The Best Diet Plan

A Breakthrough Diet Plan Outline. Allowing You to Eat "Tasty Food", While Rapidly Dropping Body Fat.

This may come as no surprise, but losing weight is simply a matter of eating less calories than you are eating now.

There have been several attempts over the years to teach people ways to get this done.

Atkins, the South Beach Diet, The Zone, etc...All of these diets are attempts at teaching people to vary the type of food they eat in order to eat less calories per day.

Make no mistake...these types of diets can work, it is just so difficult to stick to such a tight diet regimen (and that is why people fail).

Have you ever heard of the term "Intermittent Fasting"?

Well...this is a way of eating that involves a period of fasting a couple of times per week to reduce your total weekly calories.

But Won't Fasting Slow the Metabolism?

Actually recent studies have shown the opposite to be true...Short term fasting increases the fat burning enzymes.

Brad Pilon, Recently completed his studies at University that Blows Away the whole 6-meal-per-day approach to fat loss!

[Here's a picture of Brad and his cute baby daughter]

The Cool thing about Brad's specific eating strategy is that he is able to eat pizza, pasta, mexican food, etc...Good food that he enjoys, while staying ultra lean.

In my opinion, the best diet plan is one that is easy to stick to, but allows you to look and feel phenomenal!

I've been following this diet plan for a year. It is setup pretty in a way that is easy to follow...Just once or twice per week I skip breakfast and lunch and don't eat until dinner. This puts my body into turbo-fat burning mode.

It works well! I have stayed at 6% to 8% body fat the past 9 months and I'm able to eat nachos, buffalo wings, drink beer, etc. I don't live on junk food, but I'm able to enjoy foods I want on a regular basis.