doing intense cardio would possibly cause me to passout since i dont have enough energy as i would if i ate? also what weight would you recommend for a guy my size?

  2. Ron,

    It is hard to give you an exact number, but once you reach the perfect level of definition…that is the weight you will want to be at. I’m guessing 130-140, but it depends upon your frame. Bruce Lee was 5’7″ and 140, but he was really, really lean.

    Sorry for the lame answer, but there are so many variables!


  3. Oh man…Tyler’s 5’9″ and weighs 144? And 140 would be great for him? If that’s the case, I have a TON of weight to lose – much more than I thought. I’m only 5’5″ and weigh around 145.

    Also, I actually find myself feeling better working out on an empty stomach than when I used to eat something before working out, even though it was usually just an organic yogurt cup.

  4. Jess,

    An apple only has around 60 calories, so if it gives you energy to workout harder then you will quickly burn those 60 calories anyway. I think coffee is a great drink…I usually drink green tea before working out, but on days I need an extra “kick” I’ll drink 2 cups of coffee.

    Your diet looks very good as far as getting lean and burning body fat. You don’t have anything to worry about.


  5. Rusty I think this is a fantastic idea but the only problem I have is when I don’t eat before working out I often feel like I have no energy and a bit sluggish so therefore dont perform as well. What do you think would be the best way to fix this problem?

    Also, when you say eating on an empty stomache does this mean you shouldn’t have eaten anything during the day before your workout?

    What I normally do is I eat a small salad for lunch, have an apple about half an hour before working out in the afternoon and then eat dinner(plus two cups of coffee during the day) Is this okay or should I cut out the apple?

    Thanks for your help, I’m pretty ignorant in this area 🙂

  6. Tyler,

    I’m not a big believer in fat burning supplements. I think you would do better to invest in a really good protein powder. I like the original Myolpex (strawberry flavor) the best.

    I think fat burning is addressed better by focusing on major things like your diet and exercise…that being said…if money isn’t an issue then it certainly couldn’t hurt to try.


  7. i need your opinion on L-Carnitine. Do you think it works well or is just a waste of money? And if you have some experience with other fat burners you could share it with us:)

  8. Thomas,

    Why don’t you kill the 11 AM and 4PM protein shakes? This would work perfectly if you exercised around 5:30 pm. That would be 4 1/2 hours of not eating before your workout, which will make your workout MUCH more effective at burning fat.

    Then at 7:00PM, you can make your salad a little better by adding things like cheese…or even salad dressing that tastes good…LOL!

    Once you hit your target weight, you could continue eating light during the day…but then eat a normal dinner with rice, potatoes, etc.

    Your body actually adapts to protein levels. You certainly don’t need as much protein as many trainers recommend!


  9. Ok i see that makes sense . I dont mind eating clean. I did have a nutritionist and got me lean but i didnt like eating so much. I like your ideas much better.here is a sample of my diet……. if you could take out some stuff

    8 00Oatmea, protein shake

    1100 protein shake

    1 00chicken breast and veggies

    4 00 protein shake

    7 00chicken salad

    help i cant stand to each so much

  10. Thomas,

    You can do fine with eating 3 small meals. There is definitely more than one approach to getting ripped.

    The advantage to eating once is that you can eat a little more loosely. Eating 3 meals is a good strategy as long as you eat low calorie meals.

    Really…as long as you burn more calories than what you eat, you will do well however you can accomplish that. One meal works great for some, two for others, and three for some people…I wouldn’t go above three if at all possible.


  11. Rusty I wanted to ask ya if once i hit my goal weight If i could switch up to like protein shake in mourn small lunch and small dinner since going with one meal just wondering if that would work too or would i just put body fat on?

  12. Thomas,

    Thanks for the compliments…yeah I decided to start this blog after I had over 100,000 people read my articles over at ezinearticles.com…excited to have you guys come over to my blog and make comments and discuss some of this stuff with me. I’m having a blast!

    Getting to 170 pounds at six feet tall is great proportions…very similar to the size of Brad Pitt. That would be a good goal to shoot for.

    To maintain that size once you get there…you want to do a lot of the same things that got you there in the first place, but you can loosen up a bit on how often you workout. It may take you 4-5 days a week to get to that size, but only 3 days per week to maintain.

    You know what is great about keeping at the same weight for a while…you will get more and more toned as time goes on. It takes a little while for your skin to adapt to your new size. Once it tightens up a bit, you will look awesome!


  13. I agree with your thoughts and have been reading your articles on ezine and hear and have gone fromm 200 to 190 doing the six meal plan but i hate because i always get headaches and i have to plan my day towards eating with sucks. I takin your advice and got down to 180 alot faster just doing 1 meal at night. My goal is to get to 170 which would be good since im 6 0. I was wondering once you get to your goal weight how you maintain your weight and not put on fat?
    your the man rusty! finally a website people are looking for

  14. Thanks a lot for your reply!
    My English is good because I spent a year in Los Angeles.
    I love partying in Mexico too! I’ve been in the Rosarito area twice.
    Good thing that i was allowed to drink since the legal drinking age is 18 over there and i was only 19-20 when i was there. USA takes it so serious man!

  15. Tyler,

    First off…your English is great! I would have had no idea that English was your second language if you didn’t tell me.

    Okay…as far as weighing less to get six pack abs…it is totally worth it. I am 6’3″ and weigh 185. I used to weigh 210 when I was clueless and wanted to have huge muscles. I look and feel much better at this lighter weight!

    I think Brad Pitt cut down to around 155-160 range at 6 feet tall for Fight Club. That would be similar proportions to someone at your height weighing 140.

    Don’t worry about the numbers…you will look way better at that lower body fat level. To be honest, you will eventually put on another few pounds of muscle without trying…since you are so young. So if you get down to 140, you will naturally get closer to 150 as you reach your mid to late 20’s.


  16. Alright it’s worth the risk…i might even get a six pack this way.
    Actually I’m 21year old, 5’9” and 144lbs. I estimate my body fat around 10-11%. I don’t look skinny at all, i have a nice V-shaped upper body and i think i have enough muscle but i’m a bit worried losing more weight! I’m afraid i could reveal a six-pack around 135lbs and it sounds scary for me.
    It’s a psichological thing that men don’t like to weigh as much as an average women. This year I lost 20pounds by eating less and doing cardio and i look much better.
    I’m mostly mesomorphic but i tend to put on both muscle and fat easily if i don’t monitor my cal intake and not doing enough sport.
    It might sound stupid but do you think i could get a six pack while i’m staying at around 145lbs, so by not reducing my weight??
    Can i ask how much you weigh? I’m just curious is it just me or other “six-packers” are underweight as well?!
    Sorry if I make some mistake in my comments since i’m from Hungary and English is not my native language!
    And thank you for your time it helps a lot!

  17. Tyler,

    There is a risk of losing a small amount of muscle while training in this fashion, but you will lose A LOT of fat. So overall you will be much leaner and toned. In fact this is the best stategy that I know of to maintain a low body fat percentage year-round.

    You will arguments for and against trraining on an empty stomach. I am completely for it!

    Here is an added benefit that many people overlook…Training hard on an empty stomach will increase your natural HGH levels, better than training on a full stomach.

    HGH will burn that last bit of stubborn body fat off your body (you know the last little bit that keeps you from having a really nice six pack). When you train with calories in your system, this HGH response is dramatically reduced.

    If you are worried about losing a bit of muscle, then drink a protein shake right after your workout…this will insure that you don’t lose muscle.

    I may have to write a post about this…heck, maybe later tonight!


  18. I’m sure it’s effective but intentionally working out on an empty stomach might force the body to burn more muscle instead of fat. It is especially true if you are already lean.
    The lower body fat percentage you have the harder it becomes to get even lower BFP because the body likes to have some fat.So it could use your skeletal muscle as a “reserve tank” as well since you have ample of it.
    So don’t you think you could burn a lot of muscle by exercising this way all the time if you are already lean?

  19. This is a true but misguided idea. The point is indeed to burn off body fat instead of stored glycogen, but you’ll have very little energy for a good workout if you work out while in ketosis (fat-burning mode), and you’ll thus learn to dread your workouts.

    Better is to consume just enough carbs to maintain your energy during your workout, which increases your metabolic rate more than if you work out hungry. And limit your carbs in general during all your every day meals, so that your higher metabolism will be burning fat on a more moderate but more regular basis, and also while you sleep.

    Extreme fat-burning exercise periods can easily lead to binge eating due to extreme hunger. The best way to lose the fat is to burn it off on a steady and regular basis.

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