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It’s like a Ford Pinto compared to my new site, Visual Impact Fitness…which is like a Ferrari.

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Thanks for reading all these years!

-Rusty Moore

Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs


Fat Burning Cardio

Fat Burning Cardio


Resistance Interval Training

Resistance Interval Training


Build Muscle



Gain Strength

Gain Strength


Increase Muscle Definition

Muscle Definition



Hugh Jackman





Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention


Everything Else

Everything Else


Guest Posts

Guest Posts


Current Favorite Music Vids

New Order – World

[I pretty much love anything put out by New Order or some old school Joy Division. This is one of my favorites.]

Radiohead – Reckoner

[This song reminds me of my girlfriend. We listened to it on a summer time road trip while driving through the Columbia River Gorge. Perfect song to zone out to.]

The Chain Gang Of 1974 – Undercover

[Current new-wave inspired stuff by a great Indie band. We saw these guys live. Can’t believe they haven’t blown up yet…good stuff! ]

60 thoughts on “Best of Fitness Black Book”

  1. I’ve been using a variety of body wieght exercises for the last 5 yrs and no one has been able to match me when it comes to explosive power. Use what you have and develop it further.

  2. Hi Rusty, I love your site, I have learned a lot of valuable info from it. I have a question, I know women don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up when lifting weights, but I have heard that heavy lifting creates muscle tears which creates muscle growth. Does this mean that I will get bigger arms, chest, etc? I also don’t want to get big thighs and legs from lower body exercises, should I only use my body weight then for lower body exercises? Thanks so much!

  3. Hey Rusty, I know you’re super busy running this site and living your life! But I just have a question. In a nutshell, what do you think of this??? —>

    agree or disagree? recommend or not?? I am skeptical but i wonder..

    thanks for all your help!

  4. Hey Rusty bad @ss site…You must be getting a lot of traffic. I used to be a personal trainer but I gave it up and started helping my clients online. I see your doing well with this site. Congrats. Very informative content.

    PS. I send my clients here…

  5. i dont think jessica alba’s body is a good example of 60’s physique. because jessica alba is much slimmer than those girls back in the day. a good example of girls from back when would be a bit thicker and curvier such as scarlett johanson.

  6. Dear Rusty,
    Awesome website, I’ve been reading it feverishly throughout my lectures the past day. I had a quick question regarding casein protein, do you follow the same suit as whey protein? Drinking it only after you’ve achieved your desired body fat percentage? Or would you recommend not drinking it at all? Let me know thanks!

  7. Hey rusty,

    I just left a comment on a post you madea just a while ago and hopefully youll be able to get to that one.
    I did have one simple question…Ive comprehended all of your post accept the whole low reps thing is still bugging me.

    If i want to get toned, meaning i want my mucles to show without flexing and all, im suppose to do low reps?

    EX: When i curl heavy ill curl 35 lb 3X10
    So what would a low rep be for this? (To get toned)

  8. Hey Rusty,

    I found your website last week and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning about your take on fitness. Starting this week, I have decided to get myself into the best shape possible for my vacation in June.

    I’m 6’1 and 233 lbs. This week, I’ve just started the ESE style of diet (2 fast/wk) and have also been using your resistance training 2-day split and 25 mins. of HIIT this week (3x/wk). I plan on moving to your “event-ready” regiment about a month before my vacation. All and all, I have 16 weeks to get in great shape.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1-Do you think the resistance training split will be enough to get my weight down to at least 200 lbs by that time?

    2-How heavy should I be lifting? I used to lift to tone so the weights were a bit challenging but not too heavy.

    3-I primarily use the upright bike to do my HIIT training and I don’t use the treadmill because I don’t like the way my knees feel afterwards. Is there a variation of HIIT that I could perform on the elliptical?

    4- I was also thinking about incorporating some turbulence training workouts and Stronglift 5×5 training into my workout regiment after about 4-5 weeks. Should I? If so, what principles of these workouts should I incorporate?


  9. Excellent!!

    Hey rusty, u probably wont rem me but u have surely been helping me out a lot…its gonna be two years this april since I have been following u 🙂

    Again some advice, right now I am at 165 lbs, 5ft 11 inc and 32inch waist line. I do look athletic but not muscular, I dont have a belly but its not ripped either…I workout 5 days a week and it is a pretty strenous exercie..but I am not seem to be getting ripped…is it some combination of high reps and low wait or vice versa?

    Help me man, again 🙂 thanks.

  10. biggahboy,

    So you are 5’11” with a 4 pack and 177 pounds. For a 6 pack, I am guessing another 7 pound loss of weight (170). To get ripped you would need to dip down to 165. I know 12 more pounds sounds like a lot. What will happen is that you will smaller in clothes, but much more impressive and muscular than you are now with your shirt off. Aim for 170 and see what you look like at that point. I am guessing that will do the trick. Probably no need to drop down to 165 unless you are a model or have the need to get uber-ripped.


    I will try and respond to some of the older posts, but I will never be able to address them all. If I could…I would. When this blog was new I used to be able to…but now I am getting around 300,000-400,000 views per month, this has become pretty tough.


    I enjoy simplicity and focus as well. There is so much “info overload” online, that I didn’t want to bring that over into my site. I simply want people to read posts and comment and hopefully learn something valuable in the process.

    I plan on writing posts until I can’t think of anything else to write. My time on this blog is far from over. I am just getting started 🙂


  11. Forgot to ask…will you be updating this post as you cover further topics, or is this a ‘greatest hits’ moment, signaling the end?!

    (Then again, most music ‘artists’ today release greatest hits albums two to three years into their career!) 😉

  12. I hate @ss kissing…but it needs to be said, this really is a cracking post Rusty. You have the same eye for organisation that I have, so I really appreciate posts like this, and the general outlay of your site.

    Its painful to see so many people duped by the mainstream fitness industry, not to mentioned conditioned to like a certain look (ahem)….so its nice to see SOMEONE getting the truth out, the simple facts, as Da Vinci said…’simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’…and there are some genuinely sophisticated posts on this site.

    Thanks again Rusty, know that your work is truly appreciated and has made a difference, which is more than many ever accomplish in their lifetime.

  13. Rusty-
    This is awesome. Thank you!

    Also I am glad to know (from your news letter) that you will be responding to older posts as well; I think this organization makes it so much easier.

    Keep it up!

  14. First and foremost thanks Rusty for taking your time compiling this list for all your readers, I know it must have been lots of work and its greatly appreciated, this is a worthy bookmark for sure.

    I have a 2 part Question:
    Does weight loss (fat loss) have a direct correlation with waist line size? E.g (“for X amount of fat you lose, you will lose Y inches off your waist”) I have searched and seen nothing about this.

    I’m 25yrs old, 34-35 waist inches, 5’11, 177lbs. I have come down from 215lbs with your help and ESE & your other affiliates & much thanks. I’m wondering, with your experience, how much will I have to weight to see my abs, I can see 2 without flexing and 4 flexing & a pouch of fat still hanging around, I’m a lil concerned about dipping below 170lbs (cause I have always been a big fellow and a lil scared of being lightweight…lol), just give me a ball park estimation of what I should expect to weight to be “Beach-Ready” by the summer time? Thanks Rusty & many successes in your life.

  15. Rusty,

    WOW! This really helps out! Thanks for creating this section! All my biggest improvements are mainly because of your site! You’re my inspiration to become fit not just during summer, but all year round with all the tips you give out!

    P.S. When are you going to make your own ebook that will lead to success, such as a year-round routine?

  16. Hey Rusty,

    hmm this is good. when i need a quick boost on motivation or refresh on some concepts of fitness I can easily find what I am looking for!

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