Bent Over Barbell Rows Done as a Power Movement (video)

I normally don’t feature professional bodybuilders on my blog, but this video will be an exception. Dorian Yates does a spot on job on how to do bent over rows properly. His approach is what I recommend if you are trying to add serious thickness to your back, while avoiding injury.

Here are the big takeaways from the video:

  1. Bend over so your lower back is in a powerful position. This does not mean parallel to the floor. Your upper body will be up a bit upright from the parallel position.
  2. When you take this position where your lower back is more protected, you will be able to use much heavier weights. Lock your upper body in that position for all your reps.
  3. Underhand grip works lower lats a little better, but a higher risk of injury. I wouldn’t recommend that.
  4. Dorian recommends exploding the weight up. Pull the weight to your lower abs, not chest.
  5. If you are after size, then make sure and exhaust the muscle by doing partials when you can’t get full reps.

Aim for weights approaching your bench press numbers.
This obviously will be tougher to accomplish when you are exceptionally strong in the bench press. I’m actually a little stronger at rows then I am in pressing movements, since I have long arms. But think in terms of 200+ pound rows if you regularly bench in the 200+ pound range.

One last tip:

I’d recommend doing these to build up a strong base and thickness in your back, but taking a break from these. I find you will fill in the smaller detail muscles better with various cable rows. This power version would work well in phase 2 or phase 3 of my program.