Burn MUCH More Fat In Your Next Workout

I am going to give you a quick tip that will make a world of difference in your quest to burn fat. You can thank me later when you are “lean and mean”!

First I want you to take a look at this picture…I want to give you a visual…it will make sense in a second.

burn body fat

What the heck does a gas tank have to do with losing fat?

Well…I like to think of the body’s energy mechanism like a gas tank. When you eat food, some of that food energy is available immediately…some of that food gets stored as glycogen (carbohydratres in the muscle which gives you energy after the food energy is used up), and some of it gets stored as body fat.

The body will use up food energy first, then glycogen within the muscles, and the last thing your body will use for energy is body fat.

I like to think of food energy and muscle glycogen as the gas tank in a car. When your gas tank is full it means you have both “food energy” and “muscle glycogen” in your gas tank. If you perform any activities you will burn up all that food energy, before you get to the muscle glycogen.

I like to explain to people that your fat energy is like your reserve tank. Your body will not burn fat until your gas tank is empty…then it switches into your reserve tank…which is your stored body fat.

If you want to burn body fat it makes sense to go into your workout with an empty tank!

The last thing you would want to do is to drink a sports drink or any other calorie containing drink right before or during your workout! Sports drinks are great for sports performance, but they are your enemy when you are trying to get lean.

In Summary…Go into your workouts on an empty stomach and avoid any calories during your workouts. You will teach your body to burn fat during your wokouts.

Pretty basic stuff, but it will make a huge difference.

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  1. I am 16 and i am around 5’0 and weight around 200 pounds so if i do this will i see fast results but not too fast i don’t want to

  2. Rusty,
    You are so right. My husband thinks differently. But I have read this before. Makes total sense to me.

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