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Important Message: Although this site has received 25+ million visitors, I am starting from scratch and abandoning it.

It’s like a Ford Pinto compared to my new site, Visual Impact Fitness…which is like a Ferrari.

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Thanks for reading all these years!

-Rusty Moore

Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs


Fat Burning Cardio

Fat Burning Cardio


Resistance Interval Training

Resistance Interval Training


Build Muscle



Gain Strength

Gain Strength


Increase Muscle Definition

Muscle Definition



Hugh Jackman





Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention


Everything Else

Everything Else


Guest Posts

Guest Posts


Current Favorite Music Vids

New Order – World

[I pretty much love anything put out by New Order or some old school Joy Division. This is one of my favorites.]

Radiohead – Reckoner

[This song reminds me of my girlfriend. We listened to it on a summer time road trip while driving through the Columbia River Gorge. Perfect song to zone out to.]

The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Undercover

[Current new-wave inspired stuff by a great Indie band. We saw these guys live. Can’t believe they haven’t blown up yet…good stuff! ]

60 thoughts on “Best of Fitness Black Book”

  1. This is my new favorite site, with a ton of great articles and don’t feel like i’m being pressured to buy in on commercial gimmicks.

    question: pro’s / con’s of working out either in the morning or night…based on meal schedules for optimal results. I’m having trouble deciding to do physical activity in the morning and not eat till four hours before bed. Or to workout at night and have a decent size meal after i.e. warrior plan

  2. Hey rusty, I am skinny fat. I just got the ab book but decided to jump in with the mens guide. Will take photos and report back.

  3. Lots of good articles. Better than the ones from bodybuilding websites since they simply are not suitable for the layman. Too advanced and will lead to overtraining easily.

  4. Wow there’s really a ton of good articles in here.

    I’m going to tell my buddy about this best-of page, he likes to get his info from bodybuilding magazines such as Muscular Development and such.

  5. Rusty!

    You certainly have put together a great source of knowledge! I visit your site on a somewhat daily basis always reading new posts and different blogs. Your workouts have become my go to guides. Of course I tweak a few… but you were right on with everything you posted! Keep it up!

  6. Thanks for this amazing blog rusty. I just wanted to take some time out of my day to thank you.

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  8. oh Rusty. I certainly understand what you are saying. You have to have a “life” sometimes. Your site is awesome! Keep up the great posts!


  9. I think body weight exercises are best for gaining powers than weight training and indirectly helps in weight training. So if you can easily do 15 to 20 pullups i think you should also see the effect in your weight training while lifting up the weights. I have started weight training from last six months and before that i was just doing body weight exercises but now i think my power is increase in weight training.

  10. If i eat one meal a day will i lose weight im 17 an weigh 184 5”9 whats the best things is it bad to eat once a day ?

  11. Hey Rusty, I have been doing movement yoga for the past three months what else do you think I could undertake that increases the need for cardio workout. I also do a palates class once per week.

  12. Hi Rusty

    I’m a big fan of your website articles particularly interval cardio in a fasted state it has worked wonders for me.I have a question you may not have heard of before…
    I’m a rugby referee and games last 80+minutes where you could run 5-7miles plus all the decisions you have to make!.
    Would fasting for such a weekly event be a bad idea ?

    Yours in interval training


  13. I have a question, I know women don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up when lifting weights, but I have heard that heavy lifting creates muscle tears which creates muscle growth. Does this mean that I will get bigger arms penney lawyer@sacramento personal injury

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